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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Crossbow project

You've heard me saying that I've been working on another project, so here's the progress:

From humble beginnings of using leftover pieces of plexi, an old bungee, a metal rod I was using in the garden, and best of all......a rocking chair rocker that I just knew would come in handy someday for something! The only thing I had to buy was one 8' piece of clear, 1 X 4 pine. Other than that, I did pick up some brass nails for decorating and some leather cording to do the final wrapping.

Here's how it looked when I was just gluing the layers of 1 X 4  together after routing out the needed inner recesses:

The recess for the cam wheel.

And here's how the pieces looked after some shaping:

And then with some test assembly. (Yes, it DOES work!)

Now it's time for the staining and final assembly. I am going to do a sort of basic military/noble sportsman hybrid, keeping most of the design simple but adding a few decorative accents as points of interest. When completed it should look pretty authentic!


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    1. Thanks, my friend. It sometimes seems like these little "project intrusions" into the overall kinky dynamic of 'Collected Submissions' are not as well received as the most recent tale of spankings and kink.......but as I've said before......"there's more to life....".

      I had my son over tonight as well as his girlfriend and they both enjoyed 'test firing' the crossbow/arbalest. (Jesus Spellcheck! Are there ANY words you know?!?!)