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Friday, August 31, 2018

Expressions Pt.5

AMUSEMENT: Amused expressions are not only easy to fake, (we've been practicing phony smiles from the time our parents stuck a camera in our little faces and said, "smile!" ) but also predictably common even in posed, professional settings.  Due to the ridiculously high number of photos out there with convincing smiles, I am only going to offer a few select examples that have some 'little extra' appeal for me:

Take one CB, add five women and enjoy the variety of expressed amusement. (And don't you love the  expression on the brunette on the left in the back?)

Again, quite staged but I just love the contrast in expressions!

"What are friends for?"........except for laughing at the plight of their comrades?

I am sure that during a photo shoot plenty must happen to crack up the models. I don't know what happened here.....maybe the photographer tripped over a lighting cable? or maybe the sub model farted in mid-spanking? Whatever it was, it must have been good!

Equally enjoyable is when the sub can find humor in their own situation.....even while blushing. "Honey, do you know where that finger's been? Um ...uh, yeah, well I guess you do."

There are a lot of smiling faces in this crowd......but check out that boy in the center foreground!  (Reminds me of the "Thank you, God." scene in "Animal House" [link])

And I dare you to not smile yourself  with THIS one!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Monster Birthday

Today I am going to take a break from the facial expressions series to wish my Little Monster a Happy Birthday!

 In honor of this special occasion, and because she is a huge Peanuts fan......AND because Ana is also the OFFICIAL "Foot Model" for COLLECTED SUBMISSIONS........

(Ana's personal favorite...... from the 4th of July series.)

 I hereby offer the following pictures I have recently found:

This one is just too perfect!

But there's more! It seems like some artist really went to town on this theme:

There are reluctant 'worshipers'......

.....and blissful ones!  

Anyone here knows I can never say enough in praise of Ana. Because she is my step-daughter, I do try to spoil her....... but she is also a dear friend, someone I've come to count on and whose company I enjoy immensely. I've watched her grow from a very precocious girl to an amazing woman, and yet, I always feel like from the first time we met, we just 'clicked'.

And it wasn't too long after that Ana began to earn and enjoy having some authority in the household. It started small and then grew as she proved her trustworthiness and fairness (with just the right touch of mischief tossed in for fun). Now she is one of a small handful of people who can evaluate my behavior and issue a discipline slip with fairly guaranteed support from Rosa. She is also the undisputed record holder for the highest number of proscribed spanks! (4999) LOL ...which had to be done over many successive days. OUCH!

Piano stomp and face mush!
I LOVE anything even remotely kinky with Peppermint Patty & Marcie and have posted cartoons of Marcie being spanked by Patty.

Still, Lucy is one of Ana's favorites, and even a gal like Lucy probably can't be happy with just foot kisses alone! Good thing Schroeder has nimble fingers!

Ana has also been a very important contributor, collaborator, and evil inspiration for a lot that has transpired here on "COLLECTED SUBMISSIONS" (along with being the inspiration for several characters in my short stories: "Proxy", "Schoolgirl's Spanking", and most recently "Milgram 2016"). And in that regard, I asked Ana via text which of the many images from the past was her favorite, so I could re-post it for her. She chose this one:

A devilish choice for an evil Monster! .>blush<

So, again, "Happy Birthday, Monster!" Now let's go celebrate!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Expressions Pt.4

PAIN. Probably the most prevalent expression out there in kinky photos is of being in pain. It's obvious. A kinky session......even for a pro model......may very likely include some genuine discomfort and therefore require little to no acting to convey the level of intensity of whatever is going on.  However, there are definitely many shots out there where the pain is faked or at least exaggerated for the camera. The following collection contains some images that I personally believe feel as bad as the model's face indicates....though I could be wrong and these are just brilliant actors. You can decide for yourself:

This image has been around for a while and can be seen on most spanking Tumblrs. It could be an exaggeration, but there's still something about it that makes it endearing.

Staged or not, I am believing the sub's face. Audrey Knight had a sort of reputation for making even a staged spanking feel like the real thing and I think this is a good example of that.

However, butts need not be the only location for a sub's discomfort.

What a predicament!

