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Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Elaiiinnne!!!! Elaiinnnne!!!!"

While I was hunting for images for the piece on my mother, I came across the occasional  rendering of two mixed gender kids, presumably brother and sister, being punished together. While such a thing has never happened to me, the images unlocked an old memory that I thought I would share.

This Sassy Bottoms image is one that helped get me thinking.

When I was in 6th grade I had a heart-rending crush on a girl named Elaine. (no blog-altered name change, it was really ‘Elaine’). But even at that age, my thoughts of Elaine ran towards the ……...alternate. Sure, I imagined kissing her, but how specific that kiss was! At night in bed I would fantasize about having Elaine’s naked body beside me…...but not in some tangled embrace of passion. Oh no. Not me! My fantasy was VERY specific:

Elaine and I would be naked together, BUT we’d be naked side-by-side with only our hips and shoulders touching. Our arms would be straight up over our heads, wrists tied and secured to some rusty rings on a punishment table as prisoners of some nameless group bent on torturing us, not for information, but their own sadistic pleasure whaled away on our young and tender bottoms.

Elaine would be very scared and I would console her. I would tell her we would eventually escape and I’d take care of her, and that we just had to get through this for now. She’d look at me like I was her hero, as old, worn paddles struck us over and over. I’d imagine her face when it was her turn to be smacked and then imagine her looking at me when it was my turn. And then…...when we were sweaty and nearly exhausted, our bottoms worn raw and ablaze, she’d lean towards me with tears on her face and we’d kiss. And later, once we were released from being bound, I’d imagine gently rubbing her welted bottom to soothe it as she sniffled with waning tears.

The reason I remember this so vividly is because it was a fantasy I replayed endlessly. Sometimes I would even position myself as if it was happening with my pillows beside me in lieu of my beloved and semi-act along with my thoughts. I was a weird kid, what can I say?

What strikes me as interesting about this little scenario is how different it was from anything I began to desire later. Any fantasies of such a kinky nature involving a pretty girl were usually more FemDom in nature. There was no need to drag in some group of anonymous torturers, the girl would BE my torturer. And she would never suffer one bit. Even in this early fantasy, there’d be no reason why Elaine had to suffer alongside me. I could have just as easily imagined sacrificing myself for her and then having her show her appreciation once I was let go. But that’s not how I scripted it. A few times I imagined saying something to that effect to our captors, but  they would never agree to the offer and Elaine would end up spanked hard just like me.

Now, in looking at images and reading the occasional account of the “submissive couple” who is put through their paces by a dominant third party, I even find it difficult to relate…….most of the time. For example, I cannot imagine ever wanting to jointly submit WITH Rosa beside me, but if I think about other people I’ve known, I can….though rarely…...find someone from my past that I could envision being punished with. But it’s never as a couple, but rather as a friend sharing the same fate…..a fellow submissive/partner in crime. My sympathy would be with her, but my love would be for my captor. I am sure there is a reason for this and if  had to speculate it would probably be that now, only a dominant party would seem attractive to me to have as my love interest. Perhaps as a kid, I didn’t quite get that? Perhaps. Or maybe I just never saw Elaine as a Dominant? Either way, I suppose that’s why I do enjoy the images of two friends or a brother & sister getting roasted together. It even works with two culprits of the same gender when there’s humor involved.

Co-culprits at school.

At home taking turns OTK.

A mom's "Final Solution".

School troubles again!

Looking back to where it all happened.

A knee for each of them.

In French too!

Popular cartoon characters aren't immune.

Sassy seemed to really like this theme.

On a side note, one person from my past that I pondered jointly suffering with was the woman you’ve heard me refer to as “Wolverine”.  She would never switch and so our relationship was one where I was the full-time dominant. She could take so much without outcry and heal so quickly afterwards that I sometimes imagined the embarrassment of being punished together by a third party only to have her handle it more stoically than me. LOL

If that was 'crush' would be on the Top!

Unfortunately, or of the 'double-spanking' images out there feature two female victims. I love the look on the spanker's face.

Something very cute about this.

I wonder if these are the same two kids who kept getting in trouble together at school?

I would LOVE to know the story behind this......if it's not a posed studio shot that is.

I think the spanker made better works of art with these butts than the painter of that painting!

(Just in case anyone is curious, nothing ever came of my crush with Elaine. I tried…..awkwardly…..but without success and eventually gave up as Elaine found someone else she preferred. Odds are it was for the best. What are the chances she’d want to reach romantic nirvana by having her butt roasted while tied to a splintery table?! LOL)


  1. What are the odds of her becoming dominant and being the one to roast your bottom? It was a great little fantasy tho. Ive learned that there are many “weird kids” here in blogland so you’re in good company. I count myself as well :)

    1. I imagine she was or is as vanilla as they come. Over the years I've developed the kinky-person's equivalent of "Gay-dar" and have been.....with all humilite`.....eerily successful at sniffing out the "Dominant types". LOL I truly believe Elaine does not fall into that category. But I have been known to be wrong on occasion. ;-)

      As for precociously-kinky youths? Well I think mine started earlier than most with bizarre memories of me being interested in things that most little kids wouldn't dream of. Nice to know you're a member of the club.

  2. I'm pretty sure BIKSS is too. The stories of his youth send shudders down my spine.

    1. You should share some on your blog.

    2. I shall have to see if BIKSS will allow me.

  3. Crimson Kid (C.K.)August 15, 2018 at 11:38 PM

    Apparently Sassy Bottoms was quite fond of this 'spanked together' fantasy, since five of your posted drawings here--four of them featuring mixed-gender pairs of punished children--are by him. (I especially enjoy the first one, with a quite young boy and girl being bare-bottom spanked side-by-side while both are bent over the wide lap of a strict, quite pretty young woman.)

    Actually, I find this is be an attractive spanking-based fantasy myself for occasional writing purposes, although I almost always perceive it as creating or strengthening a romantic bond between the two spankees--naturally I greatly prefer the spanker(s) to be females.

    Oh, I believe I recall the rejoinder to your opening exclamation, from Elaine Robinson [played by Katharine Ross]: "BEN!!" --C.K.

    1. You are correct!

      And I do think it is a strengthening of bond ordeal as well. Most ordeals tend to do that I suppose.