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Friday, December 15, 2017


With ten days left before Christmas, I thought what better way to celebrate "10" than with some Christmas-themed toes? Even if you're not into feet, it's still better than ten Parliamentary-types bounding about in the air. (although technically, they would be scheduled for the tenth day after Christmas, once the dancing ladies exited.) 

One of the things I thought was interesting with these shots was how in most instances, the theme of the designs seemed to coincide with the personality of the toes themselves.  Anyway..............some Holiday toes:

Playful-looking toes with equally playful nails.

Sweet and minty!


Look how different these piggies are from the previous photo. You have to love the diversity among pedal extremities. She looks like she could open her presents with these long digits. 




This is probably the one shot where I don't feel like the polish 'goes with the toes'. Still cute though!


Delicate as a snowflake.

[ On a side note: As a 'heads up' to those who were following the "Friendly Punishment" post, I just wanted to say that Nickki's response to the post is now in the Comment Section and that she permitted me to show her face here on the blog. So I deleted the edited shot and have the original up. So if you are curious as to what my dear friend looks like, head back to the "Friendly" Punishment post and have a look! ]


  1. makes me want to run out and get a pedi!

    1. Hey, if you do and you end up with a Christmas theme.... send me a shot and I'll post it!

      Cute toes are always welcome! ;-)

    2. If i get round to it I'll be sure to send you a pic. (don't hold your breath tho... )

  2. Not your average-looking pedicures. I appreciate the skills & patience required to create these works of art. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem, Dave. Nail art has really gotten elaborate lately!

  3. Playful , classy and elegant are my favourites....I would love to find out what flavor they are !

    1. Foot-flavor I would hope? ;-)

      Your three favorites are all so different! You certainly don't have a single 'type'! And, hey, if you liked "playful" you should check out "Ana in the Spotlight" from early November. I think that Ana's toes are similar to "playful's".