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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Edge dare

I've written before about how Rosa suggests or allows the occasional lengthy tease when I'm home without her. The teases are a double-edged sword.....with emphasis on the "edge". On one hand they allow me to touch myself in a way that I am not normally permitted, but while the touching is fun for a while, having to stop before orgasm occurs results in a VERY frustrated state.

Though alone when doing these teases, it's very hard for me not to imagine the situation more like this.

Anyway, one of my dares was to post a shot of myself at the moment when one more touch would have sent me to an accidental and unpermitted 'explosion'. And to honor that dare, here is just such a shot from a rather recent teasing excursion.

So ready to 'go' and no green light to do so. Heart-breaking!

And unless something new comes along, I believe there are just two dares to go......both involving the "squid-dare" offers I made initially and Ana suggested I do. 


  1. Oh you poor poor thing. Has Rosa ever asked for a specific number of strokes? At a speed she decides?

    1. No, specificity doesn't seem to be her thing. She is more about obedience I suppose. So it's more like "have yourself a nice tease, but no "o"!"

      When we are together and she does the tease/deny cycle, she isn't too mean. Usually just a couple stops and starts but then she seems to just WANT me to finally have my "O".

      (She's a stickler on some things and a softy on others.)

  2. Replies
    1. Honey, it's not like I have a faucet on my weiner! ;-) Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes perhaps it just gets blended with the lotion from the teasing.

      I used to 'leak' more in the past. actually. I wonder f my body somehow adapted to less frequent ejaculations by producing less fluid?

  3. It can be put up a notch, I don’t think you’ve sufferings enough ;) maybe more intense, more length... I’ll think about it for next time

    1. I'm sure these heart-breaking teases "could" be worse, but the one that led to that photo was pretty freakin' bad. LOL Still, if anyone had the evil mind to make things worse, it would have to be you, you Monster! ;-)