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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July thoughts

So my month of voluntary dares is officially over and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it all. On one hand I definitely enjoyed having my most loyal readers getting a chance to toss an idea my way and then doing my best to oblige. And so in that regard, I would have to say those specific interactions with those of you who participated were very positive. So….thanks!

I was going to do a bit of a mini-review of each one but decided to just look at the whole month as an experimental adventure and not get too caught up in specifics.  I’m also not sure if I’m going to do another one of these months next year, but that is a long way off and I may end up changing my mind several times before next July arrives.

One aspect of “Jackass July” that didn’t surprise me was the extreme ratio of female to male contributors. I sort of guessed that a female would be more willing to dare a male to do something than another male. And that was fine. Makes total sense. But on the other hand, I thought the dares in conjunction with the posts on embarrassment in general would have prompted more discussion or personal revelation on the issue of embarrassment from both genders, and that didn’t really happen. I guess people are more reluctant to discuss the issue than I imagined.

Another thing that I didn’t expect was dealing with feelings not just centered on my own sense of embarrassment over some of the images, but a kind of worry that perhaps some were too “out there” for the blog. But since none of the posts got any critical comments to that effect, I guess it wasn’t as big a deal as I thought it might be.

Either way, it’s not like this is going to be a continuing feature, and I will soon be back to posting the usual array of topics that I have tackled in the past, so if anyone WAS turned off by anything, they won’t have to worry going forward.

As for my personal 'goal’ in trying to elicit a certain response in myself? That too was a mixed bag, with some dares being more fun than embarrassing and others being more challenging than embarrassing. But that too makes sense. Anyway, besides learning a few things, I definitely enjoyed the run…………………. and I hope you all did too. 

Thanks again to all who contributed and special thanks to my Monster, Ana, for acting as referee for the event as well as my camera person for the video. ( And now back to our regularly scheduled program.)

Friday, July 27, 2018

Squid Dare #2

Yes, TWO POSTS in one day! 

Anyway, the second squid dare deals with an entirely different kind of embarrassment: the revealing of a major modesty center, not only in its 'natural' state, but while "plugged' with a very large intruder, AND after.........showing the world the sad, sore result of having something that big stretching you out! So, since you've already seen the insertion process, here are the actual dare pictures:


"DURING". (You have to wear a harness with a bullet-shaped plug or it will just drop....or shoot....out of you as soon as you move.)

And "AFTER". (and don't think I'm not blushing as I contemplate having to hit the "Publish" button with this photo!)

Just to let those of you less familiar with large plugs know, the body does a heluva quick job recovering from stuff and the immediate raw-looking result of being plugged is quite temporary. Sometimes if the plug has been worn for a long time, there will be some residual tenderness even the next day, but normally you're 'back to normal' pretty quickly. (But.....that still doesn't mean that being seen this way is any less embarrassing!)

And with that, I am now all caught up with the dares issued to me! I hope everyone had a good time having their dares followed. (I would think it's at least a little cool having someone obey an embarrassing command from afar. LOL)

[ Next week I will discuss the dares in general......and specifically in terms of how they impacted me......physically and emotionally.]

Squid dare #1

Well the month is quickly drawing to a close and I still owe one special monster a couple of dares. (Though her first "non-squid" one was definitely embarrassing all on its own!) Since both dares involve the squid, I sort of did them together but I will present them here as two separate dares since they revolve around two distinctly separate "issues": the first being the effect the squid has on my "front end", and the second being the effect it has on my "back end".

As I've shown in past posts the squid is not a small anal intruder:

As such I have to be slow and careful inserting it. As I've gotten older and my back has gotten stiffer, I came up with a little technique involving Rosa's "Queening Chair" and an old car jack. Basically it allows me to sit relatively comfortably and with slow, progressive turns of the jack handle, insert the squid in a pretty safe and controlled way. In order to enhance the dare, I included some images of the system in action so as to give context to the effect of the squid on my 'not-that-huge-to start-with' member.

So here is Squid Dare#1:

I took a sort of "before shot" for reference. I was already a bit nervous and so I did not start out in any state of arousal.....just regular old me. Here you can also see the opening of the queening chair from above.

A bit dark and grainy, but doing stuff like this solo is not easy. Here is the squid just starting to enter me from below. You can see the top of the jack in the bottom of the picture.

Once the squid started to make its way into my bottom, you can already see me "shrinking in defeat".

