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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


About a week ago or so, around Father's Day, Ana was teasing me that she was pondering a slip for me......but sort of playful in tone. Then some 'life' got in the way and before the slip was ever written out, I managed to drive my Little Monster crazy in almost the exact way I did Rosa: impatient pestering for attention. (And both hate when I do it!)

Not long after the pestering, the subject of the slip came up, and Ana was still interested in writing one out but was having a hard time with the 'reason'. So, we talked about stuff and after talking about how much my bouts of insecurity-driven pestering bother her for two reasons: 1. they are objectively annoying and interfere with whatever she is doing when these moods strike me, and 2. they suggest a lack of trust that I am "still loved" when it is patently obvious that I am. As a result, the "play slip" ended up turning into THIS ONE:

I did a little creative editing and obscuring of real names, but otherwise this is the slip Ana left for her Mom to deal with. 

I further promised Ana that at the moment this was to happen, I would voluntarily ask Rosa to make this a punishment I'd remember.  It was this past Saturday morning when Rosa suggested  we "take care of this" and I stuck to my promise. I told Rosa that I had had a long talk with Ana about the issue being addressed......and that it was not unlike the one Rosa and I just dealt with......and that I was prepared for this to be a serious punishment.  As is always the case with slips, Rosa put herself in the mindset of the person who issued the slip, and handled it accordingly. (She even added a few 'extra' to get the point across.)


  1. Replies
    1. Play can be fun but punishment is punishment. ;-)

    2. 400 was generous! The amount of times that KD needs to be reminded doesn’t do justice! Haha
      -Ana ;)

  2. "- - girl with a busy ______" (What?)

    Carl H

  3. I would find it embarrassing for my daughter to write a slip to Robyn telling her to spank me and the reason for the spanking, then her knowing it was happening.

    1. I think it helps that while we are very close and while we often share a very strong father/daughter relationship, Ana is not my 'actual' daughter and that allows us to be 'friends' in some things that could play out differently otherwise.

    2. At first, I think he was a little bit more embarrassed because it was new, but since we have a really good friendship it eases down the embarrassment compared if we were blood related- not that he doesn’t strongly blush haha
      -Ana :)

  4. Crimson Kid (C.K.)July 6, 2018 at 9:25 PM

    My experience is that girls (of any age) who have busy schedules often tend to be impatient themselves, notably if they're approached by a guy on the same issue multiple times.

    Unfortunately, most of them lack the authority to write a discipline notice and have the matter resolved rather severely yet fairly by another female--which likely would be better than letting it slowly reach a 'boiling point,' resulting in a verbal explosion.

    So those 400+ whacks were undoubtedly a favorable outcome for all involved... --C.K.

    1. I agree. I am still waiting to hear Ana's response to this post. Ana is aware the her slip was followed though and was not displeased.

      Thanks for commenting, C.K.

    2. Hello C.K.
      Sometimes it becomes hard to write the notes especially since I form during college and it usually happens in the begging or towards the middle of the week but whatever has to be dealt with has to be addressed! 400 was a good number for the situation but who is not to say that it’ll go higher next time ;)

    3. Well you've never been shy about high numbers! LOL