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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

'Sole' of a Monster

Last Wednesday I gave you all a sneak peak to a recent photo session primarily geared towards a holiday 'foot theme' featuring our resident Monster, Ana. In it I mentioned that we did take some other non-themed shots, one involving some handcuffs and a handcuff key chain, and a few featuring the often neglected sole. 

Since I've already posted the handcuff ones, today I am sharing a look at Ana's cute feet......from the underside. I only took three shots, and they all came out great, but because they were all very similar, what I did was play with some photo settings and filters to take the images in slightly different directions. 

Here's what I came up with:

Image 1, first version......a fairly straightforward handling of what i find to be a nice composition.

Here's a second version of that same shot using a cameo filter.

Image 2 is a tighter positioning with less visible leg.

Here is that same image softened and rendered without color.

Image 3 is sort of a blend of the first two poses. Even with minimal tweaking, this is a nice shot.

And here it is with a cameo filter and another filter effect giving a kind of  grittier feel.

So there you have it. Fans of Ana's feet need only wait a bit longer for a rather fun and colorful feature with a definite patriotic flavor.

Many thanks again to my lovely model. Without her these shots would never have been possible......or look nearly as pretty!


  1. I am a fan of the third picture for sure ;)

    1. With feet as cute as yours, it's perfectly understandable to be a fan of yourself!

      Me? This is one time I can't pick a favorite. Each one has its own special charm.

  2. Replies
    1. Ana says you nailed it! You must be a foot expert. LOL

  3. You got it right!! ;)

  4. The third one is my favorite.