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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Stupid Weather

Being a 'project' kind of guy, I currently have several going that I would love to complete. The crossbow I made is nearly done. It just needs to be stained and sealed and given its final assembly. But to do the staining I need a warm day without rain or snow. Instead I get......

I have also made really nice progress on a custom,  mirrored medicine chest for the bathroom we are slowly updating. But now I need the right conditions to do some painting of the frame section and instead I am faced with......

Rosa and I also have a joint project to recover a large futon cushion on our enclosed but non-insulated porch. We'd love to get started on it, but........

I had made some great progress cleaning up the yard for a few big moves I have in mind for the garden. I had a few warm days in there but I need a couple more to get things finished. However.......

Like Lucy, I'm antsy, and grumpy, and irritable, and if the weather isn't going to cooperate I can only think of one possible thing that could change my mood:

If you can't change the weather, you can always  change your attitude.......but sometimes doing so requires incentive.


  1. Hi KD,
    We also are having stupid weather..but in the opposite direction. Usually we can rely on a constant temperature in the mid to late 30'sC but it has been bouncing around from 22C to 41C in a weekly cycle; most disconcerting. However I prefer our weather to yours.

    1. Weather patterns are disconcerting everywhere it seems. However, Rosa and I were watching an animal documentary on deadly beasties in your part of the world and despite this spate of icky weather, I think we're glad we are in NJ! ;-)

  2. Real snowny day here and guess where my lady is taking out her frustration.

    1. Hmmm. Well, Joe, it must have been something in the air......Rosa also decided on a lengthy spanking for me last night......and we only had a little snow!

  3. Foggy mornings and warm afternoons here. I even wore shorts!