I've done some 'wooden pony'-play back when I was Topping and I tend to believe these more brutal versions have to be worse than anything I ever inflicted. This young lady seems genuinely uncomfortable.

This electrical version of the old 'rope walk' seems deliciously cruel.

And I would imagine the only thing worse than having your vulva shocked is to have your nipples shocked as well. At least it seems so based on this poor girl's reaction. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Expressions Pt.3

WORRY. I will be the first to admit that there are a lot of staged "worry shots"out there on the internet. It seems faking 'worry' is easier for most models to act out than other emotions, and since a good look of 'worry' is a great accent to a kinky photo, they are more prevalent. Still not all of them are convincing.....even if the facial features are done correctly. It seems to require something more. For me, I find that the "worry shots" that affect me the most are ones that prompt me to imagine an entire 'situation' or 'story' associated with the submissive's expression. Here are a few photos where I think that either the model got the look just right....or is just a good capture of genuine worry:

I find it interesting that despite this being a very obviously staged situation AND that the submissive's face is not even fully visible, I find myself convinced by her expression. I even wonder if her furrowed brow is not her acting at all, but the model's genuine feeling at the time? I can see how even a pro with experience, and knowing full well what she was signing up for, might not be a little concerned once waiting in position.

Not sure if this was the photographer's intention or a genuine emotion caught as the shutter clicked, but just look at the submissive's face as she eyes that plug! 

This is the same pair of young ladies from the other day. They do a good job of acting.

This a staged "artsy" shot called "Interactive" and given the implied situation, the expressions are wonderfully subtle and make the entire photo something rare and wonderful. Alter just one look and the charm of this piece would evaporate. I love how the submissive seems to be trying to read the almost inscrutable face of the patron. The calm interest of the patron also seems to strongly suggest that if this particular woman was to decide to "interact" with the "exhibit", she would do so without much sympathy. The "exhibit" seems to be picking up on that and her face betrays her sense of concern.

I believe this is an amateur shot and I find her expression also subtle. It's like she's agreed to the bondage and the photo......but given her very vulnerable state, perhaps wondering what might be coming next.

And lastly we have this shot which I only recently came across. I can't be sure if it's genuine or a composite, but it reverberates strongly with me because that EXACT style of bath brush, (only in yellow) was the very first implement I was spanked with by another person back when I was 19. So the nostalgia factor is pretty high. I personally know what this brush is capable of and whether by accident or contrivance, the model seems to as well. Her worried expression suggests a certain apprehension of what is to come having experienced this particular implement in the past.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Smug dominance

One of the things I love about a confident dominant woman is her ability to appreciate her position. In continuing with the theme of internet images displaying particularly appealing attributes conveyed via facial expression, may I offer up the following:

I have always loved this shot for many reasons, but the determined look on the face of the young lady in the yellow shirt is definitely the main one. Although the willing smiling grimace on the girl about to be whacked is an appealing counterpoint.

While the smiling acquiescence of the young lady (barely) in the white bikini conveys a sense of definite compliance, the lip-biting arrogance of the person exposing her screams: "this is MY bitch and I run the show!"

A little less intense, but still a definite look of "I own this!"

Definitely pro models in a posed set-up.......but even so, how can you not love the look of the "victor"?

If only the woman on the left was green I might easily picture her saying, "I'll get you my pretty........and your little dog too."

Which takes us to our last offering:

While I can certainly concede that: a. this is definitely a staged shot with professional models, and b. the racial aspects were quite likely intended as part of the theme........the look on the young lady being serviced seems to go beyond just mugging for the camera. Somehow her look says to me that regardless of how this situation came about, she is definitely more than a little pleased with who is where and doing what.

Stay tuned for the next installment which should be coming soon.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Facial expressions

It's a long-standing joke that men never look above an attractive woman's neck......which obviously isn't true, because how else would we know the lady is attractive? One of my pet peeves about erotic imagery is just how bland a lot of it is. And so, I take particular joy when I see an image where the expression on one or both participants seems particularly genuine or charming. I don't mean just looking coy, and I certainly don't mean the "fake sexy" look of the hardened porn star trying to appear breathlessly passionate with parted lips and lidded eyes. No, I am talking about when the camera catches something else......something elusive.

