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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

O #2

After two whole months without an O, the "pressure valve" release (described in a previous post) just wasn't enough. I asked Rosa if she'd be willing to give me another and she said she would............and then it just kept getting postponed! 

On Saturday morning she said we would 'play' and asked me to remind her of what we discussed. I told her I would like to have some repeated teasing with this big vibrator/massager we have, while kissing her feet. I then said that while I would love an O eventually, I would be OK with whatever decision she makes on whether I get one or not.

So we played, she teased...................REPEATEDLY! Teasing, then stopping, then starting up again, then stopping again............all while I kissed her feet like the crazed fetishist I am.

Ultimately she let me have one......which felt very strange. It was very powerful but like a pleasure 'spike'. It hit hard but the sensation was more brief........not like the lingering, mind-fogging fireworks show I experienced the last time. Still, it let off more of the pent-up frustration from my denial period and I was much calmer afterwards. Interestingly, after I had the O, Rosa said she was so torn about saying 'yes'. The teasing had made her feel very mischievous and the devil on her shoulder was tempting her with a refusal.....but seeing how I was, she ignored the demon and went along with our initil plan. (thankfully!.....I really needed it!)

And like the fireworks one, I feel very project-driven once again and am re-painting my living room and adding a chair rail moulding (yes, spellcheck, that's a real word) around the room. I'm also going to be installing a pedestal sink in our bathroom in place of the vanity style currently there.

And speaking of 'pedestals' Monster, who lives perpetually on a high pedestal I built for her, is going back to college. Her nice long winter break is over. I'll be driving her back around noon. (Ana responds to posts here in spurts and added comments to several posts from the past......but she is still not caught up.) Anyway, I'm sad to be losing my Monster back to the real world.


On another note, while I got several responses on my 'medical fetish' post, no one specifically seemed interested in the  follow-up I mentioned. I never know what is going to resonate or misfire with my guests, so I'm going to put any follow-up on 'hold' for now. If anyone is interested in the other things from my past that led to my current medical fetishes, just say so and I'll write about them. Thanks.


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    1. OK, dear, then for you I will do a follow-up sometime soon. Thanks for the input.