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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Our table

from yesterday's St.Patrick's get-together:

You can see we re-used our new charger plates from Thanksgiving, and you can also see the domed Depression glass butter dish next to the pitcher

That's the bottle of Redbreast over on the left. The whole theme was green and white and pewter. 

The food came out great. We had an opening appetizer of an Irish pub treat of beets and egg on sourdough toasts with a freshly-made, sweet & spicy mustard sauce. Then we had the Potato & Leek soup with fresh baked brown bread my daughter made and brought. The main course was corned beef and cabbage with colcannon on the side. Later on my stepson made everyone Irish Coffee with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Eventually the 'party' continued from the table to our living room with many rounds of 8-Ball being played until we moved a TV into the room (we do not usually have a TV in our living room) to watch "Miller's Crossing" and then the mandatory annual viewing of "Boondock Saints". The party went on past 1:00AM! (very late for Rosa  and me)

Overall a very good day!


  1. What a lovely table! The menu sounds yummy. I have never heard of beets and egg on sourdough, but I think I would enjoy that. My d-i-l is from Oz and says that beets - she calls them beetroot - are very popular there.


    1. Thanks, Hermione.

      The appetizer is something I found in a book of "Irish Pub Cooking" and it's very easy......but boy does everyone seem to like it! I simplified the recipe even further by just substituting canned beets for fresh ones.

      Take a couple of cans of beets and chop them up. Put them in a bowl and mix with about a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a sprinkle of dill.

      Make about 4 hard boiled eggs and chop them up.

      Cut a sourdough loaf (I use a small "Italian style sourdough I can get locally) into slices and lightly toast them in a broiler.

      Then take a few spoons of a good mustard you like and mix in a teaspoon of sugar, a bit of apple cider vinegar, some more dill, and then thin with enough olive oil so that it has the consistency of a thick dressing.

      Layer the beets on the toasts, (you can also lightly broil them at this point according to the recipe, but I don't even bother) sprinkle the egg on the beets and drizzle the dressing over the top......and serve.


  2. Looks delightful. I love to cook, and since retiring, I do most of it.

    1. Thanks, Lurker. Yeah, cooking is a great creative outlet. And tying it all in with a theme is something Rosa and I both love to do.

  3. Love the photo, that table is magazine-worthy. I really enjoy home decor and stuff like that (though my own place is a trainwreck).

    1. Thank you, Lea. That was so kind. But you know, despite that finished look, you'd be surprised at how economical our 'holiday tables' are! We love to hit second-hand stores and flea markets for those 'great finds'. (all of the various green glass pieces were obtained that way) The only 'extravagance' on this set-up was the charger plates.....but even those were purchased on sale for Thanksgiving and this was already their second use.

      I'm kind of a sucker for genuine pewter and even newer pewter finishes. ;-)

    2. Oh I too love second hand shops. The thrill of that find is just as fun as putting it all together. Sir and I live in a small 600 sqft apartment right now. There's no room for something so pretty! (or a place to store them even if we just got two settings just for us!)

      One day!