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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

That smell

Did you ever have a bad smell in the house and you couldn't quite figure out what it was or where it was coming from?

So you'd look around to see what it was.......

.......but you just couldn't find it. But, in doing so you sometimes found something that you didn't even know was lost.

But despite those little discoveries, that damned smell was still there, so you kept on looking.

The thing is that with those really bad smells, sometimes the cause is really hard to find. Whatever it is could be buried in a place you'd never expect, and digging for it can make a mess of things.

And maybe after a long while, you don't have the desire to keep looking, or the ability to search difficult places on your own. Besides, it sometimes seems some of the people helping you look aren't always too eager to find what's causing that smell anyway, and so you have to call in a pro.

Thankfully these guys really know their stuff, and they don't give up. Yeah, it may take some time, but eventually they find the source of that awful stink.

So, 'thank you, Mr. Mueller'. Now that the House Intelligence Committee has closed up shop, it's up to you to find where that stench is coming from. Good luck.


  1. Apparently, it is coming from the Democrat National Committee and the Hilary Clinton Campaign. We KNOW there was Russian collusion there involving the Steele Dossier, Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie.

    Julian Assange

    1. Oh there's definitely a smell coming from there. A rancid mixture of expensive perfume, cheap pork rinds, dirty money, and disappointment. However, if they did collude with the Russians, boy did they get a raw deal. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people though. Still, it's a real life lesson: if you're going to collude, you should at least do it with people who actually help you win.

      Anyway, the smell I'm detecting is a bit different from the DNC aroma. Sort of a mix between L'Oreal Self-tanning lotion and old caviar......maybe with a little pee dribbled on top.

      (BTW, Julian, what's Roger Stone like in real life?)

    2. Julian, you're on shaky ground when your best line of defense is Devin "may I wipe my chin before I get up Mr. Trump" Nunes.

      KD, if you haven't seen the Netflix documentary "Get
      Me Roger Stone," you should watch it. You can't help but be fascinated by the guy, even if totally repulsed by his politics and lack of anything resembling a moral compass.

    3. Dan: I noticed that Stone documentary in the list but wasn't sure if it was worth the watch. I may give it a go.
      Also, you should go easy on Julian. Living in exile in Ecuador can't be easy.

    4. True, but the women in Equador probably are more likely to stay silent after being assaulted.

    5. Somehow, some way, I just KNEW you were going to go there. ;-)

      Well played, sir.

    6. Thought about it and thought about . . . and then hit Publish. Same thing that gets me in trouble with emails at work. :-)

    7. Ah, perhaps at work such things might result in censure, but here it only gets you recognition for wit skillfully employed.

  2. Started reading your blog about 2-3 months ago. Very interesting! My life style (sex wise) has no relation to yours, but the voyeur in me enjoys your experiences. I'm a retired physician living in rural southeast US. I'm a Patron member of the NRA. My wife of 30+ years and I enjoy a very vanilla sex life. In what state do you live?

    1. Hi Lurker48. I've never had a voyeur before. (At least not one who admitted it.) Kind of flattering and creepy at the same time.

      I used to be a member of the NRA, but I quit in frustration a long time ago. As a retired physician, don't you find that research is something that should be encouraged when it can potentially help people? And even if it doesn't, is there ever a good reason to suppress information? That's what the Dickey Amendment does, and the NRA does everything it can to make sure it is renewed time and time again.

      Glad to hear that you enjoy your vanilla sex life, I could never do that.

      The only thing I do find a bit odd is if you have been visiting here for the past 2 to 3 months, you'd already know what state I live in.

      All the best!

  3. LOL...LOL....Anonymous beat me to it!!! I was going to say it's taking a while because the smell is coming all the way from CHAPPAQUA

    1. If you agree with "Julian", you can see my response.