Again very grainy, but still pretty solid evidence for me being fully penetrated by the squid. The jack is now easily visible.

And here is the embarrassing final result! I took this from a different angle otherwise you'd just see a tiny button-nub. 

And one final angle truly showing me in an utterly defeated state. 

I wrote a story years ago about my 'weakness' called "The Mushroom Effect" (click to read)
wherein  I describe the feelings I have about having this "shrinking-from-being-anally-impaled" issue. It revolves around all the thoughts men deal with in being submissive and contradicts a lot of fiction that depicts even submissive and anally impaled men still being excited enough to sport huge erections even as they are violated from behind. Not me! I feel like my  body reads the anal penetration as physical proof of something more "alpha" having put me in my place. And in the case of this dare, I guess this time it was Ana......via a giant squid!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Yesterday Ana told me that she had not realized I had posted her "Edge Dare" photo and said that now knowing it was up, she would definitely leave a comment......which she did. And I have to say, this dare was a blush-inducer! So, being freshly embarrassed and with "Jackass July" nearing its end, I thought I'd talk a bit about embarrassment in general. 

Besides being something a bit different and out there, “Jackass July” has also prompted me to delve more deeply into what types of situations cause me to genuinely blush with a fluttering stomach versus those that just have a sort of superficial challenge to them. Now I could see how people might think that because I am so 'out there' with bold suggestions for stuff and because I seem fairly comfortable with stuff that others would find embarrassing, that I must be immune to ever being embarrassed. And to be honest? It IS hard to get me to blush. A lot of stuff just doesn't faze me the way it would for someone else. But, let me assure you, that I CAN and DO feel embarrassed with certain things in certain circumstances.

It has only occurred to me recently, however, due to some situations that triggered feelings of true embarrassment that I have not felt in a long time, that there must be some needed elements to produce a reaction.  I mentally re-traced the key events from my past that left a lasting impression on me and found that there were indeed specific patterns that I had not realized before.

The first is the easiest to explain and revolves around those times when I felt compelled for various reasons, to reveal my kinkier side to someone close, but whose reaction I could not predict. The first of these were times when I was involved with someone, and things were going well, and I knew that to be honest, I had to confess my true nature. These occurrences went back to my first serious girlfriend and ended with me revealing my nature to Rosa. But the last of these types of confessions were the two separate conversations I had with my Mother that I have written about before ( Unexpected Support). Early on there was also a conversation like this with a school friend with whom I was not involved but who was the selected candidate for a very unique spanking dare. That story is also told in more detail here: “Double Dare”.

And while I doubt I need to explain in any great detail why the aforementioned ‘confession’ scenarios would be embarrassing, it is interesting that the events described in “Double Dare” also touch directly upon the second type of embarrassing situation for me, and that is the one that warrants some explanation.

As I've explained to others, 'dress-up' regardless of what it is (feminine, sissy, animal, baby, etc.) doesn't bother me much. To me it's just Halloween on a different day. But there are a few other things that are very precise that get me. 

One instance of this happened when I was probably about 21 or 22 in my story "Double Dare". And despite having happened more than 30 years ago, it is still a strong memory. To be brief, I was in a situation of my own making where a school colleague from my Graduate school agreed to co-dominate me with my then girlfriend. I knew all along what was going to happen and was even looking forward to it. But when it was time for it actually happen, the two ladies just took over control and told me to strip right there in front of them. And they did it like, "let's move!" For someone who used to routinely moon people and do naked stuff with friends on occasion, I was shocked at how embarrassed I got. Obviously it wasn’t the mere nudity that got to me, it was not being the one to direct the conditions for it. 

Although in my case I was totally naked, I liked the retro feel of this shot.......and it isn't too far off from what actually happened.

A milder example of this was when I was on a camping trip with my then girlfriend and several other friends from college. It was morning and we could just hear a few people stirring in their tents. I had brought along this Vietnam-era hat like the one Colonel Kilgore wore in “Apocalypse Now” as a sort of gag prop. I got the idea that it might be funny to don the hat, sunglasses, and camping boots…...and nothing else…….and go about waking everyone up like a crazed Drill Sergeant. I already had a reputation for mooning dares and stuff like that, so it wasn’t a huge leap. 

I certainly did my share of college dares!

