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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Who says......

........that the two parties can't work together? All you need is something they can both agree on. Like DACA? They say they both agree on that? Well, no, not DACA......unless some partisan pork-crap is attached to it. Budget deficits? No, not that either. It depends on who's 'deficiting' right?  No, you need something that wealthy political fucks can PROFIT from no matter what animal logo adorns their boxers.

 Oh, how about repealing key elements of Dodd-Frank? (more on Dodd-Frank)

You mean the set of regulations that came about in response to the housing market crash? The crash that resulted from greedy, irresponsible lending practices? The one that's supposed to prevent something like that from happening again? Yep, that one. 

Dodd-Frank 2010-2018

So there you go. Proof that the two parties are looking out for YOU. And all I can say to this corrupt, morally-bankrupt, 2-Party "Duopoly" is:

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