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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Of Mace & Men

 A while back I wrote a post....that was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.... about using a mace on Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Shakira. (And as you may recall no one seemed to have a problem with me doing this to Shakira. LOL) But lately I have become so aggravated with something else that has been going on for a while and that has not stopped. As a result I want to rescind my wish for legal "macing rights" for these three women and exchange it for a new one:

I want it to be legal to hit a person with my mace, not for merely expressing an opinion I find distasteful or even abhorrent, but if while doing so they use a disparaging nickname or adjective right before their target's name.

This is a commercial shot of the mace I own. It's a replica of a German mace made and sold by Museum Replicas Ltd. It's a beautiful piece and much lighter than you might think. Still those flanges are designed to rip through plate armor, so imagine their effect on loose dentures.

If someone wants to accuse Hillary Clinton of being covertly corrupt? Fine. I might even compare notes with you on that one. But.....if in doing so you feel compelled to call her "Crooked Hillary" ......out comes my mace!

You want to tease Elizabeth Warren about her purported heritage? Go for it! With 23 & Me I think she has the means.....if apparently not the back up her claims. But, even if you want to call her out on this, she's 'Elizabeth Warren' not "Pocahontas". "Pocahontas" gets you the mace!

And there is obviously someone who can't seem to stop doing this. (link) And as such, I want macing rights whenever he does it. We are not in sixth grade for crying out loud! Or third grade for that matter! What the fuck is with this shit? Bad enough he wants to use the presidency as his bully pulpit to mock rather than lead, but does he have to do it like a child? This crude sort of mockery stopped being funny when I sprouted hair below my neck. And even before that, it was borderline at best.

Even when I agree with him on someone, (rare but not unheard of) I can't because of the taste of shit in my mouth from the stupid little nickname he attaches. Just shut the fuck up already with that!!!! It's classless, juvenile, and insipid. I just want to scream every time I read one! ARRRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!  But then again, I guess it's an accurate reflection of the person doing it.

And WTF? Now he's got Mike Huckabee doing it too? Where's my mace?


  1. I fully support you and your decision.

    1. Thank you, Merry. (It's not too late to get a mace of your own. LOL)

  2. Yeah, I love former preacher Mike Huckabee showing us all how a mature Christian leader should behave.

    1. Maybe he thought that the acceptance of "Doubting Thomas" opened the door to "Little Jim Acosta"?