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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Moocho glassy-ass

Lately my Rosa has really stepped things up in the 'mood-management' area.....most specifically keeping me an eager, fawning puppy-boy! Most of this has centered around the fact that I have not had an O in several weeks. (I could be wrong but I think my last O was the one I described in my November 10th post  "O-Update"......anyway it sure feels like that was my last one!) And given my state, Rosa's daily teasing has wrapped me around her little toe.

Last night for example, she had me remove just the cage portion of my CB and let me kiss her feet and toes while she watched TV and teased me with her hand. What made it even crazier though that it wasn't until just before she had me put the cage portion back on, that she even touched my penis. She just kept fondling and even slapping my scrotum for the entire time.....sending enough sensation through my groin to titillate, but not really over-excite. She intentionally avoided any direct contact with the part of me that most desired it. Then, after a long while of this, for just a few intense seconds, she focused on my hopeful penis and vigorously teased it before abruptly ceasing and locking me back up. 

But, besides the teasing episodes, Rosa has also had me wear a plug during part of my day at home. This also has had a very mood-altering effect on me. When I haven't had an O in a while, the presence of a plug seems to accentuate the full feeling in my prostate. Combine this sensation with the eventual tenderness of my bottom-hole after wearing a sizable plug for an extended length of time......and the result is a very horny and humble sub!

We have several plugs in our 'ARSEnal' divided by shape, size, and material.  There are the  wooden 'bullet-shaped' plugs that require a harness and the glass, tapered types. We have about three sizes in each category. (We also have some commercial, plastic ones, including one that is penis-shaped.....but they are rarely used.)

The most challenging ones are the wooden 'bullets' since they do not taper down but remain at full diameter, thereby keeping me truly stretched back there ......especially the largest, which we call "the squid". The Squid is a true punishment plug that is about the diameter of a soda can at its widest point. When initially inserted it is very challenging, then I sort of get used to it for a bit and it isn't too bad, but if I am to keep wearing it, eventually it again starts to get very uncomfortable. That's when the 'punishment' aspect kicks in.

Not a butt plug, but a real bullet.......but a VERY accurate depiction of the shape of our wooden plugs. The only difference among the three we have is their diameter.

The thing about bullet plugs is that, unlike the teardrop & neck style of plug that sort of lock in place once inside, the only thing keeping the bullet in is the harness. 

As I go about my day, gravity and my body slowly squeeze the bullet out a bit......but only as far as the harness permits. But then, if I bend or sit, the plug is forced all the way back in. Overall we are probably only talking about an inch of movement, but over the course of several hours, that 'back & forth'......even over just a short enough to make me feel like I'm being marathon butt-fucked by a lethargic giant.

But bullet plugs aside, the ease of using glass tear drops makes them the 'go to' plug for most occasions. We have one in each size from relatively small one to a medium one that looks kind of like this....except the cone is more pronounced:

 to a pretty hefty one that looks just like this:

Personally I love the aesthetic of these glass plugs. I find the clear 'window/portal' effect to be very humbling as well. While going about serving Rosa with an opaque plug is a bit humbling, these plugs still seem like they are helping preserve a bit of modesty by obscuring the area in question with their bases.

Cute girl and fancy plug......but you can see what I mean about not being able to see the orifice being penetrated.

Now compare that to this:

A window to the netherworld.

See what I mean? I love shots like this. And when I am wearing one of these I feel very doubly exposed. The width at which one is being impaled is also as clear as the glass doing the impaling. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be sporting one of our intruders in the not-too-distant future, but in the meantime...... here are a few more images to close out today's post. Enjoy:

She seems so happy.

Done correctly, a glass plug in the right bottom can even seem like a work of art!

I'm not sure if her look of discomfort is due to the plug, those heels, or the photographer?

I love the visual irony of this image. The young lady is wearing a thong........which while exposing cheek, usually do a fair job of covering vulvas and anuses.........but not here! In fact I think the thin strap over that glass portal accentuates her exposure.

And here's one for the ladies.........though unfortunately not glass. I have to admit  I am envious of how smoothly shaved this guy is. Wow!

And here's a guy who has a lot going on. 

When writing this post I forgot to mention that we also have one of these piggy-tails.......but anyone seeing all the piggy imagery around here must have figured we would. This oiled lass doesn't seem very happy with her tail though. Oh well, I think even her pout is kind of cute. Besides being a plugged sub isn't all sunshine and lollipops. 


  1. We haven't used plugs, but I've been considering asking her to work them into our punishment regime. Is there a brand of glass plugs you would recommend?

    1. I'm not as concerned about brand as I am with shape and material. For true versatility and safety be sure the plug is made from Pyrex-type glass so it can handle changes in temperature.......if you so choose.

      When you look....even on Amazon, you'll see all kinds of shapes. Depending on your experience level, the size you choose will matter. Some places sell sets. It's not bad to have a set where you know you can easily handle the smallest, maybe the medium with some practice, and have the largest as a target goal for the future.

      Now, it's only my opinion but I avoid the ones that look like elongated pine trees and prefer the ones shaped like the spade one in the post. The last thing you want is to be walking around and have the plug slip out. The elongated ones don't have enough of a difference between body, base and neck for me. You want to feel yourself closing up around the neck snugly......unless you want to include a harness.

      In fact our medium glass plug looks like an inverted cone on a stem with a base. (I added an image to the post for you). It makes removing a little more delicate since it isn't as flared, but not bad at all......and yet, when "in".......IT'S REALLY IN!

      As for 'punishment'? Unless the plug is nasty-big, or you are wearing it for hours on end.....or you lubed it up with some CapzasinHP cream (LOL) wearing a plug is more a mindset/reminder/humbler thing than actual punishment in my opinion......but that's just me. But if you use them to create a mood or mindset, they can certainly enhance a previous or impending spanking.

      Oh, and while some people talk of spanking while plugged? I wouldn't do it with a glass plug unless you're being whacked with a strap or slapper. A wood paddle striking the base of a glass plug by accident doesn't seem like a good idea. ;-)

      Good luck with this and by all means let us know what happens!

  2. Replies
    1. You're never alone with a plug in your butt. ;-)