When I mentioned my idea to my girlfriend, instead of talking me out of it, she snickeringly agreed. So I hastily got myself ready and got to the flap of the tent when I realized just who was out there and how between a bit of nervousness and the chilly temperature, I was not exactly impressive down below and the girls in the group would easily notice that. No one was going to see me and think “oh wow, what a he-man!” So I froze thinking maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. But my girlfriend, who was already used to dominating me, wasn’t having it. She said, “go on! This was your idea, now get out there,” all with a half smile/half ‘too bad’ expression. So I went……...and I felt the wave of blush and flutter as I did.  To be honest, once out there I just drummed up a cocky persona and went with the situation. And for a long time my hat-wearing alter ego was given the name “Colonel Rooster”. I heard about that for years after! One close female friend did indeed tease me later about precisely what I had been concerned about with jokes about there “not being much to see” and it obviously “must have been a cold morning”. 

Robert Duvall as Colonel Kilgore. My hat was a bit different but you get the idea.

Given how most of my future encounters went, I rarely got to experience this feeling often. I was either in the presence of someone I was involved with, OR if I was among others, I was the one in control of the situation. Like streaking through a yard or going skinny-dipping. The only time this sort of exposure ever embarrassed me was on a couple of occasions where the decision to skinny-dip or the 'dare to bare' came from someone else and unexpectedly coincided with me also being locked up. Naturally there was a whole new aspect to getting naked when it meant clearly revealing to a friend or friends how my private parts were secured and controlled. 

I recall two separate occasions, one was a dare and the other just a suggestion for a group "skinny-dip" where I was locked for all to see. About a year ago it almost happened again, but weather and pool conditions prevented it.

One other time in later years, I went to a doctor for what I thought was going to be just a consultation only to find out I was going to undergo one of the most embarrassing exams ever: a urodynamics test (probes on and in my butt, a catheter in my penis, and my feet up in stirrups on an exam table)......not only with a female technician helping out......but with having some residual marks on my butt from a spanking the day before, which I could swear she noticed and smiled over. Again all unexpected and out of my control.

A urodynamics test. There are also patches and probes on your butt!

Now while these stories may all  look different on the surface, there is a consistent theme, and when I started thinking about the key moments that made me blush and stayed in my memory, I realized: they all revolved around being somehow exposed to someone I sort of knew but with whom I was not "involved", at a time when I was not being presented "at my best" (possibly more vulnerable?), and in a way that was partially or totally out of my control. It also added a lot if my exposure seemed more significant to me than to the other person, kind of like when a mother needs to perform some task on their kid that requires the baring of some modesty center and while the kid is mortified, the mother is just being practical. I guess it’s like a feeling of me of being casually regarded at a time when I would expect a bigger deal to be made.

So that was the essence of my recent self-evaluation. When measured against some of the things from Jackass July thus far, there are definitely ones which touched on these crucial elements more than others, but even if a particular dare was not the most embarrassing thing in the world to do, at the very least, they were all fun! And after I finish the month ....and the two "squid dares"......I might give a sort of personal review of which dares got to me the most.

Monday, July 23, 2018


I'm taking a break from dares, politics, and even from personal anecdotes to feature something that is so rare in this world: a living thing you can always rely on.

Now we all know even our closest friends and dearest loved ones let us down now and then. It's just the way life is. Some people find they can rely on the love of pets, but let's face it, even they will occasionally pee on a rug and drive people crazy. If nothing else their lifespans break hearts as they start to get old and sick just as folks become so attached to them.

Not so hemerocallis! (more on hemerocallis) As the years go by they get stronger and bigger and if anything spread to a point where you are sharing them with friends. They are hardy to most areas, get no diseases, bloom reliably, and with all of the current cultivars, offer choices that are astounding.

What started as a plain, tall, orange, roadside wildflower, is now a plant that can resemble the most exotic orchids.

They are hardy, resilient, and handle adversity better than most anything. They have the toughness of a weed......but with a pretty face! If there is a downside, it is only that their bloom season lasts just a few weeks, but if you have several varieties, you can stretch that out as some bloom earlier or later than others. Still others will put on a second show after a few weeks. They are the "re-blooming daylilies".

My garden is full of them and I'm writing this as their season is just winding down. This is sort of my sentimental 'farewell until next year'. I do have a few still going strong, but many have exhausted their stash of single-day blooms (hence the term "daylily").

One view of my remaining daylilies still putting on quite a show.

