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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


KDP's Libido

Anyone with clues
to its whereabouts should 
please contact me and
let me know where it 
was last seen.

Yeah I've looked everywhere and no luck.  The thing is my libido is pretty important to me and even at those times when it's not in my direct possession, I usually have a pretty good idea of what happened to it. But not this time. 

I'm not overly stressed. Rosa and I are getting along just fine. I'm not depressed in the way where nothing appeals to me. There's plenty of stuff I'm doing and enjoying........just not "sexy-stuff". 

Rosa has tried to be 'playful' several times in the course of the last couple of weeks.......and I just kind of change the subject. I'm not liking it, but I can't seem to get it back. Hopefully it'll turn up soon.


  1. Hmm. That's happened to me before, but it usually bounces back after a week. I'm not a big natural remedy guy, but I've used a couple of things that do seem to help at least a little. Yohimbe Bark extract and L-Arginine help somewhat. Maybe you should get your testosterone levels checked?

    1. Maybe. I actually need to have several medical things looked into and am waiting for a change in insurance coverage to have them dealt with. (that could actually be stressing me more than I think)

      The only times I've experienced this before was during periods of extreme, gut-wrenching stress. I am stressed over certain things......but not to that degree. But who knows?Maybe the stress I am feeling is 'enough' to have this effect?

    2. Maybe. Sometimes my hormones just seem to drop. For no real reason, my sex drive ebbs, and for no real reason it comes back. When life gets in the way, for me it's more about busyness than stress per se. I just get too busy with other things and sex feels like just one more thing on the "to do" list.

  2. Hi KD,
    Getting older is a bitch with very little to recommend.

    While I do not wish to criticise either you or Rosa, my personal situation is very much set by my wife's attitude. Not the spoken word but, very much, the way in which something is said. Body language is so important in communication and sets the mood much more than the spoken word.

    Once I have got past the actual words and follow the mood I usually find something amiss that was not at first obvious. Tiredness, stress, and even poor diet can be hidden, but very real symptoms.

    As a very last resort consider a medical (or substance) boost kindly suggested by Dan

    1. I always says "No one wants to get old.......but it's still better than the alternative."

      There were some things gong on as I said to Dan. But I don't think there's a deeper hidden issue with Rosa. I think this might be

      I could be more stressed than I think. Still, when I am really depressed I tend to not enjoy ANYTHING, and as I wrote.....I am enjoying several other activities with no issue.

      Thanks for the input.

  3. oops, i really have nothing to say on this that might help, but i do hope it comes back from wherever it's vacationing right now.

    1. Thanks. Me too.

      Who knows? Maybe it will come back all strong and refreshed if the vacation is successful.

    2. dammit, but it needs to COME BACK!