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Friday, August 3, 2018

Public Enemy

So yesterday's exchange between Jim Acosta and Sarah Huckabee Sanders raises an interesting question: Who is the REAL 'enemy of the people'?

Is is really these folks?

Admittedly at their worst, these people can be lazy, biased, and obsessed with sound bytes over substance.....but does that make them our 'enemy'? And besides, at their best, they are also the ones who have brought important information out of the shadows and fact-checked liars.

Or is it this person?

At her worst she is a smarmy, evasive, passive/aggressive liar. And at her best she is a smarmy, evasive, passive/aggressive liar. So......she's consistent. But to be fair, she is just doing her job just as the press is doing theirs.

And her near-impossible job is to try to make the shit that pours of of THIS guy's mouth sound reasonable and positive:

So this "enemy of the people"  question really comes down to, not just character flaws, or nasty traits, or even veracity, but IMPACT. Of these candidates for 'enemy' only one has the power to make things happen or not happen versus just reporting (honestly or dishonestly) about it. And if that person enacts policies that threaten the very health of the planet, (like rolling back EPA standards) just to make it easier for corporations to make bigger profits, would HE not be the true "enemy of the people" everywhere?


  1. This Fool does not know what he is saying, or doing. 7 times he has filed for bankruptcy. It is true that Money runs his life.

    1. I appreciate your comment and agreement......however, please include a name......even a fake the end of your post so we know who we are talking to.

      This is the second anonymous post I have gotten and the next will be deleted regardless of content if a name is not included. Thanks.

  2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)August 15, 2018 at 11:14 PM

    It is interesting that Henrik Ibsen's play, *An Enemy of the People,* dealt with an environmental hazard being covered up, followed by an 'Establishment' attempt to suppress the freedom of expression of the person who was exposing it.

    'Von Trump' is both an "enemy of the planet" and an "enemy of the U.S. Constitution," hence he's certainly also an "enemy of the people," worldwide and especially here in the U.S.A.... --C.K.

    1. I couldn't agree more, CK.(Sorry I only saw this now. The only way I see comments on past posts is if I check through the Blogger comment feature....which I don't do every day.)