And what I appreciate about the timing of these beauties, is that they are considerate enough to hang on just long enough for my zinnias to have taken over! If daylilies are my "perennial" heroes.......zinnias are surely my "annual" heroes, and both seem polite enough to share the spotlight with a perfectly divided season, with just the slightest of overlap.

So, thank you, my colorful friends, for another wonderful year! I need not even harbor the slightest doubt you'll be back again next year, bigger and better. And how many things can you say that about?

Friday, July 20, 2018

Un-PC thought

Anyone who knows me understands I am no advocate of violence against women, but when I saw this:

......I couldn't help but think that the person who produced it must have never seen a press conference with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, listened to a Kellyanne Conway interview, or heard Shakira sing. (Just saying.)

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Edge dare

I've written before about how Rosa suggests or allows the occasional lengthy tease when I'm home without her. The teases are a double-edged sword.....with emphasis on the "edge". On one hand they allow me to touch myself in a way that I am not normally permitted, but while the touching is fun for a while, having to stop before orgasm occurs results in a VERY frustrated state.

Though alone when doing these teases, it's very hard for me not to imagine the situation more like this.

Anyway, one of my dares was to post a shot of myself at the moment when one more touch would have sent me to an accidental and unpermitted 'explosion'. And to honor that dare, here is just such a shot from a rather recent teasing excursion.

So ready to 'go' and no green light to do so. Heart-breaking!

And unless something new comes along, I believe there are just two dares to go......both involving the "squid-dare" offers I made initially and Ana suggested I do. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Piggy dare

True funny story: yesterday our kids announced they all had work in the evening or were going out. After dropping one off, I mentioned to Rosa on our way home that we could maybe have a little adult fun since we'd have some rare privacy.......but first, I suggested that we take just a few, quick minutes and take the piggy dare shot requested by sissysnow. 

Rosa agreed, and since there were already leftover dishes from dinner, the timing was perfect. The only thing was she wished to not have her face show in this particular shot. (You can see her face in plenty of other places on the blog.....including our avatar.) She is still in the active work force, unlike old, retired me. LOL

I got 'dressed', popped in my piggy-tail plug, and greeted my Honey who had added a few fresh cherries to the dinner plate. Using a selfie stick we got a few shots and literally about 5 minutes after, our eldest came home! Had he stepped in just minutes earlier, he would have walked in on quite a scene! Eventually he went back out, but we never expected him to show up when he did.

Anyway, here are two shots. The high angle is because we have a window on each side and every time I tried to take a shot I'd have the image ruined with excess backlighting.

(images eventually removed)

A  piggy with a selfie stick. You can see Rosa's lap and cute sandalled feet. (The nipple clips are pink piggy heads!)

Unfortunately I couldn't get the tail in the shot, but I assure you it was stuck right where you'd expect!

After the piggy shots I pampered my Honey and even gave her an "O"! (She also gave me one after a lot of teasing.) It was a good evening.....AND another dare is checked off the list! I hope you like it, sissysnow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

RED, White, & Blue

Today I'm going to take a little break from dares and talk about something that is just making me simultaneously sick and gleeful: yesterday's Trump/Putin press conference.

On one hand, hearing a president side with a proven, hostile, foreign power over his own country makes me want to vomit. But every cloud has a silver lining, and this one certainly does for me. 

I grew up constantly hearing arch-conservatives rail against anything even remotely "communist". "BETTER DEAD THAN RED". Remember?  But now all that has apparently changed. Your daddies were all wrong! The loyal 30% who support Trump in everything he says and does, and who for decades decried communism and Russia as the epitome of anti-Americanism are now forced to swallow all that apparent nonsense and happily kneel alongside their orange-haired boy for a nice long slurp of Russian ass.......from taint to tailbone. (I hope it goes down like broken glass.) And just to complete the image for me......could y'all please sing "Proud to be an American" between licks? (and  be sure to tell us later exactly what Russian ass tastes like? caviar? borscht? treason? )

And after "y'all" capture that nice Russian-ass flavor in your Duck Dynasty beards, you can hop back into those big 'ol 4x4 sporting not only one of these:

......but one of these:  

......right alongside, so you dump the Coors lite out of your coolers and replace it with some nice vodka, and go fishin' with your comrades.  I suppose I can see how you good ol' boys got confused since the flag your daddies hated looked like this: 

.....and the new one waving on your Chevy is good ol' "red, white, & blue".......just like Trump and you. But it's all good. Your man knows what he's doing, right? He's a 'stable genius' after all. And he's there for YOU. He is Making America Great  strong communist at a time.  LOL.  And maybe when all this is over, you guys can solve the age old question:

'How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Russian conspiracy?'

