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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Pretty clear

OK, so here's a tweet from our president:

 Donald J. Trump


..This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further. Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!
9:24 AM - Aug 1, 2018


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So, I don't see much point in wasting anymore time either. This pretty much delivers all any sane person would need to conclude that the president is openly, blatantly, and petulantly obstructing justice. It's all right there in his own words for all of America to see. What else do we need? It's pretty much 'game, set, and match' in one tweet. 

I would need to hear a solid, convincing argument that would explain why impeachment proceedings should not commence immediately, even with a current Republican majority. Surely you don't have to be a Democrat to be able to read what this says. (Hell, I'm not a Democrat and it's downright crystal to me.) Is there any way ANY person can read this, regardless of their personal politics, and NOT see obstruction? 

He addresses Sessions specifically,( and he is the man's boss,) and says exactly what he should do. If you were Sessions, would a direct and angry tweet from your boss be something you'd just laugh off and ignore? And even if you did, would you not worry that you could be on thin ice if you don't act on the order? That's pretty direct pressure on an Attorney General to stop an investigation. And that's obstruction.

Can any of the anthem-standing, "Proud to be an American"-singing folks explain how they can go on and on about pride, and freedom, and dead, sacrificing veterans, and all that hoopla that supposedly separates us from a monarchy or dictatorship .....and not be gravely offended that a sitting president could say such a thing and get away with it? Are the Founding Fathers not rolling in their graves and vomiting? Is this America made "great again" or threatened at its very foundation?


  1. I agree and would encourage "Lock Him Up" shouted at every opportunity.

    1. Thank you for the agreement, and for a great idea. True irony.

      (I would like to point out though that we have a rule here about comments from Anonymous contributors having at least a fake name attached at the end of their comments so we can tell all the anonymous folk apart. Please add one next time. Thanks.)

  2. Hi KD,
    no, No, the rest of the world your President is a constant source of great hilarity. Something to break up the litany of bad (not fake) news of a world slowly, but surely, dying.

    However I am really afraid that he, and his supporters, will not be happy until his has his war to immortalise him in history. I guess he won't be so funny then.

    1. I'm sure he is great source of free entertainment, but to us he's exhausting! Every single day is a new outrage!This one though is transparently criminal.

  3. PS: I don't know if this story is true or not but it gives you some idea on the way he is reported down here.

    A strong Trump supporter was singing his praises. To illustrate his point he said that because of The Donald's strong stand and words against school shootings there had not been one for almost a month. His logic was very powerful until it was pointed out that the period in question was during the school summer break.

    I think this sums up the man and his supporters!

    1. @Downunder Don: It would be laughable to some, but, to me, it's downright scary how ignorant these people who support him are.

    2. Merry, while I do think ignorance is a factor for some, I also think there is a "defend at all costs" mentality at work. There are many supporters who want what he's doing and who agree with his core message, and those folks "know" the kind of person he is, and just play games to get around the inconvenient "Trumpiness" in order to get more lax environmental restrictions, or more conservative judges, or better tax breaks, or whatever.