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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Nickki's "lashes"

No, I don't mean her eyes!
(though she does have nice ones.....don't you think? A LOT of mischief in them.) 

No, I mean 'lashes' like '40 lashes with a wet noodle'........only there were 50 not 40, and instead of a noodle, Rosa used our "White Lightnin'"switch!

A "White Lightnin'" switch available at Adam&Gillian's.

A while back I had asked Nickki via text if she wanted to participate in the "2017/2018 Committee Punishment" like she did last year. Her reply was a pretty quick 'yes'.....only this time she said she wanted to go through it with Rosa instead of interviewing me like last year. But that was before she and Jean got busy looking for a house! Naturally the stress of that sort of put my request on a back burner.

Still, as Ana's slip was winding down, I asked Rosa if she'd text Nickki to get her input and she did so on Saturday. Being overwhelmed with moving, packing, and buying a new place, Nickki admitted she really couldn't go into the depth she had intended but to just give me "50 lashes" from her and Jean.......with love.

At first Rosa was going to add Nickki's 50 to Ana's remaining 400 so as to give the smaller number more impact, but I asked if she would please keep them separate. I explained that psychologically I'd rather not just have Nickki's input be diluted, though I agreed that 50 swats alone would lack the punitive impact Rosa might have desired. But when Rosa told me what Nickki's text actually said: "50 lashes" I had an idea. I asked Rosa what she thought about perhaps taking Nickki's casual expression literally and rather than giving me 50 smacks with a paddle, she give me 50 hard strokes with our "White Lightnin'" switch? I even suggested that Rosa could immobilize me in our homemade "rack" so that I couldn't move no matter how much the strokes burned. Rosa agreed.

Now this all happened on Saturday which was when we HAD intended to finish out Ana's remaining 400...........but one interruption after another sort of ruined that idea until we had only a tiny part of the day left. Rather than rush Ana's 400, I suggested that we do Nickki's 50 instead. Then we could always devote the full day Sunday to the four installments described in the previous post. At first Rosa was resistant to interrupting Ana's punishment and then going back to it, wanting to 'keep everything straight',  but she did admit that there really wasn't enough time to do them properly and she also felt like we should do something. So Rosa came around to seeing that doing the 50 was not such an awful idea after all.

Soon I found myself secured to our adjustable bed-top 'rack' and regretting I ever made the suggestion! Rosa even added an extra 10 to really send the punitive message intended in a year-end close-out punishment. When finished she seemed pleased with her results:

I took this shot soon after in our bathroom so I could share the results with Nickki....and you all. LOL You can easily see the welts.

Yesterday I texted a "thank you" to my dear Nickki for offering her punishment recommendation and told her that Rosa and I took her "50 lashes" literally and that Rosa used a switch on me instead of a paddle. I even sent her the picture of it above so she'd know what sort of implement I meant. Her reply?

Nickki: Oh shit wow I like her. 

Then I shared the above picture of how "I" ended up,  (since last year, one of her punishment 'conditions' was that we send her a post-paddling photo, I figured she'd appreciate one this year as well.) Her response?

Nickki: Ohhhh

That looks HOTTTT!

I told her how her "50 lashes" expression was the inspiration for the resulting welt-fest but that Rosa and I both felt it was appropriate as a punishment. Nickki responded saying she was glad I was in agreement and not surprised by getting 'lashes' instead of paddle-smacks. She was in the middle of doing some paint scraping and so I let her get back to what she was doing but did conclude by asking her if she was pleased with the outcome of her decision and she responded that she did indeed like how things turned out. 

The funny thing is that while getting switched for me is VERY painful.... (the welts speak for themselves).....for some reason the results from a switching only last for about a few hours and then fade. I think it's because the weight of the switch is lighter and while it inflicts fiery sting, it stays mostly on the surface. The results from a hefty paddle.....while they sting differently tend to impact my butt more deeply and the resulting discoloration and soreness can last for days. If you go back and look at the pictures from yesterday you can see that even on Sunday, you can't see any residual 'lines' from the switching......just even, swollen pinkness.


  1. And once again all in the world was good!!

    1. Well, since this is a blog, I can....(and do) edit out a lot of the shit that goes wrong in between the good stuff. LOL ;-)