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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Catching up

It's been a while since I posted (at least by my past standards) and there are so many things that have transpired that I will again just post some quick 'bullets'.

The main thing is we had a house guest for about a week: Rosa's brother from Peru. He's a great guy and we had a lot of fun taking him around the area and NYC for a chunky bite of American culture.

Ana is done with school and is now home for the Summer!

Mother's Day was very nice. 

Nickki recently sent me a text to say that a piece of furniture that the prior owner of their new home left behind is ours for the taking. I'll probably be going over there to help them out with a few things and grab the thing. (I have been thinking a bit about a spanking session with Nickki since it has come up a few times and her partner may be softening on the issue. I saw the following picture recently and despite the gender switch, the age and race comparison made me my mind wander.)

I  love Clare Fonda's age reversal spanking photos. She's done several.

Yesterday Rosa took a day off and we went bicycling around Sandy Hook State Park and she got some amazing photos. I even FINALLY got to see a Scarlet Tanager in the wild. We had a great day despite me starting it off by doing an embarrassing, slow-motion, fall off of my bike by awkwardly losing my balance while standing still at a crosswalk. Only a small scrape, but the fall hurt my back and I am kind of stiff today.

Rosa texted me earlier to tell me she wants to give me the treat or treats of my choice later and I am pondering what I might ask for.

Politics continues to irk me and I have been avoiding reading too much. It all just upsets me unnecessarily.

Today I'm going to do some yard projects. The garden is progressing nicely despite some mishaps here and there.


  1. Best to avoid the politics. Hope your back is ok even a small fall can do a lot of damage. Same here on the yard work but should be done soon.

  2. Politics for me is a double-edged sword with little satisfaction: being an Independent I am routinely bombarded by ridiculousness from both left and right.

    Thanks about the back. It's already a bit better. Good luck on getting your yard work done. I'm never actually 'done' here. But I like doing it.......for the most part.