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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Caption Challenge Pt. 2

So, it seems a few of my intrepid readers, undaunted by the sarcasm of my post, went ahead and offered some captions that turned out to be pretty clever. Initially I was just going to offer captions written totally in the annoying style of what I routinely see on Tumblrs throughout the internet, but now I feel like I should get in on the fun and offer some of my own kind of captions as well. So what I did was use a cheap&cheesy captioning program to turn these iconic images into something quite different. 

Since I really wanted to have some fun mimicking the types of captions I always see,  I'm offering captions that hopefully have that desperate aroma of "I'm-so-obsessed-with-spanking-that-my-mind-sees-everything-as-a-vehicle-for-my-fantasies" with just a hint of "KDPierre"-flavored sarcasm. Below each image are the offerings from my creative readers. Enjoy!

Dan: "Victory! Victory! Pat said she would spank me to clear the air on that whole Watergate thing. Now it will all just be water under the bridge."

Merry: "No more spankings for me!"

DownunderDon: "tricky dicky, a man very much in need of a very good spanking"

Dan: "I look so uncomfortable sitting on this slab of stone, because four score and seven swats ago . . ."
Merry: "Get up on my lap already!"

Dan: "I sooooo should fucking spank him for moving us to Oklahoma."

Merry: "He is getting such a beating when he gets home!"

Dan: "I'm rethinking this whole non-violence things. What these Crackers need is wives with paddles."

Merry:  "I have a dream that ALL men are deserving of spankings!"

Dan:  "You know nuns make the best disciplinarians."

Merry: "Eat every bit of your dinner, or I shall spank you!"

Dan:  "We are not punished for our anger. We are punished by our anger." 

Merry: "See how I’m smiling? It’s because my ass is red."

Merry: ONE CHERUB TO THE OTHER: See what happened to Him? We better behave!


  1. Psychos! Thanks for posting, and all the great replies; wish I'd thought of some of them!

    1. I'll takes that as a compliment.;-) Thanks for the feedback, Dave. It was fun doing them.