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Thursday, June 14, 2018


I noticed something today while researching something and I'd really like someone to explain it to me.....particularly someone who considers himself/herself to be a conservative. But first, the experiment:

1: Go to "Google Search" and type in 'anti-liberal memes'. Hit enter.

2: Go to "images".

3: Browse the results.


4: Go back to the search line and type in: 'anti-conservative memes'. Hit enter.

5: Go to "images".

6: Browse the results.

Now, please explain this to me.

As you'd expect the anti-liberal memes abound. And I must say that while some are clever, a lot are just vicious:

OK, not totally unexpected, but check out the VERY FIRST meme for "Anti-conservative memes":

I'm not even sure of what the point is. I'm an atheist and I sort of expect people to accept Islam along with every other religion and non-religion. Am I missing something here.......besides logic of course? Or is this a test question? If so, I guess I'm a liberal. And so then what is the conservative stance on this question? 'I believe in a god, but if you are Muslim you have the wrong one.' ?

Still, it's not the specific point or non-point of this specific meme that has me confused, but rather WHY it's on a search for "anti-conservative memes"? And if you browse through the rest, you'll see more anti-liberal memes mixed in.....quite a few actually.

So what gives? Could it be that conservatives control the media? LOL Or are there just SO many more anti-liberal memes that they come up everywhere? It seems conservatives like to portray themselves as victims of liberal bias and that the nastiness they spew is in retaliation for how they've been treated.......but it seems to me it's the other way around. A lot of the anti-conservative memes poke at hypocrisies and double-standards whereas while some anti-liberal memes do the same thing, a lot are just accusations of being stupid and un-American. And sure, there's some derisive anti-conservative stuff out there, but you have to admit a lot of it is more clever put-down than just plain nasty name-calling. 

In conclusion, I also want to ask a few very simple questions: when a conservative says "liberal", just what the hell do they mean? Fiscal liberal? Social liberal? Both? If I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal, am I a liberal in a conservative's eyes, or a fellow conservative?


  1. Hi KD,
    There is no rational explanation for political (or religious, or fiscal, or any) extremism, of both flavours. To them there is no flexibility; you either believe and accept totally their beliefs or you are wrong and a heathen.

    To the vast majority of extremists the rest of the world that have beliefs that accept a wide range of views and have a value system that includes tolerance, compassion and acceptance are a bunch of fringe dwellers that deserve no consideration because we are, by definition, completely wrong in our beliefs and values. It used to be that extremism was viewed as belonging to the fringe; now it is viewed as the new norm.

    I worry for my fellow humans that the way forward is down the path of discord and hatred which will ultimately end in war. Maybe this is what Trump, Putin, Abbott (an Australian) and their fellow travellers want. To stamp their place in history so no-one will ever forget their names. Believe me when I say that I will never forget nor forgive any single death or harm as a result of hate.

    1. I'm with you on this one, Don.

      I just don't get either side. Nor do I get how if you disagree with any aspect of either side, they just assume you must be a member of the opposing extreme. How about just believing in what makes sense?

  2. she spanked him liberally

    whatever image just conjured up. theres your answer

    1. I like that.

      I would bet though that an arch-conservative would assume that if she spanked him "liberally", she did it with an aborted fetus.

  3. Crimson Kid (C.K.)June 14, 2018 at 4:50 PM

    Well, since current Republican conservatives tend to be fiscally ultraliberal (check out the Reagan, Bush I, Bush II and Trump national budgets) and socially ultraconservative, along with being anti-environmental, anti-scientific and theocratic, you're certainly not one of them.

    You're correct about anti-liberal memes, in my experience they're primarily just crude insults lacking in humor or irony, generally promoting the right-wing "dissent is treason" claim, like the first one here.

    The second (also anti-liberal) meme promotes the 'false equivalency' that actively believing in a particular religion, as opposed to accepting people's right to practice a different religion, are effectively the same thing, which of course they're not.

    Evangelical "Christians" simply can't understand the concept of tolerance for all religious beliefs, as well as for no religious belief at all--they support only societal acceptance of their religion... --C.K.

    1. Oh don't even get me started on the fiscal irresponsibility of the so-called 'fiscally conservative' party! What crap! What hypocrisy!

      Your assessments (as usual) are logical......and you sure can't be an extreme lefty OR righty with THAT way of thinkng! ;-)