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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Julie's Dare

"Anybody got a light?"

Well, as promised, I honored "Strict Julie's" dare this morning since the Little Monster came home from a day of errands last night and handed me a tampon!

So after breakfast, off I went to do an interesting insertion. Now my butt is quite experienced in handling intruders of various girths, so inserting a tampon was no problem.....but I think the issue at play here is what is being inserted. It's a feminine hygiene thing and I think women in general (and Ms. Julie in particular) seem to enjoy giving guys a little taste of what they go through every month......even if it means resorting to a different orifice!

"Orifice". What a great word. I love the way it sounds and what it means. I love orifices! And as dares go I thought that for me, the edgy part of this one was knowing that showing off the tampon string ALSO meant revealing to the general audience what my usually hidden little pucker actually looks like. In the past, shots here have been mostly cheeky.......with the occasional plug shot, and those sort of obscure the pucker more than show it off. So this was new territory for me on this blog. And I suppose I could have just shown a 'cheek shot' with the little white string dangling down between them, and technically have honored the dare. But since the whole point of "Jackass July" is revealing things openly that actually DO move my embarrassment needle, I decided to be bold.

So, I took a bunch of shots that range from cute&corny, to flagrant exposure, ensuring that viewers of differing tastes could find something they preferred. Here they are, enjoy the ones you like, skip the ones you don't:

We start with the most innocent of the bunch. For all anyone knows I could be just standing there with a white cord tucked between my buns. But, you all know I'd never cheat like that.

And just in case you doubt me......this shot should remove any doubt as to what's at the other end of that string. (And 'yes', I shaved for you guys. No way was I going to be this exposed and not be tidy!)

This shot was admittedly accidental, but I like the way it turned out. It takes something perverse and makes it kind of artsy. 

image eventually removed 

And lastly a bit of mugging for the camera. I thought that I should include a shot that had both the string and my face in it so that there could be no doubt that I actually did the dare and didn't just select images from the Internet and say it was me. LOL

So, Julie, I hope you are satisfied with how I went about honoring your dare. And I hope the rest of you enjoyed at least part of this little adventure. Tomorrow we will be celebrating Merry's birthday in a very unique way so be sure to drop by and wish her well!


  1. Great job on a dare well executed!

    1. Thanks, my friend! Yours will be coming along at some point next week I think.

  2. I'm impressed! Very Tastefully done.

    1. Thank you my dear. Funny, while I thought his post was humorous, I wasn't sure it would be considered tasteful. LOL

  3. VERY satisfied! I can just imagine the grin on Ana's face as she handed you that tampon! Ha ha! And your little pucker is quite delightful, Miss Cotton Tail. ;-)

    What do the ladies think? Have they seen your pics?

    1. I don't know about Ana who does occasionally pop in, but I'm pretty sure Rosa won't. Funny thing about my Honey, she doesn't like or trust blog interactions. It's very weird. I talk about you all and she sort of knows you all, and at times, depending on the topic, she'll have an opinion I will share o her behalf. But f I had to put money on it, I would bet you could count on pretty much zero interest from Rosa from personally participating in these discussions. And yet, when I told her about sissysnow's piggy "dare", she was agreeable towards doing it with me. Go figure?