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Monday, February 19, 2018

Back to abnormal

Well, it took a while. And it took a LOT of soul-baring communication along with genuine efforts on both of our parts, "strict Honey" seems to be officially back.

While posts here have shared quite a few experiences between Rosa and myself over the last few months that revolved around both fun spanking and real punishment, the fact is the 'real aspect' was not what it used to be. Going back a few years, Rosa would have the casual confidence to react to any significant misbehavior with an announcement to me, sometimes even with others around, that she had had enough and to please accompany her to our bedroom.

She would take me by the wrist and lead  me there as with blushing face, I tried to backpedal my way out of what was coming. Then she'd give me a serious, "I mean business" spanking and things would go back to normal. Then the "Big Stress" hit and for a couple of years we struggled with the 'read DD' aspect of our relationship. A little over a year go the stress diminished to a point where we definitely got closer to where we used to be......but never quite fully there. 

In fact, it seemed Rosa welcomed Ana's input, who while she also experienced the "Great Stress," seemed more willing to dole out Discipline Slips than her Mom was able to impose her own true punishments. Rosa seemed to appreciate being able to rely on these slips to give me the punishments I needed and deserved without having to make those actual decisions herself.

Recently Rosa and I talked a lot about getting back to the way things were and shared what obstacles needed to be dealt with. To our credit, we addressed these things and yesterday, Rosa got genuinely frustrated watching me repeatedly shake the water off of my hands onto her recently-cleaned floor as I was cooking. She even warned me  and I was so immersed in what I was doing, that I unconsciously kept doing it every time I rinsed my hands. Finally she had had enough.

At one point she told me to put on one of my panties and to get my butt in the kitchen and start cleaning the floor with a hand sponge. She wasn't kidding. Even when I whined about the hard tile floor on my knees, she replied saying, "this is part of your punishment. Just finish what you're doing." She lectured me as a cleaned and made me repeat her dictated promises to not do this anymore. (I HATE THAT)

Later, it was off to the room. The panties came off. The heavy punishment paddle came out, and over her lap I went. I don't know how many I wasn't a long spanking, but every one was HARD! It did not take long for me to feel true regret for my carelessness. And then? It was all over. 

What a wave of admiration I felt towards my Honey then! (And I told her so!) She seemed pleased that she had finally broken past the barriers that had stifled her previously and when I asked if my "Strict Honey" was 'back', replied that she was indeed. Getting her annoyance out like she used to also put her in a very good mood and later in the evening we even 'played' a bit......even though I am still O-less (it's been just over a month now) and after her long torturously delicious teasing, am locked yet again.

So I'm a contrite but content, subby-boy this morning........locked in front and tender in the rear!


  1. That's really, really awesome. Congratulations! "Real life" really can wreak havoc on these relationships. There definitely are times when my stress level is running very high (almost always because of work), where DD just isn't something I am going to be very open to. She then senses resistance even if it is not overt. That then saps her confidence . . . and we
    take two steps back for whatever one we had previously taken forward.

    1. Thank you, Dan. Your similar experience says something about the common ground in DD relationships. I am just so happy this finally 'broke loose'. I told Rosa later last night that my feelings were a combination of respect and.....of all things.......a secure sort of contentment; a sort of appreciative trust that things would be as they should be.....even if it meant a stricter reality for me and my behavior. Rosa said she understood.

    2. Coincidentally, my wife and I had a similar conversation over the weekend. We keep talking about really cranking up her level of control, but "real life" keeps interfering in the form of illnesses, injuries, work commitments, family being around (and unlike you we are not "out" to kids and extended family). I told her that I really want, and need, to experience that increased level of control and accountability, even if it proves to be very physically and psychologically uncomfortable at the time.

    3. That just sounds exactly like what we went through nearly word for word! Good luck with it! (Maybe you can even mention that Rosa had the same obstacles but once past them, feels so much better herself?)

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