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Thursday, March 29, 2018


I have always said that I am lucky to be among the majority of people who are not prone to addiction. I have done my share of things that could be disastrous for those unlucky few who are. But then there are times when I wonder if I may have some inclination.

Recently I have rediscovered a VERY old computer game via "Steam" (an online source for games ). My stepson recommended Steam when I bemoaned my inability to play my old favorite game discs on these super-updated laptops. Most just won't work even with the "patches" available online.  Steam offers these games in a playable format. And it was through Steam I was able to get "Lords of the Realm 2" ........for $2.99 no less!

A typical view of one's, to manage my resources and raise an army!

LOTR2 is a lot of fun for an old game, even with its limitations, and it is one of those old rare "turn-based" games. I like "turn-based" formats, but find them strangely......addictive. When I play a real time game, I find it much easier to say, "OK, enough. Time to stop." This game I can play for hours. And I can play it with the sound off......anywhere......even while 'watching' TV with Rosa.

Now I am also hosting Easter, and I have been doing things to prepare for that as well.....but in between errands and tasks?  I am playing LOTR2.

It has also distracted me from blogging.........which at this point I think is a good thing. For a while there I was posting every day with various topics. Gathering images and source information took time......and it was a good outlet......even if these posts only generated responses from Dan, and a couple of others. It seems that lifestyle posts are hit-or-miss with readers, and socio-political ones....with little exception...... inspire more knee-jerk partisan reactions than genuine truth-seeking debate. So....fuck it.  

I don't plan to close "Collected Submissions" (though if I did, there are probably only a metal fabricator's handful of people who would care) but I don't plan on very many "adult lifestyle" posts either.....because I'm just fairly bored with talking about it.

So, I am just going to conquer as many countries as I can, do some projects, and post when something motivates me. Those few who enjoy a robust debate can always email me. The rest? Well........LOL......I wouldn't have heard from you either way.


  1. I *am* addiction prone, yet video games are an exception. I think I'm ultimately just not competitive enough, at least outside my career, to be motivated by them.

    "Metal fabricator's handful . . ." -- Love it!

    Blogging can be wearing and frustrating, and the effort-to-reward issue is pretty questionable. I admire people like Hermione who can keep up the routine multiple days a week, but that's not me for sure.

    1. I also like what Hermione does......but like you, I also am not looking to copy her format. (What's the point of emulating someone who already has their own thing and following?) What I had hoped for Collected Submissions only partially materialized "for one brief shining moment" and then petered out.

      I would have said 'railworker's handful' but that is a reference to the past that most would not have gotten. Yet I think in terms of sheer digital deduction, they hold the record.

      The addictive issue with LOTR is the turn-based program. You make all of these decisions, in this game by season, then hit 'enter'. You are immediately given the results of your decisions. The game itself is long, so it makes sense to save and logoff at some point. But when? If I hit 'enter' I invariably want to see the results, and then adjust my strategy accordingly. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's like the old "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" song.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU! Glad you're O.K. Peace out.

    1. Thanks, Dave. Keep a lookout. Posts will be appear at times.

  3. Replies
    1. Well, I have long thought that eventually this might happen. It's part of my personality that I will try and persist for a good long while, and then something happens which feels like a switch was flipped....and then whatever it is, is shut off.

  4. Love those old games.

    As far as blogging goes... it is too much for me to blog everyday. Too much work.

    And as far as posting and comments go... I post for my Sir... but of course I like comments. But its hard to decide what to comment on and not sometimes. I would say to people, just because I don't comment, doesn't mean I'm not reading. Sometimes I can't find something genuine to say. I don't want to make a disingenuous comment, you know?

    1. Lea, you have participated more than most. I don't expect every reader to respond to every post. But when blogger tells me that hundreds of visits are happening each day, one would expect a couple of comments from different people.