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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Freeze & Thaw

The temperatures in NJ are finally heading up. In fact, they are saying that by Friday we could be at 59 degrees F! Yay!

One of the things that all this bitter cold did was prompt a memory of a past 'session' whose mechanics mirrored this recent weather. I also bring it up because we had been talking about plugs a while back and also because there always seems to be interest in alternative punishments and penalties besides spanking. The session I'm going to describe touches on all of that......but clearly is  not for everyone. In fact, I am not even sure Rosa would like it, because she can be a bit squeamish about anal stuff that leans towards the more intense.

The session was neither purely punitive nor purely playful but rather a combination of adventurous curiosity and the need for a penalty for something I had failed to do. It involved me, a dominant friend with whom I was not "involved" except as an obedient sub, a large butt plug, and this:

Standard small bottle of water......17-20 oz.

The premise was very simple.....even though the execution required a bit of preparation AND commitment from both parties. I would be required to wear my largest plug while servicing my Top with a pedicure. Then, after the pedicure was complete, I would excuse myself, remove the regular plug, and replace it with the water bottle as shown below and then quickly crawl back to my Top:

Now, while large insertions are always challenging, the true touch of cruelty was that the bottle had been previously kept in the freezer overnight and looked more like this:

Do you think the packaging engineer who came up with this bottle shape ever imagined the perverted possibilities it enabled?

As you can see, once frozen the ice expands and the bottle takes on a shape ideal for insertion and retention. The bottom rounds out and the middle remains a narrow 'waist'. I still recommend having been 'pre-stretched' before inserting the bottle since the sheer size of it and the effect of the shocking cold would make insertion difficult and maybe even dangerous if the path was not previously paved.

Now if any of you have played with ice before, you know the sensation can be very shocking........but let me assure you, inserting a couple of ice cubes during play in no way compares to how a big, solid chunk of plastic-enclosed ice feels once inside you. Once in, the cold immediately prompts your sphincter to tighten around the narrow midsection of the bottle practically locking it into you. Then the challenge truly begins. 

The first minute or so is pure hell. You can't think of anything other than having the intruder removed. And that is where the abilities of the Top come into play. It is their job to use whatever technique they can think of to get you past that first agonizing minute. In my case, my Top employed three separate strategies: the first was an insistence on obedience which was accentuated by her holding the end of a leash that was attached to a collar I was wearing, the second was to offer her feet to be kissed so as to keep me submissively focused on her, and the third was to answer questions she read from a trivia game which acted as a distraction. 

I was panting, whimpering, and squirming like crazy...... and basically behaved quite desperately. To her credit, she just remained calm and in control. She alternated between reassuring me kindly that I could do this and sternly insisting that I just 'suck it up and deal with it'. It worked. 

After a bit, the initial agony was replaced by a tolerable discomfort as my insides numbed to the ice. It was no picnic even then, but a far cry from that first minute. At that point  I just kissed toes and answered her questions as best as I could until told that I was free to go and remove the water bottle.

Interestingly, just like when you come in from the cold with chilly red ears, once the bottle was out and my body began to recover, the sting returned before subsiding once more for good. Afterwards we just relaxed from the adventure as I massaged the feet I had just been so frantically kissing. It was a pretty intense experience from my end and I confessed to my Top that in that first minute the only thing that kept me from bolting was her control. She seemed to  like that.

I also mentioned that frilly attire I was wearing for the ice portion of our adventure ( which was intended to add a strong element of embarrassment ) did not have as powerful an effect once the ice was in me as it had when being discussed beforehand or even first put on. I compared it to the way a woman says that during early labor she  is often taken aback by the number of strangers staring at her groin......until the real pain starts and she no longer cares WHO is there watching. My friend laughed at the analogy.

Anyway, I will attest to the fact that this 'trial' while emotionally powerful and bonding, is not "fun" for the sub. It's very similar to a punishment spanking that a naughty sub knows is deserved and on some level wants even though the actual experience is fairly horrible. As such, this ice insertion session has a definite punitive element to it. It would make for a great penalty or punishment when a spanking is either not enough, or is not preferred. It is also very good at creating a very strong bond between Top and sub. Even though my Top was not a lover or partner, I still felt extremely close to her after the ordeal and just wanted to stay close by her for a while.

Cute picture......but I can guarantee that her look of quiet ecstasy would quickly change to one of sheer desperation if that bottle she was housing was frozen solid!


  1. I can't even imagine how you inserted something that big.

    1. The pictures make it look like they're holding liter bottles in there, but I'm talking about the regular 17-20 oz size bottles which are similar to a soda can or beer bottle. The largest plug we have is the same size. The size is not nearly as much an issue as the cold!

  2. Even with the size being a 16 oz water bottle. That seems ENORMOUS to me. But I have no experience so ANYTHING would seem huge to me.

    I'm glad you were able to do that for your Top. I always feel like it is the tasks that aren't pleasurable to us, that are difficult and not longed-for that provide the greatest opportunity for submission.

    1. Thanks, Lea. All it takes is some dedication and careful practice. I've been doing stuff like this a long time.....but even I had to start out small.

  3. i woukd worry about harmful effects of such a cold item. a couple of cubes would melt pretty quick. that is something else entirely. wow

    its going back to minus 30 over night again today for me. insert frowny face

    if i can indulge my comparable story

    we sometimes play adult baby. i have some terry diapers. one snowy morning my wife had a glint in her eye. she told me to look in her eyes no flinching no looking away. that she would whip me if i did. she proceeded to put a hand full of amazingly cold snow in the diaper. it was left to melt. i had to put a rubber panty over it as i was sent to work in a wet diaper. the initial shock of the cold was sharp and intense. shrinkage to quote seinfeld. it sort of burned like a frost bite. thankfully it melted quickly. it was the sort of rashy soreness that developed over the day from the wet diaper that stung.

    the things we do for our lifestyles.

    1. The total amount of time 'in' was no more than 5 minutes. It was an intense but relatively short ordeal. Also, you can't freeze something with ice because unless you are doing some liquid nitrogen action, ice starts out at 32 degrees and immediately begins to melt. It's just like you can heat water all you want and it won't get any hotter than 212.

      I liked your story though we personally don't do the whole diaper thing. Sounds playfully mean though!

  4. oh cold. oh so big. oh i can't even begin to imagine. i CAN understand wanting to remain close to your top after such an event tho. Thank you for sharing the experience.

    1. You're welcome. I imagine a similar ordeal could be arranged using a much smaller.....but just as cold...... frozen plastic bottle......if you wanted to try it?

  5. I am pretty sure the inventor of that water bottle did not intend for this purpose for its creation, however you have helped expand the functions of simple bottle. Better you than me ;)

    1. And more appropriate for me than for you as well. I can't even imagine my Monster enduring such a thing!