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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

First Dare

With Friday the 13th only days away, it was time to get my butt moving on Merry's dare. Today was the perfect day for it, and so I got my supplies together and got busy.

I found a spot in my yard where I would be able to get decent light without a lot of indecent exposure. (Just prior to "Naked Gardening Day" I did a little research as to the legality of being naked in one's own backyard and found, to my surprise, that the law is sort of weird on it. Technically it all comes down to visibility. If you can be naked without being seen by a neighbor, even from a window, bare that ass and rub on the sunscreen, but if anyone can see you, and doesn't like what they see, you can be reported and charged. AND, if a MINOR sees you? HOLY CRAP! So be prudent in your lack of prudery. It was the main reason I didn't go all out for Naked Gardening Day this year!) Fortunately I had just such a spot near one of my sheds and rear fence.

I set all all the things I'd need on a table within reach and unwrapped the towel I had around me so I could assemble Merry's "Birthday Sundae". There were some things I learned:

1: A half gallon of ice cream seems a lot colder atop a bare crotch than in one's mouth.

2: A half gallon of ice cream doesn't leave a lot of space for "candles".

3: French fries.....even ones I baked longer than usual for crispness....are not that easy to stick into cold ice cream.

4: Selfie sticks don't always work. (I missed some good shots and had to re-take them. Good thing I checked before cleaning up!)

Anyway, the good news is that I was successful in honoring the parameters of Merry's dare and I will post the requested shot on Friday, her birthday.....unless she comments that she wants it sooner! LOL

I also tried to take a shot of me wrapped in my towel holding up the supplies before getting down to business, but those were part of the ones that didn't come out. I also took shots of 'the aftermath'....prior to hosing off, and after.  (Amazing what effect a lapful of ice cream can have on the male anatomy when left there long enough to insert 57 French fries and take a round of selfies!) However, since these were not requested I won't post them unless Merry asks me to.


Other dare status: Ana has been very busy but recently managed to reply to a couple of the comments from Fondles and Julie. ( See last post, "Jackass July" ).  She has decided that we would go with the higher of Fondles' suggestions for the self-spanking and she will also instruct me on which implement I am to use for them. That video might take some time to complete, but it should definitely be up by the end of this month. And Ana is also going to be supplying me with the tampon for Julie's dare. That one, since it is relatively simple to execute, will be posted shortly after I receive the needed supplies.

Any other requests may still be submitted before the end of this month......even if someone wants to 'enter' more than once. Even if I or Ana decline a dare, doesn't mean we hold the suggestion against anyone, so don't be shy. And please don't let my unpleasant exchange with "Jean" spook you. I have very definite reasons for why I responded as I did, which anyone can verify with a scroll back to the post I cited. 

But if I sort of 'know' you from here or the 'blogosphere' and your suggestion is given in the spirit intended by this whole thing, by all means submit it. There's still more than half of July left!

{Edited to add: After receiving sissysnow's dare, I realized that it is very hard for people to know what I may have laying around and what I would have to go out and buy......which is not really practical for my budget right now. So, I thought of the things I have laying around that I don't think I have posted pictures of before and figured I'd give you all a list of possibilities (other than the stuff you come up with on your own). I own a homemade KTB "spiked tube", pouch panties from merely feminine to downright frilly, a maid's apron, enema gear, various plugs...including the dreaded 'squid', a urethral 'sound' insert, clips of various types (though as I said, pure pain dares are not what this is about), the piggy "stuff" mentioned in my reply to sissysnow, a spiked seating pad that results in 'butt dimples', a queening chair, a strap-on dildo, and there is something else but I need to talk to Ana before I post what it is. Anyway, maybe this list will prompt some "doable" non-costly dares? Use your imaginations! }


  1. just scrolled back to find where this dare thread started. interesting. the squid looks mighty painful. i shudder thinking what it takes to insert it
    everyones kinks will be different. joes random stranger dare for example. that kind of thing was a fantasy of mine for years before i met my wife. i told her about my kinky side early in our relationship. she told friends about this weirdo she met. her friends knew about me when we met. so while strangers we were all aware and consenting before anything happened.

    you ask that dares come from people you know. ive commented infrequently so i may end up in the dont know you category.

    embaressing for me so ill dare you to

    pics of you in a baby bonnet baby bib soother attached enjoying a jar of baby mush. if the outfit contunued to a baby dress or top ajd diapers even better



    1. Welcome, sissysnow. I don't recall you commenting before but I find your dare innocent enough. The only thing is Rosa and I don't do baby-play and all of our kids are adults, so I don't own any of the things you mentioned and am reluctant to spend money on things I'll never use again. So, sorry, but feel free to try again.

      For the record, I would not find that very embarrassing. I am very into Halloween and dress-up and for me it would just be a costume. Nothing sexual. Nothing embarrassing. I do see enough things on the Internet though to know that "Adult Baby" is a huge thing for some I don't fault anyone for feeling differently.

    2. Sissysnow: Hey, after I replied I thought I'd offer you an alternative: Rosa and I are obviously very much into "piggy-stuff". If you are into dress-up, we do own a piggy nose, ears, piggy nipple clips, and even a piggy-tail butt plug. If you would like me to post some pics dressed like that, it would be something I never posted here before. Up to you?

    3. piggy / any animal play can be fun in the right circumstance. my wife sometimes has me act out that im a dog. makes me sleep in a kennel.

      would you go one step further to not just dress as piggy but eat the table scraps from Rosa's plate while you are pigged out?

    4. Let me ask her, I think she'll be cool with that. If she doesn't feel like playing though, would Ana be an acceptable substitute?

    5. of course. its not so much where it came from rather that your meal is table scraps. its highly embaressing for me to cook serve and clean up and all i get are the left overs from other peoples plates

      thanks for the consideration


  2. OMG!!! I laughed so hard reading your description about the ice cream birthday challenge!
    Thank you so much for making me a happy woman ❤️

    1. You're very welcome! It was definitely one of the more interesting dares I've gotten.