For me, this quality extends beyond subject matter. It doesn't matter to me if the person is engaged in the most extreme perversity.....or just posing semi-clad, the facial expression can make the picture. And the type of expression isn't that important either. Many expressions appeal to me, though many models can usually manage to flash a pretty smile, and so I tend to look for something more than just that. A look of surprise can be cute, or perhaps a glimpse of pride, maybe even a devilishly evil grin.

Posed, pro, amateur, or whatever..........there's a look that says, "honey, you have no idea of what I have in store for you." 

The other thing is that I realize 90% or more of what I find on the internet is posed. However, while models for erotica are hardly in danger of overtaking Hollywood's finest in their convincing portrayals, occasionally a model has the ability to 'act' convincingly. But better than a good act, is when the camera captures something else.....a fleeting moment of genuine reaction. These can be wonderful. The prevalent reality is usually some mix of all of this, and that is not always so bad.

Given that this is a studio shot with an elaborate set and professional models, I still find something in each of their expressions that seems charming. Both the Mistress and submissive appear to be convincingly content with their respective roles and appreciative of the situation as it is....even beyond their paycheck.

The other option in professional internet photos is the 'outtake'. Occasionally professional studios will post or leak out the shots between the posed stuff.....and some of them are quite adorable. Abby Winters has an entire section on 'behind-the-scenes' shots and they are worth a look. 

From Abby Winters. 

Nowadays, however, with everyone being armed with a cellphone camera, amateurs abound. Granted most of these folks also pose for the camera and fake their expressions, but even then, some are good fakes and some just happen to capture something pretty authentic.

Clearly not a studio shot with a model, this young lady is in some definite state of disgrace and required to endure a good bit of pain and embarrassment as either punishment or a show of obedience to her Top. One thing though is very clear: SHE does not seem any too happy with those clamps and my guess is she would prefer to NOT be wearing them. Her ordeal however is compelling.

Out of all the faked expressions, besides a smile I would think trying to look sexy or appearing to be in pain are pretty common. Phony shock is another, but sometimes, even pretend shock can be done well.

Obviously posed......but very cute nonetheless.

And being a person with definite preferences, there are some expressions that resonate or titillate me more than others. Let's explore a few of them through the upcoming days with some of my favorite pictures. I will share some of the best renditions.....either well-acted or seemingly genuine in the areas of: SMUG DOMINANCE, WORRY, PAIN, AMUSEMENT, and a more complex combination of SYMPATHY and CAMARADERIE among submissives. First up, though........... PRIDE:

"I got my nipples pierced, and they..... look....... GOOD!"

That look does not convey a lack of confidence in body image!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New lyrics

Q:"What was that popping sound I just heard?"
A:"Dude, I think it was you."

The origin and subsequent reworkings of the classic children's song "Pop Goes the Weasel" are interesting and varied. (link) After its innocent dance-oriented origin, the song's lyrics later changed to reflect the political situations of the day. It was only later that the song reverted back to childish innocence.

So, in keeping with the political tradition and in light of recent developments, I would like to offer an update for 2018:

All around the counselor's bench
Bob Mueller chased the weasel.
The weasel felt the walls closing in.
Pop!* Goes the weasel.

(*Pop: in this case, to spill one's guts under pressure. LINK )

A tale of two weasels.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Age-old question

Q: "What is truth?"

Pontius Pilate circa 33CE

A: "Truth isn't truth."

Rudy Guiliani  2018

There is not much solace in being an atheist, however, there are a few perks. I do have Sundays to myself, and occasionally I have the guilty pleasure of watching religious people tie themselves into pretty little hypocritical knots justifying that which is clearly condemned by their own religion.

In the case of the Evangelicals and Trump, I have been afforded a feature-length comedy instead of the occasional random snicker. Interviews with these people reveal that they personally loathe the type of person Trump is.......but.......he IS giving them the conservative judges they so eagerly crave. The thing is, in order to get this thing they want, they have to be willing to align themselves with someone who they themselves admit is not a good person despite:

Proverbs 4:14 "Do not enter the path of the wicked And do not proceed in the way of evil men."