Putin is all bent over and waiting, so go to it. Your president is ready and eager. Are you?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Fondles' Dare

Fondles's dare was all about the embarrassment of self-spanking. And I can say that there is definitely a good blend of embarrassment....along with a decent amount of sting in doing one.

Unfortunately I may not be as adorable as this young lady, but I did my best!

I enlisted my Little Monster, Ana, as my camera person, and also as my witness to keep me 'honest'. (which she took full advantage of as you'll see.) So here it is:

Videos eventually removed

There you have it! And while I can't say "no male subs were injured in the making of this film"....(because my butt is definitely sore right now. LOL) I can say that no make-up was used to get that color! Also for any sticklers for detail, yes, if you count the strokes, there ARE more than 21.......but that was a combination of trying to get the cut/flow right between 'takes'......AND relying on my mischievous Monster on when to stop. And she fully admitted afterwards, with a grin, that she definitely knew she was having me go past 21! (Would you expect anything else from someone who routinely assigns punishments in the hundreds?)

So hopefully Fondles will appreciate our film making effort. And I can honestly say this is the FIRST TIME I've had an actual kinky video of myself put online!  

Special thanks to Fondles for a very different dare, and to my Monster, for being such an impish assistant. Next up will be sissysnow's piggy dare, but that is going to depend on a lot of factors so it may not be up right away.....but Rosa DID agree to participate. I also think my Monster is going to be making a couple of Jackass July suggestions herself.....but I will wait for her actual comments before saying anything more. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Merry's Clean-up

It's nearly 10:00 pm and Rosa and I have just settled down after hosting our "second" wedding reception for a small group of close friends at our home, very much the way we did the initial reception with our two sets of kids. So we did a little bit of clean-up and are now relaxing and winding down for the evening, The rest of the clean-up can wait until tomorrow.

So after I sat down to my lap-top to check things out, I saw Merry's  comment about wanting to see the 'clean-up' shots from her special "birthday dare". And I figured....."WTF? Clean-up/clean-up. Perfect. Why not just post the pictures now? I already have them stored and it won't take long..........annnnnnnnnnnd doing so perfectly fits in with the self-effacing  flavor of "Jackass July", especially as I will explore in more detail in an upcoming post on "embarrassment". 

So without further ado, here are two shots of the the aftermath of Merry's dare:

First up, the immediate mess left from keeping a half gallon of ice cream nestled in my crotch on a warm, Summer day for as long as it took to place all of the French fry 'candles', and then take all of the pictures. I've never claimed to possess a groin-rooted anaconda in the first place.......but factor in a frozen chunk of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream sitting on what little I had to start with and can (barely) see for yourself that this is certainly not a photo any guy would use as a bragging point.

I then hit said nubbin with a good dose of the garden hose I kept within reach for that purpose. It did a fine job of washing away the melted goo, but little to alter the pathetic miniaturized state I was in! And though it's hard to see in the photo,( as is almost everything), there was a very noticeable rosy pinkness to my chilled parts very akin to how one's ears look after shoveling snow. 

So as far as the impact "Jackass July" may have on me? There is nothing about these two shots that any guy would be anything other than embarrassed about. And I am no exception. Posting these 'aftermath photos' is far more embarrassing to me than the cute dare that preceded them. So ladies, feel free to giggle, and guys..........consider this a little  something to make you feel better about yourselves! LOL
(Unless, of course, you are even smaller, in which have my sympathy!)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Birthday, Merry

Well today's the day and here I am to wish one of my most loyal readers a very "Merry Birthday" per her requested "Jackass July" Dare. As lovely as the cake above is, that's NOT what mischievous Merry was after at all. What she requested was more like this:

Chillin' (literally) in my backyard.....with my son's pool beer pong raft in the background!

And from the other angle, proving I am actually outside as requested.

An aerial close-up proving also that there are indeed 57 French fry 'candles'. (you can try counting them) ;-) It was not easy getting them to stick.

As I mentioned in my "First Dare" post a couple of days ago, I do have some other embarrassing shots from the 'clean-up' after the main party.......but since I didn't hear back from Merry, I just went with these.

