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Friday, June 22, 2018

Portals for Mortals

Back in December of 2017 I did a post called “Moocho Glassy-ass” wherein I discussed butt plugs in general with a particular emphasis on my fond feelings regarding those made of glass. At the time I used models to tell my POV, like this one:

I can't see how anyone can NOT find this adorable.....especially with the flipped-up tag!

….and while she IS adorable, maybe with all of the soul-baring and personal exposures lately, I felt: ‘maybe it’s time to really put myself out there too?' 

I explained in my December post how I felt that glass plugs were the ultimate in exposure…..a window into the most modestly hidden area of a person, where everything is on view. It is in that spirit of submissive exhibitionism…...exhibitionism that is less an act of aggression (like the proverbial ‘flasher’ in a raincoat) and intended more as a act of self-deprecation that I post little little memento…..or even ‘trophy’ if you will. And while I know there are readers who will be like “yuck, a butt", there might be some who will bemusedly snicker at my flagrant exposure…...and it is for those people that I blushingly post this ‘selfie’:

Maybe those who have come to know me might find it cool to remember that if I am ever an ‘asshole’ to them…...THEY know they can always scroll back to this post and smirk at  just what a gaping asshole I can be. It would be very hard for me to remain arrogant to anyone who felt the need to take me down a peg and remind me of just how much they know of me, without me having that same advantage over them. So enjoy (to those who do)....and my apologies to those who want to now bleach their eyes. For those folks, I hereby include a couple more glass-wearing cuties to make up for my ‘old man ass’. Hopefully these girls will restore your vision. LOL

What impressed me about this one is the apparent indication by scale that the lady on display is a petite little thing who must have had an interesting time getting this in.

And just look at this solidly built honey!  I can't say that when wearing a glass plug I have that look of smug pride that she's beaming. I feel much more humbled by the experience. (I just wish these models would ditch those dumbass shoes!)


  1. I agree with ditching the shoes. And you have a lovely pic there- no old man ass vibes at all. Glad that its also not overgrown jumanji style. Do u Shave? (If u dont mind my asking).

    Im curious about glass plugs now. I might look into getting one.

    1. Why thank you, Fondles! When you're my age a remark like that means a lot coming from a young cutie like you. To answer your question.....which I do not mind at all......yes I do most certainly shave. I have a pretty insistent gene for being more hirsute than I would like and a buzzer and razor combo is the only thing keeping me from resembling a more primitive simian ancestor. LOL

      As for glass plugs? There are different kinds out there and my recommendation if you want to wear yours out and about, is to make sure the 'neck' is somehow well defined so as to avoid the thing popping out. Glass will break if it hits the ground from butt height. Some of the ones you see have a very subtle taper. Choose the more tear-dropped ones that resemble a glass version of an ace of spades. LOL

    2. that's quite a bit of info, thanks. I don't think i will wear it out, but i shall definitely keep these pointers in mind. (i haven't been called a young cutie in about 2 decades LOL).

    3. Really? Perhaps we're closer in age than I thought. You look young in your semi-discreet photos.

    4. Lol, i'm 45. and also, I hate to be so ignorant but going thru the blog to find out would take forever so i'm just going to ask - who is ana?

    5. You are a couple of years older than my Rosa and SEVERAL years younger than me. LOL! (I'm 58)

      Ana is Rosa's daughter and hence my step-daughter. She is a very smart, young adult and has been given genuine though somewhat supervised authority in our household for many years now. She is also a pretty regular visitor to this blog, an occasional contributor (she wrote several long essays published here on what it was like to grow up in a household where domestic discipline was a known policy. You can read one of her POV essays in the post "Inside a DD Family" which is featured in the right margin under 'Popular Posts') She is also an impish partner in crime, and a willing model for my "foot themes". I affectionately call her my Little Monster because she is quite petite but houses twice the mischief contained in the average person!

    6. That was such a good summary (?) / write up of a person. I am blown away by your efficiency n eloquence at once.

    7. Thank you.

      (have read my short stories, right?)

  2. Oh How Cute!! What a nice little Hiney!!! It should be severely disciplined for sure, with lots of welts, weals and, bruises. And then, a good rogering by a strict woman with a strap-on!

    1. Thanks JayJay.... I think? Lol

      And no problem as to your suggestion. Both things actually happened not that distanced in time from the taking of that shot. Not kidding.