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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Finished Crossbow

It's done! (OK, well maybe it needs a little touch-up on one spot and two brass guide brads tapped in, but you wouldn't see them in a photo like this even if they were there, so.....) It's done! 

I fired it with the 'play' bolts and it works a toy/replica. But it was never my intention to make it functional in accordance with the power levels normally associated with a medieval crossbow............because we'd never be able to fire it in my backyard for the RenFaire. So here it is....ready for wall-hanging and the occasional "light play":

The white inserts are really just bits of sheet plastic tapped into the recesses with brass brads.....BUT I used a sharp Exacto blade to score them and then rubbed 'dirt' into the grooves so that when you look at them, they appear to be bone/ivory.

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