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Thursday, May 31, 2018


I was going to post a rant today about this week's top news headlines revolving around Kim Kardashian's ass and Roseanne Barr being an ass......but then I saw this image and was inspired to make another caption:

But now that I got that out of the way, let's get back to celebrity asses. 

Why does anyone care what Roseanne Barr says? Other people have twitter accounts and say stupid shit. What qualifies Kardashian to speak about prison reform? or even just speak? Hell.....what qualifies Trump to be president? Celebrity status?

I have the exact same issue with celebrities in our country that I have with politicians: PEOPLE! Why is it that people.......folks like you and me........enable idiots with only enough ability to pretend to be other people, play with a ball better than anyone else, sing in a way that appeals to a tone-deaf public, or even merely look interesting enough to appear on a magazine cover to in some way act as our role models and political activists? How well has this ever worked? I mean LOOK at these people! Most of them are train wrecks. They end up addicted, dead, dysfunctional and yet these are the people the public looks to. Why?

I can't blame these celebrities for taking advantage of the power and influence WE give them. Why shouldn't they? But I CAN (and DO) blame people for imbuing them with this power. Celebrities are like internet trolls.....with more money. Enjoy them for what they do, sure......but outside of their arena? Ignore them and maybe they will just shut up.  

Poor Americans. Can't think for themselves and when seeking someone to think for them the best they can do is turn to whatever popular face they see in the media. Pathetic.

Edited to add: No sooner than I published this post, ANOTHER celebrity controversy sprouted........Samantha Bee. First off, just what the hell IS a Samantha Bee? When I first heard the name I thought: "Is this a children's book or cartoon character?" If so, BOY are kids' stories getting raunchy!  Or maybe it's a ladies' group that meets every weekend after church whose names are all 'Samantha'? But whatever she is, who cares what she called Ivanka? Or anyone for that matter? Come on, folks! It's 2018! If a Trump presidency has taught us ANYTHING it's that words don't matter anymore. Name-calling doesn't matter, and even truth doesn't matter. Would it have been OK to call Ivanka any of the countless names her dad has used on others? Or is that a privilege reserved for him alone? Nah, Ivanka IS feckless......and truth is a defense. As for the other word she used.....again.....come on, people! If we are all going to be a society of hypocrites, at least let's be consistent about it! If a Black person can call another Black person the "N"-word with impunity, and Gay people can call each other fags, shouldn't women be allowed to call each other 'cunts'?  In our MeToo age it's not like a guy said it, right? Let's be fair here. What crap! Too bad Bee is already apologizing. And's news.


  1. I entirely agree with your evaluation of the lack-of-value in celebrity pronouncements. I would like to see a more civil and rational discussion of events and issues.

    1. True, but the trouble with rational analysis is that it doesn't 'sell' as well as sensational drivel. So I don't think we are going to see a return to such discourse unless there's a huge shift in what people want.

  2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)May 31, 2018 at 6:50 PM

    Well, I don't really perceive much anti-black racial prejudice among African-Americans, their use of the "N" word isn't generally meant as a 'put-down.' Likewise with gays calling each other "fags," I don't believe it's usually intended as an insult or as an indication of personal anti-LGBT sentiment on their parts.

    However, there *are* millions of American women who have misogynist feelings towards other females, for example many of them described their opposition to Hillary Clinton only via characterizing her via the "B" word or even the "C" word, rather than on disagreements about policy and/or ideology--they simply resented, often to the point of hatred, the existence of a highly-educated, successful career woman.

    So Samantha Bee employing the "C" word toward Ivanka Trump strikes me as being somewhat different, it was rather mean-spirited and obviously intended as a 'put-down' of another female--even though I did agree with Ms. Bee's basic point about the Trump administration breaking up immigrant families.

    I'm also in agreement about the dismaying American passion for 'celebrity worship,' especially of those reality TV types who are merely "famous for being famous"... --C.K.

    1. You have a point about the difference in intention, but even if the epithet was hateful and vulgar, why the fuss? Ivanka seems fine with hateful and vulgar remarks when they're coming out of her father's mouth. Like I said, until there is a unilateral return to civility, all bets (and gloves) are off. We can't just go around tolerating inappropriate speech exclusively from someone who has the power to appoint a conservative judge now can we?

      These celebrities are so full of themselves too. I saw that now Barr is saddened that her remark resulted in innocent people losing their jobs. But I don't know......anyone who chose to hitch their wagon to an ass like her had to realize that it was only a matter of time before shit came out of it.