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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New lyrics

Q:"What was that popping sound I just heard?"
A:"Dude, I think it was you."

The origin and subsequent reworkings of the classic children's song "Pop Goes the Weasel" are interesting and varied. (link) After its innocent dance-oriented origin, the song's lyrics later changed to reflect the political situations of the day. It was only later that the song reverted back to childish innocence.

So, in keeping with the political tradition and in light of recent developments, I would like to offer an update for 2018:

All around the counselor's bench
Bob Mueller chased the weasel.
The weasel felt the walls closing in.
Pop!* Goes the weasel.

(*Pop: in this case, to spill one's guts under pressure. LINK )

A tale of two weasels.

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