So, Happy Birthday, Merry! I hope you have a great day and year, and hope my little morning greeting started it off with a smile. All the best, Dear!


{ Any latecomers to the "Jackass July" dare-month should scroll back to the end of June to the "Kinky Jackass" post and others following it to get in on the action before time runs out!}

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Julie's Dare

"Anybody got a light?"

Well, as promised, I honored "Strict Julie's" dare this morning since the Little Monster came home from a day of errands last night and handed me a tampon!

So after breakfast, off I went to do an interesting insertion. Now my butt is quite experienced in handling intruders of various girths, so inserting a tampon was no problem.....but I think the issue at play here is what is being inserted. It's a feminine hygiene thing and I think women in general (and Ms. Julie in particular) seem to enjoy giving guys a little taste of what they go through every month......even if it means resorting to a different orifice!

"Orifice". What a great word. I love the way it sounds and what it means. I love orifices! And as dares go I thought that for me, the edgy part of this one was knowing that showing off the tampon string ALSO meant revealing to the general audience what my usually hidden little pucker actually looks like. In the past, shots here have been mostly cheeky.......with the occasional plug shot, and those sort of obscure the pucker more than show it off. So this was new territory for me on this blog. And I suppose I could have just shown a 'cheek shot' with the little white string dangling down between them, and technically have honored the dare. But since the whole point of "Jackass July" is revealing things openly that actually DO move my embarrassment needle, I decided to be bold.

So, I took a bunch of shots that range from cute&corny, to flagrant exposure, ensuring that viewers of differing tastes could find something they preferred. Here they are, enjoy the ones you like, skip the ones you don't:

We start with the most innocent of the bunch. For all anyone knows I could be just standing there with a white cord tucked between my buns. But, you all know I'd never cheat like that.

And just in case you doubt me......this shot should remove any doubt as to what's at the other end of that string. (And 'yes', I shaved for you guys. No way was I going to be this exposed and not be tidy!)

This shot was admittedly accidental, but I like the way it turned out. It takes something perverse and makes it kind of artsy. 

image eventually removed 

And lastly a bit of mugging for the camera. I thought that I should include a shot that had both the string and my face in it so that there could be no doubt that I actually did the dare and didn't just select images from the Internet and say it was me. LOL

So, Julie, I hope you are satisfied with how I went about honoring your dare. And I hope the rest of you enjoyed at least part of this little adventure. Tomorrow we will be celebrating Merry's birthday in a very unique way so be sure to drop by and wish her well!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

First Dare

With Friday the 13th only days away, it was time to get my butt moving on Merry's dare. Today was the perfect day for it, and so I got my supplies together and got busy.

I found a spot in my yard where I would be able to get decent light without a lot of indecent exposure. (Just prior to "Naked Gardening Day" I did a little research as to the legality of being naked in one's own backyard and found, to my surprise, that the law is sort of weird on it. Technically it all comes down to visibility. If you can be naked without being seen by a neighbor, even from a window, bare that ass and rub on the sunscreen, but if anyone can see you, and doesn't like what they see, you can be reported and charged. AND, if a MINOR sees you? HOLY CRAP! So be prudent in your lack of prudery. It was the main reason I didn't go all out for Naked Gardening Day this year!) Fortunately I had just such a spot near one of my sheds and rear fence.

I set all all the things I'd need on a table within reach and unwrapped the towel I had around me so I could assemble Merry's "Birthday Sundae". There were some things I learned:

1: A half gallon of ice cream seems a lot colder atop a bare crotch than in one's mouth.

2: A half gallon of ice cream doesn't leave a lot of space for "candles".

3: French fries.....even ones I baked longer than usual for crispness....are not that easy to stick into cold ice cream.

4: Selfie sticks don't always work. (I missed some good shots and had to re-take them. Good thing I checked before cleaning up!)

Anyway, the good news is that I was successful in honoring the parameters of Merry's dare and I will post the requested shot on Friday, her birthday.....unless she comments that she wants it sooner! LOL

I also tried to take a shot of me wrapped in my towel holding up the supplies before getting down to business, but those were part of the ones that didn't come out. I also took shots of 'the aftermath'....prior to hosing off, and after.  (Amazing what effect a lapful of ice cream can have on the male anatomy when left there long enough to insert 57 French fries and take a round of selfies!) However, since these were not requested I won't post them unless Merry asks me to.


