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Monday, December 18, 2017

Pre-Christmas treats

Rosa and I finally had a day where we got to spend some quality time together.It was much needed. It began in the morning with a nice "O" for Rosa and some extended teasing for me.......all while enjoying my Honey's warm, wiggly toes and captivating backside.

After some teasing, I was feeling very close to an O myself, and as per our rules, I informed Rosa of this..........more than half expecting her to say, "it's OK, you can have one," only to hear her say that she wanted me to remain O-less........and mushy, compliant, and attentive instead of all contented and distant. And then she promised me more 'treats' later......IF I behaved like a calm, good, boy all day. Well, that strategy certainly worked!

We had one of our best days in recent weeks, and she remained true to her promise. I got to spend some more quality time with her charming assets before going to sleep.......even though Os for me were still not on the menu.


Rosa and I also talked about presents for everyone and after we had settled things for family and friends, I got up the nerve to share my request for the "5 Fantasy Adventures" from her. (I discussed this in a recent post) At first she thought I wanted her to come up with the ideas, and since she prefers to pick and choose from the ideas and suggestions I come up with, she was reluctant to agree, but once I explained that the ideas would be mine........pending her approval..... Rosa teased me about it, but agreed with an evil smile.

The thing is, at this point in my life, I want to have memorable, exciting EXPERIENCES more than accumulating more 'stuff'. And sexy gifts have the advantage of being much more personal.........and a lot less expensive!


  1. What a cute pic at the end there! Love it!

    1. Thanks, it's not one of my own, but I liked it a lot. Their expressions are perfect.