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Friday, July 27, 2018

Squid dare #1

Well the month is quickly drawing to a close and I still owe one special monster a couple of dares. (Though her first "non-squid" one was definitely embarrassing all on its own!) Since both dares involve the squid, I sort of did them together but I will present them here as two separate dares since they revolve around two distinctly separate "issues": the first being the effect the squid has on my "front end", and the second being the effect it has on my "back end".

As I've shown in past posts the squid is not a small anal intruder:

As such I have to be slow and careful inserting it. As I've gotten older and my back has gotten stiffer, I came up with a little technique involving Rosa's "Queening Chair" and an old car jack. Basically it allows me to sit relatively comfortably and with slow, progressive turns of the jack handle, insert the squid in a pretty safe and controlled way. In order to enhance the dare, I included some images of the system in action so as to give context to the effect of the squid on my 'not-that-huge-to start-with' member.

So here is Squid Dare#1:

I took a sort of "before shot" for reference. I was already a bit nervous and so I did not start out in any state of arousal.....just regular old me. Here you can also see the opening of the queening chair from above.

A bit dark and grainy, but doing stuff like this solo is not easy. Here is the squid just starting to enter me from below. You can see the top of the jack in the bottom of the picture.

Once the squid started to make its way into my bottom, you can already see me "shrinking in defeat".

Again very grainy, but still pretty solid evidence for me being fully penetrated by the squid. The jack is now easily visible.

And here is the embarrassing final result! I took this from a different angle otherwise you'd just see a tiny button-nub. 

And one final angle truly showing me in an utterly defeated state. 

I wrote a story years ago about my 'weakness' called "The Mushroom Effect" (click to read)
wherein  I describe the feelings I have about having this "shrinking-from-being-anally-impaled" issue. It revolves around all the thoughts men deal with in being submissive and contradicts a lot of fiction that depicts even submissive and anally impaled men still being excited enough to sport huge erections even as they are violated from behind. Not me! I feel like my  body reads the anal penetration as physical proof of something more "alpha" having put me in my place. And in the case of this dare, I guess this time it was Ana......via a giant squid!


  1. The giant squid has a badass sound for a badasss dare.. many more to come in the future haha :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed these, Monster! And I'm sure you are right.

  2. OUCH!!! Does that require lots of prep?

    1. Not really, Merry. And there's not really an "ouch" factor either. The only prep, depending on the situation, might be getting cleaned out beforehand. Other than that, the insertion process is just a matter of being relaxed and going slow, especially at the point things get the widest.

      The real prep was probably the years of 'training' that led up to being able to accommodate something "squid-sized".

  3. I've, quite honestly, never seen such a shrunken in fear penis before. Poor boy!

    1. I'm glad to have been of positive illustrative value, but I am not overly bothered by this tendency towards miniaturization during periods of submission. Because the one description I would have to contest is your use of the word "fear". It's not fear at all. I've known the squid for years and while he's big & tough, I'm not afraid of him at all. I think my shrunken state is due more to a sense of surrender, deference, or "submission" than fear.

      But the end result I can't argue. Still I don't see myself as a poor boy because of it. I like to think the shrunken extreme shows my penis' "range" LOL I mean he's not always that size. ;-)