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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ass & Glass


If each and every time you see one of these:

the ONLY thing you can ever manage to think of is this:

there's a very good chance you've graduated from mere 'spanko' to one of these:

(unless they're a huge fan of Philip Glass)


  1. Crimson Kid (C.K.)May 25, 2018 at 12:17 AM

    Ahhhh well, viewing an attractive feminine derriere like that one certainly might leave me desiring to slap it playfully, however that wouldn't be my *only* reaction to it--patting, squeezing and especially kissing those bare bumcheeks would also occur to me.

    (Admittedly, the kissing would hopefully be following my taking an equally bare-assed trip across her naked thighs for some serious seat-smacking.)

    I'm not at all into anal sexuality, yet back in my young and single days that beautiful bottom would also have had me wishing for an erotic 'roll in the hay' with its owner.

    I suppose nobody wants to have a "one-trick jackass" either...

    1. Cleverly put, CK.

      I mean, 'hey' I'm admittedly a hopelessly devoted 'spanko' and yes, spanking thoughts do pop into my head a lot. Hell! I write, blog, draw, talk, and think about it often. I also live it. But GEEZ! I am so sick of reading things from people where any time a bare butt is on display the ONLY reason for it must be for spanking.....and if not, it's somehow some sort of wasted opportunity.

      Whatever became of balance, moderation, and variety......let alone IMAGINATION?

  2. Ass and Glass? That's Crass, No Class.

    Butt, I see your point. You need more spanking.

    1. Perhaps.

      (To be fair, I don't really hate Glass as much as I like teasing about his minimalist style.)