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Monday, August 27, 2018

Expressions Pt.3

WORRY. I will be the first to admit that there are a lot of staged "worry shots"out there on the internet. It seems faking 'worry' is easier for most models to act out than other emotions, and since a good look of 'worry' is a great accent to a kinky photo, they are more prevalent. Still not all of them are convincing.....even if the facial features are done correctly. It seems to require something more. For me, I find that the "worry shots" that affect me the most are ones that prompt me to imagine an entire 'situation' or 'story' associated with the submissive's expression. Here are a few photos where I think that either the model got the look just right....or is just a good capture of genuine worry:

I find it interesting that despite this being a very obviously staged situation AND that the submissive's face is not even fully visible, I find myself convinced by her expression. I even wonder if her furrowed brow is not her acting at all, but the model's genuine feeling at the time? I can see how even a pro with experience, and knowing full well what she was signing up for, might not be a little concerned once waiting in position.

Not sure if this was the photographer's intention or a genuine emotion caught as the shutter clicked, but just look at the submissive's face as she eyes that plug! 

This is the same pair of young ladies from the other day. They do a good job of acting.

This a staged "artsy" shot called "Interactive" and given the implied situation, the expressions are wonderfully subtle and make the entire photo something rare and wonderful. Alter just one look and the charm of this piece would evaporate. I love how the submissive seems to be trying to read the almost inscrutable face of the patron. The calm interest of the patron also seems to strongly suggest that if this particular woman was to decide to "interact" with the "exhibit", she would do so without much sympathy. The "exhibit" seems to be picking up on that and her face betrays her sense of concern.

I believe this is an amateur shot and I find her expression also subtle. It's like she's agreed to the bondage and the photo......but given her very vulnerable state, perhaps wondering what might be coming next.

And lastly we have this shot which I only recently came across. I can't be sure if it's genuine or a composite, but it reverberates strongly with me because that EXACT style of bath brush, (only in yellow) was the very first implement I was spanked with by another person back when I was 19. So the nostalgia factor is pretty high. I personally know what this brush is capable of and whether by accident or contrivance, the model seems to as well. Her worried expression suggests a certain apprehension of what is to come having experienced this particular implement in the past.


  1. I do believe you have hit the nail right on the head. So many photos are so obviously faked. The ones you picked are stages very well. Great analysis.

    1. Thank you, Joe. The worst 'fake' photos are the ones that are poorly Photoshopped or spliced, out-of-scale composites, but even bad acting can be a turn-off.

  2. It is interesting how much a barely visible furrowed brow can convey, isn't it?

    1. Yeah, right? Perhaps it's just apophenia at work again, or maybe we as social primates just have more of an ability to decipher subtle emotional cues than we think?