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Monday, February 12, 2018


I guess that's a good way to describe this weekend. And one of the main events was finally finishing out the long-overdue 2017/2018 "committee punishments".  However, for the sake of focus I will only discuss Ana's installment today. 

As you know from previous posts, Ana's Punishment Slip to usher in the New Year was substantial. And while not nearly as bad as last year's close-out of 2499, the 2017 close-out (1825) still required a series of spanking "installments". Rosa started emphatically enough, but circumstances kept interrupting the sequence and we had a lot gaps in-between installments. 

However, this weekend we were down to the last 400, and because of all the delays, and because this is meant to be a real punishment, we mutually agreed on making these last ones...............for lack of  better word...........bad.

The plan was to use our two worst implements over the course of one day in four installments of 100 really hard smacks each. And yesterday, that is exactly what we did.

The first installment took place first thing in the morning with me naked over Rosa's lap and her using our heftiest lucite paddle. She started in hard and kept going until I had one very hot, stinging backside!

Then I went about my morning making Rosa breakfast in a pair of pouch panties and my cheek-exposing chaps. We had more privacy than usual with everyone initially being out, but only initially. Eventually two of our clan, Ana and her older brother, returned home and my colorful cheeks were embarrassingly on display. Ana knew these were "her" spanks but was very businesslike about it. She didn't tease me or anything......just accepted everything as part of our household's normal routine. Her brother made one brief and smirking 'oh god!' reaction when he noticed the chaps and asked 'what happened?" But it wasn't mean. I managed to take this shot in the kitchen while I was cooking:

After breakfast, it was time for a promised pedicure, and while Rosa was soaking her cute feet in a small basin, I bent over for the second 100 which she delivered via our massive 'wooden spoon'. (I say 'wooden spoon' because that's what it is, but in terms of size, weight, and length, think more of a glossy wood bathbrush.) If the first 100 hurt, these were even worse! 

After her pedicure I kept my panties on but changed into my normal jeans and we continued on with our day. But I did manage to take this for you all:

Around dinnertime I got installment #3...............which was well after any endorphin numbness from the earlier spankings had completely worn off.......leaving only a sore surface behind. Needless to say the 100 I got with the lucite paddle were hard to take.

Then in the evening, I asked Rosa when she wanted to do the last installment and she said around 8:30. I had been texting Ana, who by this time had returned to her dorm, to keep her informed of the day's progress on her "slip". Here is an actual excerpt from the exchange:

Me: Hey monster, before you get too busy I thought I'd give you an update on your 2017 slip. Got another 100 with the heavy paddle when you left. Just 100 more to go. Getting them just before bedtime....(pained face emoji)

No joke dear, my butt is on fire!! (fire emoji and pained face emoji)

Ana: Haha yasssss

Me:  I think the last one is going to be rough since I am so sore already and your mom isn't going to let that stop her from spanking hard. But it actually helps knowing you approve. I don't know know if she is going to use the paddle or the spoon. I think the spoon is even worse!

Ana: The spoon shall be it

Well, given that reply from the person who ordered this punishment in the first place, what else could I do but ask Rosa to please use the spoon? So I did, and she agreed. She admitted that she was just going to use the paddle, but if the spoon was preferred, the spoon it would be.

I texted Ana that I would indeed be getting it with the spoon and that as the time drew closer to 8:30, my bravado was faltering. Coincidentally, she had seen the latest 50 Shades movie with a friend on Saturday and so she teased me:

Ana: It's all in your head

If Anastasia can do it so can you.

A real jokester, my Monster is, huh? She certainly has confidence. 

(As an aside, I have to admit, it is profoundly and genuinely humbling to be in the situation I'm in. The maturity, confidence, and natural dominance in both of my honeys........... Rosa, and her daughter, Ana, is staggering. And as a result, I find myself, a 58-year-old man, genuinely accountable to people much younger than me and in some ways, less experienced than me. And yet? Here I am: the resident 'naughty boy' of our household who knows darned well what'll happen if he misbehaves. Rosa expects me to obey. And to a lesser but still genuine does Ana. Maybe not in everything, but definitely in certain things.

No matter what Rosa or Ana may do to upset me. No matter what behaviors they themselves exhibit, I will never have the authority to impose the kinds of consequences on them that they can easily impose upon me. And while we may all be considerate enough to apologize for our mistakes, it's only me who can expect a stinging rear to go along with my apology. And what is truly remarkable about these two is that neither sees my compliance as some grand concession, but as an expectation. They know if they declare a punishment to an obvious misbehavior, it is not open to debate from me. Because I am who I am, because I respond to punishment with remorse rather than resistance, because spanking me.....or having me spanked, "works" is the reasonable and 'normal' consequence that I can expect. ) 

8:30 came and I brought Rosa the spoon and then stripped. I bent over some pillows while she stood alongside the bed. My worry over this fourth installment was not unwarranted. The last 100 were HORRIBLE! I squirmed and whimpered while Rosa just continued to set my aching bottom freshly ablaze. Afterwards I just snuggled at her feet and kissed them while she read. 

As I kissed away, I told Rosa that there was something  wanted to tell her. I then confessed that besides loving her, I had a very sincere admiration and respect for her specifically as a disciplinarian. I explained that, it isn't completely easy to willingly return for a third or fourth spanking, knowing it is going to be very unpleasant, but that she has this quality that on one hand reassures me that she is not going to do anything to truly injure me, BUT that if deserving of punishment, she is ALSO not going to just go easier just because my bottom happens to already be tender and sore. I admitted it was a little scary knowing that, but also resulted in a feeling of genuine respect for her confidence and authority.

And here is what I looked like when everything was complete:

It's hard to see the burning lines of swelling in the lower butt creases, but BOY did I feel them!

And just to be 'cute', I took this pouty one this morning.......showing how pink and tender I still am!

The face of "I think this is going to be sore for a while" >pout-pout<

Another of me today! And 'yes' DOES  sting when I sit.....or even when just sliding my pants up or down!


  1. WOW that's quite a ass beating.

    1. I can assure you, it was! I have felt it all day too.

  2. Love the chaps! Oh your poor bottom. Though I'm sure there's the thrill of feeling it every time you sit!

    1. Thanks, Lea. The chaps and panties have been a very interesting addition to our lifestyle routine. Together they cover just enough to avoid offending anyone, (as you can see in the pictures, the panties are not much different from bikini bottoms you'd see on any beach nowadays) yet still let anyone who sees me know EXACTLY what happened. So for me it's like being made to stand in a corner after a spanking......except I can still move around and do chores.

      Thanks for the sympathy on my bottom. You are right. It hurt then, and still hurts today! And it IS hard to not think of what transpired when I sit.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Merry. Nothing better than sympathy-with-a-snicker from a Top! LOL ;-)