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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday mash-up

"Where are you going, Leon?" I've gone back to letting off steam with an extended re-play of  the old Resident Evil 4. Ashley Graham is one of the most annoying characters in gaming history.....but maybe if she appeared in the game as she does here, I might be able to tolerate her squeaky voice and tendency to stand exactly where she shouldn't during a fight. In fact, this might even be better....

Oh, Ashley, you never looked so good. A little duct tape over your mouth just to be sure, and I think we could have a wonderful time  getting you safely out of the village, castle, and island.

But Resident Evil aside, it's been a frenetic week and now it's Thursday and I just have all these short, random bits of information to share before we get back to coherent, single-themed posts (of which I have several topics brewing).

After my 2 O's I got very project-driven again and managed to finish the chair rail installation and repainting of our Federal Period living room. Rosa and I are very pleased with the result.

The sitting area by our fireplace.

While the cream horizontal ties the room together nicely, the main reason for the chair rail was to protect the wall from our  three Windsor chairs.

Yesterday I also switched out our bathroom vanity sink for a pedestal style......but that project, as a whole, is far from over and will require a lot of work and money over the course of the year.

After all of that I managed to persuade Rosa to give me a third O! (yes I did!) And it was a doozy! She didn't want to at first, but she is very open to my input when she can see I'm being sincere about something. I think I really was needing a certain feeling to get my mood right and this third o did the trick. I feel even more productive and refreshed than before.

In the midst of all of this, I also had my Monster, Ana, inform me that she was officially caught up leaving comments on the posts that pertained to her the most. I know she replied to a couple of reader comments as well (Merry, Joe). I read them and they are typical of my clever girl. So Ana-fans can now scan back posts for her little snarky pearls if you so choose.

Rosa called me a few minutes ago to tell me she is in a very good mood and wants to do a little creative 'playing' later.........

"So I've got that going for me........which is nice."

I still need to meet up with Marta over the New Year's close-out punishment. We have just been on mixed paths of colds, business, and whatnot. Ana's slip has not yet been started, but Rosa is definitely in agreement with it. (Ana's slip will be a topic for another day.) Suffice it to say.......there's going to be a LOT of punishment spanking ahead!

I never got one of these in a fortune cookie........but with what Ana already proscribed, and Marta's and Nickki's installments still to come......I'd say this was a safe prediction.

Today I have an annoying project to deal with that is the result of having removed the vanity. I am going to have to trace a live wire left exposed by the removal of the old sink and find a safe place to cap it off. This would be easy if it wasn't for the fact that, rather than leading to an open area in the leads to the finished bathroom I had just done down there........and now I am probably going to have to cut into the sheet rock to do this. Arrghhh!


  1. Sounds like a good mish mash of topics. The finished sitting area looks so cosy and tge chair rail does pull it all nicely together. Glad u got your three 'o's (woohoo!) and good luck with the upcoming spanking(s)!

  2. Thank you, Fondles. I'm looking forward to the weekend!

  3. Finally catching up on some reading work has been crazy. Glad to see your forced celibacy is over, women need to realize satisfied men are much more motivated and productive. Nice job on the living room.

    1. Thanks on the living room.

      As for the O, Rosa is very good at managing my moods with how they are given or withheld and I am totally complicit in the arrangement. But there is an upside and downside to O's and no O's: a lot of O's make me productive, but a little cold and distant. Being O-less gets me all warm, subby, and mushy, but not nearly as project-driven. Rosa tries to keep a balance of both mindsets.