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Friday, August 31, 2018

Expressions Pt.5

AMUSEMENT: Amused expressions are not only easy to fake, (we've been practicing phony smiles from the time our parents stuck a camera in our little faces and said, "smile!" ) but also predictably common even in posed, professional settings.  Due to the ridiculously high number of photos out there with convincing smiles, I am only going to offer a few select examples that have some 'little extra' appeal for me:

Take one CB, add five women and enjoy the variety of expressed amusement. (And don't you love the  expression on the brunette on the left in the back?)

Again, quite staged but I just love the contrast in expressions!

"What are friends for?"........except for laughing at the plight of their comrades?

I am sure that during a photo shoot plenty must happen to crack up the models. I don't know what happened here.....maybe the photographer tripped over a lighting cable? or maybe the sub model farted in mid-spanking? Whatever it was, it must have been good!

Equally enjoyable is when the sub can find humor in their own situation.....even while blushing. "Honey, do you know where that finger's been? Um ...uh, yeah, well I guess you do."

There are a lot of smiling faces in this crowd......but check out that boy in the center foreground!  (Reminds me of the "Thank you, God." scene in "Animal House" [link])

And I dare you to not smile yourself  with THIS one!


  1. IN the first pic - that brunette's expression was exactly the first thing I noticed! LOL.

  2. the young people party scene does beg the question what did the young lady do to be naked and what is about to happen to her?

    1. Yeah I do wonder what the backstory is for that photo. It certainly doesn't seem like a studio shot. If anything it looks like either a vacation dare, or one of those naughty DJ parties with booze and "girls gone wild" for a Spring Break party?