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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Naughty Cupid

Happy Valentine's Day to all my loyal readers! (especially the ladies! LOL)

Believe it or not my hinder is still a bit tender (and discolored) from this weekend......AND I have also been locked up for the last couple of days as well. The combination has rendered me quite docile and submissive. In that vein, I also had a very heartfelt discussion with Rosa last night wherein I confessed that I regret having made....and keep hard for her to really feel in charge. I promised her that I was REALLY going to work on being more obedient and asked for help in getting me there. She admitted that my attitude and demeanor have been the biggest obstacle for her. I admitted she was right, but added that she has (and always has had) the authority to deal with that. I basically reassured her that I VERY MUCH WANT to be more obedient but that I need her help.....just as I always have ....with her dealing with me seriously when necessary.

Anyway, we will see how things go. In the meantime.......Valentine's Day!

If you recall last year I ran a series of 'Cupid Chastised' images mainly from the world of Fine Art. This year I thought I'd change pace ever so slightly and present images of a similar bent......but from more modern and casual sources. Enjoy!

For the 'Modern Woman' who refuses to be a slave to love.

Great Victorian postcard! Poor kid, she looks absolutely terrifying.

This charming Miss just made me think of my Monster, Ana, who has that same seemingly innocent ability to get the males around her......from her friends, brothers, and even ME to 'march to her tune' without actually resorting to personally employing her crop for anything other than a threat. 

Holy crap! Somebody call 911. This is the first time I've seen a "Cupid Chastised" image that kind of crossed the line. LOL

That's better! An adorable porcelain figurine embodying the sweet but stinging essence of loving maternal or domestic discipline.

And here's one of my cartoons as it was first seen on the cover of the SandMUtopian Guardian back in the 1990's! (I am even the author of the Beat the Clock article mentioned on the cover.)

And we conclude with something for those who just feel too old to bother with all the "Valentine's" nonsense. As red as that butt is, I kind of feel like THIS Cupid is just getting what he deserves for really picking the wrong target.


  1. Replies
    1. I passed this along to her and she said to thank you and to also have a Happy Valentine's from her.

  2. oh poor cupid! HAppy Valentine's Day.

    1. Thanks, for Cupid? From whatever I've read, he was one of the most mischievous of the immortals.....which is why you see him often being spanked by his Mom, Venus.....and Mars too, and now even mortal women seem to like to redden his butt for his pranks. And being a couple thousand years old, no one can claim 'child abuse'. LOL