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Friday, July 27, 2018

Squid Dare #2

Yes, TWO POSTS in one day! 

Anyway, the second squid dare deals with an entirely different kind of embarrassment: the revealing of a major modesty center, not only in its 'natural' state, but while "plugged' with a very large intruder, AND after.........showing the world the sad, sore result of having something that big stretching you out! So, since you've already seen the insertion process, here are the actual dare pictures:


"DURING". (You have to wear a harness with a bullet-shaped plug or it will just drop....or shoot....out of you as soon as you move.)

And "AFTER". (and don't think I'm not blushing as I contemplate having to hit the "Publish" button with this photo!)

Just to let those of you less familiar with large plugs know, the body does a heluva quick job recovering from stuff and the immediate raw-looking result of being plugged is quite temporary. Sometimes if the plug has been worn for a long time, there will be some residual tenderness even the next day, but normally you're 'back to normal' pretty quickly. (But.....that still doesn't mean that being seen this way is any less embarrassing!)

And with that, I am now all caught up with the dares issued to me! I hope everyone had a good time having their dares followed. (I would think it's at least a little cool having someone obey an embarrassing command from afar. LOL)

[ Next week I will discuss the dares in general......and specifically in terms of how they impacted me......physically and emotionally.]


  1. OMG!!!! my wife enjoys pegging me (as I also enjoy her doing it) and we do have 3 different size dildos for her use, but nothing even close to what you inserted. Talk about being stretched and full WOW.

    1. Yeah, the squid is formidable BUT it is also sort of my "upper limit" for plugs. (I was fisted once and that was more challenging.) It took time to work up to something like this but I've had this particular plug in my possession and use for probably about 20 years now. I've had similar sized plugs used in/on me and maybe some might have been a little bigger or a little smaller, but none drastically larger.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL. It's just a matter of practice really. Some folks do stuff even bigger.

  3. It feels like the soreness lasts a lifetime haha jk not long enough ;) thank you for the dates <3

    1. Yeah, well I know you like residual effects, so you got your kicks in this time for sure. ;-)

      And you are welcome. (Though I'm a little glad July is nearing its end.)