Other dare status: Ana has been very busy but recently managed to reply to a couple of the comments from Fondles and Julie. ( See last post, "Jackass July" ).  She has decided that we would go with the higher of Fondles' suggestions for the self-spanking and she will also instruct me on which implement I am to use for them. That video might take some time to complete, but it should definitely be up by the end of this month. And Ana is also going to be supplying me with the tampon for Julie's dare. That one, since it is relatively simple to execute, will be posted shortly after I receive the needed supplies.

Any other requests may still be submitted before the end of this month......even if someone wants to 'enter' more than once. Even if I or Ana decline a dare, doesn't mean we hold the suggestion against anyone, so don't be shy. And please don't let my unpleasant exchange with "Jean" spook you. I have very definite reasons for why I responded as I did, which anyone can verify with a scroll back to the post I cited. 

But if I sort of 'know' you from here or the 'blogosphere' and your suggestion is given in the spirit intended by this whole thing, by all means submit it. There's still more than half of July left!

{Edited to add: After receiving sissysnow's dare, I realized that it is very hard for people to know what I may have laying around and what I would have to go out and buy......which is not really practical for my budget right now. So, I thought of the things I have laying around that I don't think I have posted pictures of before and figured I'd give you all a list of possibilities (other than the stuff you come up with on your own). I own a homemade KTB "spiked tube", pouch panties from merely feminine to downright frilly, a maid's apron, enema gear, various plugs...including the dreaded 'squid', a urethral 'sound' insert, clips of various types (though as I said, pure pain dares are not what this is about), the piggy "stuff" mentioned in my reply to sissysnow, a spiked seating pad that results in 'butt dimples', a queening chair, a strap-on dildo, and there is something else but I need to talk to Ana before I post what it is. Anyway, maybe this list will prompt some "doable" non-costly dares? Use your imaginations! }

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jackass July

I hope everyone had a great 4th. We certainly did. And it was a whirlwind going from wedding to fireworks with hardly a breath in-between. Before going into my update on "Jackass July" I just wanted to share this post-July 4th picture I found that I just find so adorable:

Young, patriotic, Lesbian love. So sweet!

Now, onto the status of the dares so far. As of the initial sacrifice of my personal pride for the month of July, I have gotten two from Fondles and one from Merry. I will now say that both of these dares WILL be done and eventually posted. (I also want to officially say to Fondles that from reading your blog I know you have a little bit of a Top streak in you .....despite being primarily submissive with BIKSS. So, since YOU asked for a bit of public self-spanking, and since I will be honoring that request, it would only make sense that you get the honor of deciding how many smacks that self-spanking should consist of. Just leave a comment with your recommendation.)

Also, I will admit being a bit surprised that no one seems to be interested in the two "squid-related" dares I volunteered. (To re-cap, one dare would be a fore and aft shot of me and Mr. Squid, showing him in place and the embarrassing effect of his presence on my 'front'. The second would be a 'before', 'during', and 'after' shot of my bottom prior to the squid going in, in, and how wearing him affects me back there.) I am still willing to do these revealing sequences as well......but ONLY if some reader comments to that effect. Otherwise, the offer expires at the end of July. And just to throw it out there as a teaser for what these dares would mean for yours truly, here is a shot of the 'squid' hanging out next to a standard beer can for an idea of just how challenging this red menace is:

Yep, that's what would be impaling my hinder for the general amusement of those interested.

Lastly, keep in mind that if you missed the initial post and want to get in on the fun, you have until the end of this month to submit your dare via a comment. (you can check the post, "Kinky Jackass" for the official information/rules for submitting dares.)

So, there it is. Hopefully, once I hear from Fondles, you will be seeing my requested video as soon as it can be arranged, and once we get closer to her birthday, you'll be seeing my photo for Merry.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and as promised, today I am going to finally post the main body of images from the photo shoot with Ana. Naturally the theme was geared towards this great holiday and features patriotic elements from various sources so that any appreciative viewer can salute our country and Ana's the same time:

Flag, feet, and a filter!

Same pose but without all the gimmicks.

Flag-waving with prehensile toes.

Toes with star quality.

A closer perspective.

I love this one!


Only thing missing is fireworks!

A slightly noir take on Captain America's shield.

Ana with her favorite hero.


Using his shield to fend off a toe-attack.......though I can't understand why he would want to!

Many thanks again to my lovely model, Ana, and wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday, with my main wish being for greater unity in a time when divisions seem more important than solidarity.