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Friday, May 4, 2018

Shaving cream.......... nice and clean. Shave every day and you'll always look keen. -------Benny Bell

Summer is almost upon us and unless you keep yourself perpetually hairless 'down there' like I do, it's time to consider trimming the bushes........or defoliating the forest completely.

Here are a few cute images to get you in the mood:

you can sit and spread 'em........

...stand and hope for the best........

......or attempt a compromise of the two!

Need help?

Ask a friend!

Better to be caught like THIS.....

....than like THIS!

So, 'here's to shaving cream! May it long lather our nethers!'


  1. Smooth is always better. Looks better and makes oral sex so much better. Robyn and I have been smooth for so long I forgot what we looked like with hair. I do know that since we went smooth there is much more oral sex.

    1. There are so many benefits! (as your experience proves)

  2. I miss the days of getting waxed

    1. You still can, can't you? Indulge yourself!

    2. I had to stop it. $60 a month was killing our budget.

  3. I think I'm fighting the trend here. I actually like my woman to have a little hair "down there."

    1. Nothing wrong with that. Rosa just keeps hers very short and contained. A lot depends on the person.