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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Different "look"

I am only just starting to come out from under my "pissy mood" (described yesterday). And in trying to come up with a topic for today I noticed that some of my fellow bloggers have chosen today to post some 'humor'.....either in cartoon or meme form. So I thought: there's an idea! I'll join them in doing the same!

While I have done some new cartoons in the past year, the majority of my "collection" goes back to the 1990's when I was actively doing cartoons (and articles) for the SandMUtopian Guardian. Besides being more enthusiastic about the material, it also helped that I was getting paid. LOL Anyway, many of you have seen my cartoons on the 'net, on my main website (link), or here, and have probably noticed a particular style I use for my characters. Now there are a few where that look has been loosened a bit, but the overall character style is still similar. However, there was a time when I experimented with an entirely different look for my characters and those cartoons also just happened to be in the "missing batch" that I've been parceling out here (and have still to load on the main website). So unless you saw these in the SandMUtopian Guardian, here they are for the first time since the Clinton era:

I was toying with this widened head shape but soon found it limited what I could do. Even in this example you can see the second and third customers look more like my usual characters. The other thing is it tended to make the characters look more juvenile than I wanted, especially in this example below:

This one was a reaction to the endless online 'advice' one would find at the time about the importance of "communication". I got SO sick of hearing it as the cure-all for everything that I just felt like pointing out the reality of what happens even with communication when what is being communicated shocks the listener.

Anyway, after these two I dropped this style and just stuck with the one you are all used to.


  1.'s Darren from Dan's Disc Hub blog! Was cool to learn we're neighbors. Didnt want to start a conversation publicly there so thought i'd come here and say hi!

    1. Hey there, you are right, I would like to keep the comment area for responses to the I sent you an e-mail.

  2. Glad to hear you are coming out of your funk. Nice post there cartoons gave me a good laugh ab I can see them actually happening.

    1. Thanks, Joe. It was always my goal to make my humor based on what goes on within this arena and never have the kink itself be the punchline, and since my audience was BDSM people subscribing to a kinky monthly magazine, I had the audience needed. I personally hate most kinky cartoons because they are not meant for me....they are meant for a vanilla audience to laugh at what we do. It's why I find those old 60's-'Playboy'-looking M/f spanking cartoons SO dreary. Ugh! Rarely do you see any that deals with where humor occurs within such a lifestyle. Instead it's always some lame-ass set-up so the wife/girlfriend/secretary ends up spanked.....and that in and of itself is supposed to be the punchline. YAWN