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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Model sub

Today my 'Little Monster', Ana, once again put her post-pedicure feet on display for the blog-viewing public. While the photo shoot was geared primarily towards another "Holiday Theme" (you all can guess which one), we experimented with a few other poses.

One of the things we had discussed a few weeks ago when we were planning the session was using a handcuff key chain Ana had gotten me as a souvenir a while back. I asked if she thought they would fit her toes and if she would be willing to be thus shackled and she thought the idea was cute. Today I dug out a pair of regular handcuffs as well and we did a 'double-bound' foot pose. 

Now for those of you familiar with my Discipline slip-dispensing Monster, know she hasn't a sub bone in her body! But like any talented model, she knows how to pretend. So here for your viewing enjoyment.......and with apologies to the 'yuck! a foot!'-people.....are a few shots of some pretty cute and securely bound "Monster-tootsies':

It was a good thing Ana volunteered for these because once I had her cuffed, she wasn't going anywhere! LOL!

I love this shot! 

After taking the skull shot during the last Halloween session I found myself pleasantly pleased with how adorable Ana's feet look from underneath as well as from above, so today I really wanted to try to capture her podal charms from both perspectives.

And just to be a bit 'noir', I made a copy of the first pose in B&W. 

When we had finished this round, I naturally couldn't help making a brief joke about not remembering where I left the key.......but it was just a tease in passing. Despite the submissive appeal to these shots, I wouldn't keep my Monster bound longer than necessary. 

Now as I said, these were not the only shots we took this stay tuned for more. And now that Ana is home and popping onto the blog occasionally, if you have anything nice to say about her shapely all means please leave a comment! She'll definitely appreciate it.


  1. Thanks , both of you!

    1. You're welcome, Dave! It was a fun venture.

    2. Thank you thank you very much! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, she certainly is. Thanks, Merry!

    2. Aw thank you Merry! I am a model undercover haha

  3. KD Ana thank you very much lovely pictures.

  4. Thanks Joe. I almost didn’t see your message since blogger isn’t sending me emails anymore.