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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Merry's Clean-up

It's nearly 10:00 pm and Rosa and I have just settled down after hosting our "second" wedding reception for a small group of close friends at our home, very much the way we did the initial reception with our two sets of kids. So we did a little bit of clean-up and are now relaxing and winding down for the evening, The rest of the clean-up can wait until tomorrow.

So after I sat down to my lap-top to check things out, I saw Merry's  comment about wanting to see the 'clean-up' shots from her special "birthday dare". And I figured....."WTF? Clean-up/clean-up. Perfect. Why not just post the pictures now? I already have them stored and it won't take long..........annnnnnnnnnnd doing so perfectly fits in with the self-effacing  flavor of "Jackass July", especially as I will explore in more detail in an upcoming post on "embarrassment". 

So without further ado, here are two shots of the the aftermath of Merry's dare:

First up, the immediate mess left from keeping a half gallon of ice cream nestled in my crotch on a warm, Summer day for as long as it took to place all of the French fry 'candles', and then take all of the pictures. I've never claimed to possess a groin-rooted anaconda in the first place.......but factor in a frozen chunk of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream sitting on what little I had to start with and can (barely) see for yourself that this is certainly not a photo any guy would use as a bragging point.

I then hit said nubbin with a good dose of the garden hose I kept within reach for that purpose. It did a fine job of washing away the melted goo, but little to alter the pathetic miniaturized state I was in! And though it's hard to see in the photo,( as is almost everything), there was a very noticeable rosy pinkness to my chilled parts very akin to how one's ears look after shoveling snow. 

So as far as the impact "Jackass July" may have on me? There is nothing about these two shots that any guy would be anything other than embarrassed about. And I am no exception. Posting these 'aftermath photos' is far more embarrassing to me than the cute dare that preceded them. So ladies, feel free to giggle, and guys..........consider this a little  something to make you feel better about yourselves! LOL
(Unless, of course, you are even smaller, in which have my sympathy!)


  1. Poor dear! Thank you again for making my Birthday so special!

    1. You are very welcome. After all your participation here is very appreciated and if a bit of self-effacing humor and exposure makes you happy, then I'm glad to provide the basis for it.