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Sunday, March 11, 2018


Here's a thought for the day:

It seems to me that  the only difference between a "bully" and a "snowflake" is that while both perceive any slight or challenge to be an offensive affront, the 'snowflake' will annoyingly whine about it, but the 'bully' will beat you up for it. Isn't it interesting in the Trump-age that 'bullies' are admired and 'snowflakes' derided?

And then we wonder why a kid exposed to this mentality would choose to walk into a school full of people he feels offended him and kill them as opposed to just complain about them? Maybe he just didn't want to be thought of as a 'snowflake'?


  1. I think most bullies are snowflakes who haven't gotten popped in the nose yet. Remember the White Supremacist who was one of the organizer of Charlottesville and was talking tough about doing violence, then after he was arrested he starts crying like a little girl at the prospect of going to jail? That is your average bully in the Trump age. I don't think the are admired, so much as they feel they have been enabled.

    One of my more redneck relatives posted a video by a preacher who actually referred to people with certain views as "snowflakes." My first thought was, "Call me a snowflake to my face and see if your preacher status saves your teeth."

    1. Perfect examples of what I was getting at.

      The best though is Trump himself. He acts all tough and thick-skinned and then goes after anyone he perceives as having slighted him in the least. And yet the conservatives who mock "snowflakes" (not that a thin-skinned demeanor is a good thing either) are the first to cry foul when something doesn't go their way and praise their man, Trump. Hypocrites.

  2. Bullies are cowards. Stand up to them and they wilt.

    Canada is going to stand up to the bully and not let him have every single concession in NAFTA, just so he won't beat us up with tariffs.

    When they go low, we go high!


    1. I read an article that the outgoing Obama administration had spent a lot of time renegotiating aspects of NAFTA with Canada and the "fixes" were going to be covered in the Trans Pacific Agreement. But when Trump just let that one die all the work to fix NAFTA died with it. Now Trump is using bully tactics to try to fix what was already fixed and he screwed up with his impetuousness.

      The only aspect of the 'go low/go high' slogan that I really do like is the idea that if someone goes for the groin, you go for their head. Groin shots may be more painful, but to the head does more damage. ;-)

    2. I have to agree. When they go low -- that's the perfect time to kick them in the nads. :-)

  3. You really should try to keep your facts straight yes Trump is a loud mouth bully but school shootings started long before he came along. The problems have more to do with lack of personal responsibility and liberal feel sorry for the perpetrator not the victim. We do more for illegal aliens then our soldiers who allow us to have the freedoms we so easily abuse.

    1. Joe, I think you need to re-read my post and tell me where I said that Trump was responsible for school shootings. My post was about the trend towards a greater appreciation for bullies than snowflakes when to me it seems like they are different sides of the same easily offended coin.....with bullies being far more dangerous. My reference to Trump was as an example of a bully who is admired, and also as a bully who publicly admires other bullies.

      I agree about personal responsibility as I have stated in several past posts. I'm not sure what liberals have expressed sympathy for the shooters though? Do you have an example?

      Not sure about where illegal aliens are favored over veterans? Do you have an example? And the way I understand it, a soldier is expected to act on depending on what those orders are, a soldier is just as capable of denying freedoms as promoting them. Also what are the abuses to freedom to which you refer?

      I will gladly debate any of these points long as the discourse is civil and sincere. (as you well know) Starting off with "you really need to get your facts straight" seems a bit antagonistic.....especially when I think my facts were right on the money, not 'alternate' at all.

    2. Hmm, so it's liberals who lack sympathy for the victims, huh?

      The NRA does, however, care deeply about the rights of certain victims. You know those on the terrorist watch list who might have to wait a few days before buying an AK-47:

    3. Good afternoon KD first I apologize if I offended you that was not my intention and I do tend to be very blunt. Your opening statements seem to place blame inappropriately.

      As to sympathy for perpetrators examples abound everywhere. Each time you hear how this one had a bad childhood or was wronged in some way there are your examples. People make their own choices and should be held accountable for them. Being abused as a child does not mean you will continue that behavior, I know this first hand and feel extreme disgust when this is said.

      Aliens versus soldiers easy how much time have you spent saying how poorly the illegals are treated against how returning gi's are treated. Especially those wounded both physically and emotionally. Again this is a issue I have personal knowledge of. It is much easier for illegals to get help then those that have risked life and limb for us, but don't take my word for it there is any number of veterans organizations who back me up. Seems like tv news time on illegals an hour a day soldiers an hour a week.

      The last point is a whole separate discussion.

      Dan I will take a look at your examples when I have a moment but full disclosure in my opinion the NY Daily News the picture newspaper is not good enough to wrap fish.

    4. Thank you for the follow-up post, Joe. I think we can agree to disagree on the tone of my opening, however, onto your examples. I can't say that I've seen any sympathy towards the shooters. Whenever I've seen the references to their troubled pasts, it has always been with the idea of "why did this go undetected or untreated?" In other words, it is looking for causes so as to prevent further instances. However, maybe you have seen something different.

      If you are a regular reader here you know of my view for personal responsibility.

      As to illegals vs. veterans: if your "you" means "me" the only example I can think of is my sympathy towards the "dreamers" who are here through no fault of their own. I am aware of a disparity in medical treatment and I think that is wrong and the blame for it continuing rests on both parties. Republicans like to talk about support for veterans but what have they done to ensure proper health care for them? Other than that, I am aware of several kinds of perks veterans get through placement in law enforcement and even discounts at certain businesses. I don't think anyone is promoting any such thing for illegal immigrants.

      Ultimately, the examples you mentioned can be debated but other than differing perceptions, I have nothing against personal responsibility....or veterans for that matter. However, I am not sure what they really have to do with my topic....which is that conservatives LOVE to toss 'snowflake' around derisively yet support 'bullies' who are nothing but violent or vindictive 'snowflakes'.

      Again, thanks for replying rather than letting things go unsaid. I am very serious about differing views being welcomed as long as they are sincere and civil.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. I do appreciate it, I know my opinions are not popular in some circles and really don't care about that. I could name dates, times, places and names where soldiers were left twisting and aliens were given houses,cars and jobs. You are correct I have strayed from your main point. As far as conservatives or liberals, dems or republicans they are all at fault and only care about themselves. Again thank you.

    1. No problem, Joe. And I'm not popular in any circle, so you have the advantage by at least being popular in some.

      Given the way we treat veterans, I would not be surprised if such things happened. Politicians love to drag a veteran onstage to get votes and then kick them to the curb when the election is over. I think people in power see soldiers as expendable whether they are on the battlefield or off.....a means to an end. And yet we spend so much on military one would expect veteran care to be top notch, but it isn't. The money goes to manufacturers instead.

      So.....I couldn't agree with your last sentence more.