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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jackass July

I hope everyone had a great 4th. We certainly did. And it was a whirlwind going from wedding to fireworks with hardly a breath in-between. Before going into my update on "Jackass July" I just wanted to share this post-July 4th picture I found that I just find so adorable:

Young, patriotic, Lesbian love. So sweet!

Now, onto the status of the dares so far. As of the initial sacrifice of my personal pride for the month of July, I have gotten two from Fondles and one from Merry. I will now say that both of these dares WILL be done and eventually posted. (I also want to officially say to Fondles that from reading your blog I know you have a little bit of a Top streak in you .....despite being primarily submissive with BIKSS. So, since YOU asked for a bit of public self-spanking, and since I will be honoring that request, it would only make sense that you get the honor of deciding how many smacks that self-spanking should consist of. Just leave a comment with your recommendation.)

Also, I will admit being a bit surprised that no one seems to be interested in the two "squid-related" dares I volunteered. (To re-cap, one dare would be a fore and aft shot of me and Mr. Squid, showing him in place and the embarrassing effect of his presence on my 'front'. The second would be a 'before', 'during', and 'after' shot of my bottom prior to the squid going in, in, and how wearing him affects me back there.) I am still willing to do these revealing sequences as well......but ONLY if some reader comments to that effect. Otherwise, the offer expires at the end of July. And just to throw it out there as a teaser for what these dares would mean for yours truly, here is a shot of the 'squid' hanging out next to a standard beer can for an idea of just how challenging this red menace is:

Yep, that's what would be impaling my hinder for the general amusement of those interested.

Lastly, keep in mind that if you missed the initial post and want to get in on the fun, you have until the end of this month to submit your dare via a comment. (you can check the post, "Kinky Jackass" for the official information/rules for submitting dares.)

So, there it is. Hopefully, once I hear from Fondles, you will be seeing my requested video as soon as it can be arranged, and once we get closer to her birthday, you'll be seeing my photo for Merry.


  1. I’m late I’m late! And i’m sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know on my blog.

    Ah, a Top streak in me. Needs must and all that.

    How say we go with the little monster’s age?
    Or if thats too revealing, then your age minus my age :)

    1. No problem, there will be other days. Thanks for responding. I will run your suggestion past our "dare referee" Ana (the Little Monster) and see what her verdict is. At this point though I'm not sure when I'll get to do it but it WILL be before the end of this month. Could be next week....or possibly after.

    2. im in no rush... are you?

    3. Not so much a rush as being true to keeping the dare-thing confined to July. But I do tend to get a bit OCD about fitting everything into a schedule......whether it's pleasant, unpleasant, or a playful mix of the two. ;-)

    4. There’s no such things as too revealing here anymore.. haha. 21 sounds a good number to me, whatever number he gets- he will be embarassed haha
      -Little Monster

  2. Congrats on tying the knot!!! Sorry also that I'm late to the party.
    I DARE YOU to put up a pic of you with a tampon up your butt (it's a favourite dare of mine for my esubbies, so you won't be the first, if it makes you feel any better). Should give Ana and Rosa a good laugh anyways.

    1. Thanks for the congratulations and for stopping by. (Don't be a stranger, ya know. There's always a variety of topics flying around.)

      As for your dare? A bit embarrassing, but reasonable and highly 'doable'. It'll be posted before the end of the month. (And you're probably right....Ana is the resident referee on the dares and I don't think she'd let me back out on this one.)

    2. And, by the way, were you not just punished by Ana and Rosa for being attention seeking and needy? While it was remiss of me not to check in more frequently, and I am glad you prodded me, does not posting comments on both fondles and my blog begging us to visit constitue that exact same behaviour? Why don't you ask Ana if another punishment slip is warranted. I would love to see that tampon stuck up a freshly spanked bottom.

    3. Oooh, once is an isolated incident. but twice? it's becoming a pattern. Good catch, juliesp :)

    4. I mentioned to Ana that there are some comments up that are directed somewhat towards her. It's all up to her now whether she visits, comments, or writes out a slip.....since I am trying to not be the kind of person who pesters people.....;-).......unless they need pestering of course. ;-)

    5. Don’t worry, I’m providing him the equipment for your request ;) you won’t be the only one smiling about it haha. He’s going to get a slip one way or another :D

    6. Thank you, Ana, you're a peach!

  3. Hello Mr. KD,
    We are French and do not really master the language of Shaekspeare.
    But we like to read your blog, always surprising, and also that of Julie, who writes very well.

    Your original idea amused us.
    Finally someone who dares!
    Since you are inviting us, we propose you to make a photo with your squid in the ass but I had the idea to add an atomic wedgie as it was presented in "Babysitter role played x2" in february Julie's blog.

    « I took him again by the ear and made him kneel facing the wall right down onto his haunches. I told him to put one arm into his underpants down to the elbow, and then the other. I made him bring his hands together in a prayer and told him to keep praying with his fingertips touching his chin. I then lifted him by the ear and told him to stand up straight and put his nose against the wall, fingertips at his chin. He stood slowly and as he did so I adjusted the backs of his underpants into the crack of his bottom. »

    Nathalie, who follows your blog and knows that you have a garden, finds that some nettle leaves instead of squid would be more decorative.
    We do not know if you let stinging nettles grow or tear them away ...

    Choose the formula you prefer or ask your wife for advice ....

    Jean & Nathalie

    1. Your description of yourselves and your writing style,(including referring to me as "Mr. KD") is strangely reminiscent of another "French family" who also referred to me as Mr. KD, and left a pretty insulting comment to me back in January of 2017.

      If it's just a coincidence I apologize, but it's a pretty unlikely one. I would say that if you are a regular visitor here I would have seen far more frequent comments from you and gotten to know you. It doesn't seem to me like you are as interested in participating on this blog as you are about either insulting me or having me do something unpleasant for your own amusement. As such I have no intention of honoring this particular set of dares.....and I think Ana will back me up on this.

      Nice try though.

    2. ?
      Mr KD is a "private jocke", we call you like that between us in reference to the famous Swedish cartoonist you surely know. Sorry for that.
      For the rest we found our dares fun but... it's your game.
      First time we were commenting on your blog and think it will be the last.
      It's not very important anyway.

    3. >>>>>>>"It's not very important anyway."<<<<<<

      Now THAT is very true. If it was even the least bit important in any way, I'm sure this would not have been your 'first' comment. Every other person who left a dare is someone I feel I 'know' at least to an "online degree". I only know you from your posts on Julie's site where I believe you and your wife were looking for someone to dominate your son as a 'gift'? (How did that ever work out?) And from a past post ("Sustained damage" January 26, 2017) that, while I can't definitely say was yours, sure sounds like it was.