No steward of the Earth, Trump keeps rolling back environmental regulations at the very peril of the planet, and yet they seem OK with that despite:

Revelation 11:18 “The nations raged, but your wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, and for rewarding your servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear your name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth.”

They have to look the other way when he enacts legislation that separates families and causes people to suffer, and yet:

Mark 12:31 "The second is this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these."

And the very act of getting what one wants by corrupt means is pretty clearly denounced here:

Matthew 16:26 "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?"

"But for Neil Gorsuch?"

So, what about Pilate's question? "What is truth?" Maybe today it's just whatever "alternate fact"  that gets you what you want? ( Evangelicals, I'm sure your god will be OK with that. Your bible has plenty of alternative facts as well. Gee, you really ARE made in his image, huh? )

“You’re saying it’s a falsehood. And they’re giving — Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that,”

Kellyanne Conway 2017

Sunday, August 19, 2018


It's been a weird week with way too much to get into specifically, but the main takeaway is that between having my car in the shop, and a rained out camping weekend with family and friends, I am feeling less than my usual self. Top this off with an impending surgery for early September and you could say I'm feeling about as sexy as a priest.....but if you picture that priest living in Pennsylvania, it becomes a tragically inaccurate analogy. So let's say instead I'm feeling about as sexy as a eunuch in an ice bath.

So when I came across this picture on a blog......

"Does this jacket make my butt look bare?"

......rather be in any way titillated, I nearly snorted my coffee instead. I mean really, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? I imagine the dialog as "I'll teach you to hide my skirt and panties before work!" 

This is just one more example of a hysterically ludicrous spanking photo. What possible reason would there be for her to be as semi-attired as she is? Did she spank him and he jizzed on her skirt? (then where are her panties?) Is she trying to look sexy? (not working) Did she send him to pick up her dry-cleaned suit for a major meeting only to find he forgot to check whether the skirt was included? ( In which case, isn't that less his fault and more the fault of the Dry Cleaner?)

Whatever it is, IT IS HILARIOUS!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

That Dog.

I find the persistent coverage of the "Omarosa Saga" unfortunate. In light of everything else going on, this is hardly newsworthy. And certain 'journalistic' claims are just plain silly. Stephen Colbert did a nice job pointing out how you can't have it both ways: 

The whole cycle is more proof that as a nation obsessed with TV and celebrity, WE are partially (or maybe wholly) responsible for this. In a past post (that got ZERO response) I jokingly attacked the unwatchability of daytime TV.  And while daytime TV may be harmless, it did at one point spawn the possibility of Oprah running for president, a possibility which Oprah herself declined, but spoke volumes of what is enough for Americans to consider presidential qualifiers. Things like a Trump presidency and the Omarosa-saga are what happens when celebrity breeds status.

Just another Reality TV politician.

But let's look at this "Omarosa Thing". Take Trump's 'dog tweet':

"When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!"

This typical bit of grade school eloquence is consistent with things we've already seen dozens of times or more. But I've seen some articles claim this petulant quip is further evidence of Trump's racism. Really? I've heard a lot of racist epithets in my day, but "dog"? "Dog" has to be one of the tamest insults around, though I'm surprised that PETA hasn't complained that the comparison is an insult to canines everywhere.

The important piece of information here is not that Trump might be a racist. We already have enough evidence for that. What's relevant is this: "When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House..." .

Yeah, what idiot gave some attitudinal Reality TV person a position in the White House? Isn't that irresponsible and even dangerous? Might not someone of this temperament do something that could compromise our security in some fit of pique? How does a modicum of TV stardom qualify them for such a position? Aren't there many more qualified people to consider first?

The sad thing about this saga is that it's not newsworthy because it's just more of the same thing.....only with a darker face and more vindictive reaction. But really, how many people have left this administration, been fired, or are under investigation......or even criminally charged?  The list is depressingly long, but not surprising for a president like Trump. He is the "Lowlife in Chief", who has surrounded himself with a cadre of sycophantic lowlife toadies. 

Well, at least there's ONE less Reality TV person in the White House ...............leaving just one more to go. Hopefully soon.