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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Caption CHALLENGE Pt.1

Everyone here knows how much I hate seeing spanking captions on images utterly devoid of any spanking context. Here's one I found in like 30 seconds of looking:

Words fail me.

It occurred to me that the relentless, single-minded determination of a person with a spanking interest to be able to inject a spanking-related caption on the most innocent of images is almost admirable. Almost. It's like the tenacity of a tick. You don't really admire a tick, but you have to give them credit for never letting go. And it seems that given just about ANY subject, a spanko will find some way to make a "please spank me!"/"I'm gonna spank you!"-type comment to fit it.

And then I thought that there are so many of these images out there and so many people writing captions like this that perhaps what they need is a REAL CHALLENGE. I mean, how hard is it to have a picture of a seated young lady and turn her into a crazed disciplinarian? Or to show someone slightly bent over and not have them appear to want to be spanked? No, these are too easy. And these folks have had so much practice by now that it's time to crank things up a bit.

So, I hereby launch the "COMPULSIVE CAPTIONING CONTEST" for obsessed spankos! Below are some images that I have found just BEGGING for a good SPANKING CAPTION. So, if you are a lover of captions and feel ready to take your skills to the next level, feel free to embellish these offerings with your best thoughts:

After waiting to see what I get from my readers, I will post the results.....along with my own contributions. Good luck to all contestants......but given your past vehemence,as evidenced by what I see regularly on Tumblr and elsewhere, I doubt you'll have any trouble at all!


  1. You're wierd! (But you knew that ;-)
    That first (captioned) photo could have been me first time my husband asked me to spank him. 'Gotta admire the attitude on that gal. I will NOT be taking up your challenge on MLK!!! Bad boy!

    1. Maybe not so much weird as SOOOOOO done with kinky captions on what look to be some kid's home selfie, or in some cases images of women that look like online catalog models all with detailed kink-o-rific captions that don't relate in any way to the image. And so if some innocent girl's backyard barbecue photo is fair game for some frustrated kinkster's overheated imagination, why NOT MLK?

      I'm not bad......just taking this trend to its logical conclusion. ;-)

    2. Now, how do you know that girl is so innocent? You just responded to another commenter about the illusion that kids are all that "innocent," based on your own experience!

      Seriously, like you I was not the least bit innocent where sex was concerned when I was pretty young. I distinctly recall all sorts of very naughty feelings and interests very early on.

    3. Nit-picker! ;-)

      I meant she isn't holding a paddle, or exposing her breasts, or in any other way inviting a lurid caption. But you are right. She could be sitting on an enormous, vibrating butt plug for all we know......but then so could Mother Teresa I suppose?

  2. (1) "Victory! Victory! Pat said she would spank me to clear the air on that whole Watergate thing. Now it will all just be water under the bridge."

    (2) "I look so uncomfortable sitting on this slab of stone, because four score and seven swats ago . . ."

    (3) "I sooooo should fucking spank him for moving us to Oklahoma."

    (4) "I'm rethinking this whole non-violence things. What these Crackers need is wives with paddles."

    (5) "You know nuns make the best disciplinarians."

    (6) "We are not punished for our anger. We are punished by our anger."

    (7) [Sorry, I got nothing on this one.]

    1. These are great! They fit right in with what I've become accustomed to......except yours are still too clever. LOL!

      I can't wait to post mine since I am not going to caption them in "KDPierre" style, but attempt to emulate the typical kinky captions presented by others and hopefully create unfunny combinations of words and images in the poorest taste possible. And #7 is definitely the worst! Stay tuned. ;-)

  3. Wow, there is no way I could think of any caption for any of these...except for "tricky dicky, a man very much in need of a very good spanking"

    1. Drawing a blank on the majority of these images is actually a very good sign, Don. I had to really think to come up with the worst possible candidates for spanking captions.

      But it was really fun. And if anyone thinks these are in poor taste.....they should see the ones I DIDN'T use.....but definitely considered.

  4. I did my best!

    NIXON: No more spankings for me!

    LINCOLN: Get up on my lap already!

    WOMAN: He is getting such a beating when he gets home!

    MLK: I have a dream that ALL men are deserving of spankings!

    MOTHER THERESA: Eat every bit of your dinner, or I shall spank you!

    GHANDI: See how I’m smiling? It’s because my ass is red.

    ONE CHERUB TO THE OTHER: See what happened to Him? We better behave!

    1. Great offerings, Merry! A couple are similar to ones I was going to "great minds...."

    2. Am I the only reader who captioned all of them?

    3. Yes you were, you adorable completionist, you!