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Friday, August 24, 2018

Facial expressions

It's a long-standing joke that men never look above an attractive woman's neck......which obviously isn't true, because how else would we know the lady is attractive? One of my pet peeves about erotic imagery is just how bland a lot of it is. And so, I take particular joy when I see an image where the expression on one or both participants seems particularly genuine or charming. I don't mean just looking coy, and I certainly don't mean the "fake sexy" look of the hardened porn star trying to appear breathlessly passionate with parted lips and lidded eyes. No, I am talking about when the camera catches something else......something elusive.

For me, this quality extends beyond subject matter. It doesn't matter to me if the person is engaged in the most extreme perversity.....or just posing semi-clad, the facial expression can make the picture. And the type of expression isn't that important either. Many expressions appeal to me, though many models can usually manage to flash a pretty smile, and so I tend to look for something more than just that. A look of surprise can be cute, or perhaps a glimpse of pride, maybe even a devilishly evil grin.

Posed, pro, amateur, or whatever..........there's a look that says, "honey, you have no idea of what I have in store for you." 

The other thing is that I realize 90% or more of what I find on the internet is posed. However, while models for erotica are hardly in danger of overtaking Hollywood's finest in their convincing portrayals, occasionally a model has the ability to 'act' convincingly. But better than a good act, is when the camera captures something else.....a fleeting moment of genuine reaction. These can be wonderful. The prevalent reality is usually some mix of all of this, and that is not always so bad.

Given that this is a studio shot with an elaborate set and professional models, I still find something in each of their expressions that seems charming. Both the Mistress and submissive appear to be convincingly content with their respective roles and appreciative of the situation as it is....even beyond their paycheck.

The other option in professional internet photos is the 'outtake'. Occasionally professional studios will post or leak out the shots between the posed stuff.....and some of them are quite adorable. Abby Winters has an entire section on 'behind-the-scenes' shots and they are worth a look. 

From Abby Winters. 

Nowadays, however, with everyone being armed with a cellphone camera, amateurs abound. Granted most of these folks also pose for the camera and fake their expressions, but even then, some are good fakes and some just happen to capture something pretty authentic.

Clearly not a studio shot with a model, this young lady is in some definite state of disgrace and required to endure a good bit of pain and embarrassment as either punishment or a show of obedience to her Top. One thing though is very clear: SHE does not seem any too happy with those clamps and my guess is she would prefer to NOT be wearing them. Her ordeal however is compelling.

Out of all the faked expressions, besides a smile I would think trying to look sexy or appearing to be in pain are pretty common. Phony shock is another, but sometimes, even pretend shock can be done well.

Obviously posed......but very cute nonetheless.

And being a person with definite preferences, there are some expressions that resonate or titillate me more than others. Let's explore a few of them through the upcoming days with some of my favorite pictures. I will share some of the best renditions.....either well-acted or seemingly genuine in the areas of: SMUG DOMINANCE, WORRY, PAIN, AMUSEMENT, and a more complex combination of SYMPATHY and CAMARADERIE among submissives. First up, though........... PRIDE:

"I got my nipples pierced, and they..... look....... GOOD!"

That look does not convey a lack of confidence in body image!


  1. why does the lady with the gag / bridle have a drink poured for her?
    continuity as well as expressions?

    1. I thought the same thing! But I forgave it in light of how much I like the rest of the shot.

  2. the jester really does look in real anguish. am i jealous as a submissive that i want to be as genuinely afraid? am i not submissive turned on by her expression (not the thought of me being in her place)?

    1. Yeah, those types of clamps are pretty nasty so i don't think she's faking that look at all.

      As for your personal speculations......only you would know for sure.

  3. Photoshop ass? She's missing a leg!

    1. Oh no! You might be right! At first I just thought her leg was shifted forward but the more I look at it, I believe you are correct. Damn!

      (I really feel it should be legal to kill people who do this. Or at the very least, beat them until they can no longer stand.)

    2. The skin tone is even a different color

    3. No, you are right. Geez. I can't believe I fell for this one! I usually try to be more discerning.