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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

That Dog.

I find the persistent coverage of the "Omarosa Saga" unfortunate. In light of everything else going on, this is hardly newsworthy. And certain 'journalistic' claims are just plain silly. Stephen Colbert did a nice job pointing out how you can't have it both ways: 

The whole cycle is more proof that as a nation obsessed with TV and celebrity, WE are partially (or maybe wholly) responsible for this. In a past post (that got ZERO response) I jokingly attacked the unwatchability of daytime TV.  And while daytime TV may be harmless, it did at one point spawn the possibility of Oprah running for president, a possibility which Oprah herself declined, but spoke volumes of what is enough for Americans to consider presidential qualifiers. Things like a Trump presidency and the Omarosa-saga are what happens when celebrity breeds status.

Just another Reality TV politician.

But let's look at this "Omarosa Thing". Take Trump's 'dog tweet':

"When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!"

This typical bit of grade school eloquence is consistent with things we've already seen dozens of times or more. But I've seen some articles claim this petulant quip is further evidence of Trump's racism. Really? I've heard a lot of racist epithets in my day, but "dog"? "Dog" has to be one of the tamest insults around, though I'm surprised that PETA hasn't complained that the comparison is an insult to canines everywhere.

The important piece of information here is not that Trump might be a racist. We already have enough evidence for that. What's relevant is this: "When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House..." .

Yeah, what idiot gave some attitudinal Reality TV person a position in the White House? Isn't that irresponsible and even dangerous? Might not someone of this temperament do something that could compromise our security in some fit of pique? How does a modicum of TV stardom qualify them for such a position? Aren't there many more qualified people to consider first?

The sad thing about this saga is that it's not newsworthy because it's just more of the same thing.....only with a darker face and more vindictive reaction. But really, how many people have left this administration, been fired, or are under investigation......or even criminally charged?  The list is depressingly long, but not surprising for a president like Trump. He is the "Lowlife in Chief", who has surrounded himself with a cadre of sycophantic lowlife toadies. 

Well, at least there's ONE less Reality TV person in the White House ...............leaving just one more to go. Hopefully soon.


  1. " In a past post (that got ZERO response) I jokingly attacked the unwatchability of daytime TV"

    Not familiar with the American stuff. know nuts about it. will stay quiet unless it's a topic i am familiar with :)

    Good luck.

    1. I don't blame you. Consider yourself lucky to not be subjected to the crap. LOL

      And I can usually count on you (along with Dan & Merry....and some others too) for pretty consistent commenting. It just surprised me that no one had anything to say about a post I did not think was terribly controversial. (I just had a chat with my dental hygienist about this topic and she admitted she watches Kelly Ripa in the morning, but turns it off after 5 minutes. But then she turns it on again the next day and does the same thing.

      It prompted me to think of another topic that I have seen more and more of lately: TV as background instead of music.

  2. Great point re: what it says about Trump that he thought it was a good thing for the country to give a "crazed crying low-life" a position at the highest level of government.

    I actually took his "dog" comment to be a reference to her looks, given that is one of the "go to" moves for this President whose psyche never broke out of third-grade schoolyard bullying.

    Honestly, I don't think of this incident or its coverage as at all unfortunate. I think it's proof that Fate has a wicked sense of humor. Wouldn't it be ironic if a bunch of accomplished pols couldn't take this reality show huckster down, but some recordings by a fellow reality show huckster does? Can you imagine the utter terror going around the West Wing right now? Their "go to" move when confronted with bad facts is to lie. But, now, they have literally no idea at all which conversations this woman recorded and whether she can throw their own words in their face, on tape, on Meet the Press. Leaving them utterly paralyzed.

    1. Hmmmm, it's like watching two scorpions sting each other to death. LOL

      I pondered the dog=appearance angle but thought maybe it was more along the lines of being angry at the nerve of someone to "bite the hand that feeds it".......especially a person of color. I get the impression that Trump is one of those racists who are OK with Black people as long as they are appreciative of how well they are being treated, so as long as they keep 'steppin' & fetchin' '. Once any independent thinking or criticism surfaces......out come the attacks. "How dare they attack ME?"

    2. I honestly don't know whether Trump is, in fact, a racist. Oh, I think he does engage in the kind of casual racial stereotyping that isn't too atypical of his generation. But, is he a "real" racist, i.e. something along the lines of those who participated in Charlottesville, or even sympathetic to them? I really don't know, and I kind of doubt it. Instead, I think the sees them (accurately) as big supporters, and he consciously does everything he can to make them think he's on their side, both to keep their support and because he loves anyone who flatters him. I'm not really sure which is worse, being a racist and actually believing in that position, or not sharing openly racist beliefs but being very willing to pander to those who do? I sort of think the latter is worse, because it's easier to attack a genuine, principled (even if it is a terrible principle) ideologue than to counter someone who has no principles at all.

    3. I like that. Supporters might be able to use that as a defense! "Donald Trump is clearly no racist! Even being a racist requires a set of principles, and since he has none, he couldn't possibly be one."

      Flawless! And impossible to rebut.

  3. KD I read your posts and sometimes want to reply but just do not have the time to fully respond to the long rants. So saying nothing is preferred to improper responses. That being said I think you are right on with this one and completely agree with the insult to our lovely canine friends. There is no doubt where this lady is coming from and I have no idea why anyone is surprised.

    1. I get it. I just didn't think a rant on the annoying sound of Kelly Ripa was in any way as potentially troublesome for people with different political views as when I go after a "Kellyanne" instead of a "Kelly". ;-)

  4. And now Brennan? New levels of pettiness every day...Sad

    1. The Brennan thing says a lot about character......or lack thereof.

  5. I think you judge Trump too superficially. I was not an early supporter, I preferred Dr. Ben Carson,a very contemplative and intelligent professional. But, I look at the results of what Trump has done. Tension on the Korean peninsula is reduced, taxes are reduced, the trade war is going well, illegal immigration is down. It is hard to argue with actual results. Best Wishes for you and your family.

    1. I only judge him superficially on this issue. He has a record of substance for which I can judge him in much more substantial depth.

      First, no actual evidence of definitive denuclearization has been substantiated to my knowledge. There was an initial take-down of some plant, and there were some public meetings with the south, but recent articles have laid out a far less encouraging picture of true progress there. But they did return some old war remains. Who knows, maybe Trump got a good bulgoki recipe out of the deal too?

      Taxes were reduced in a completely pro-wealthy imbalance and at the cost of programs I would have preferred to see continued. The long-term effect on the economy has yet to be determined as is the effect of the trade tariffs. But to be honest, I could probably respect the trade issue......if I trusted him at all. What I can't respect is his eagerness to spend more money on the military, less on health care, start a new branch of the military when existing branches are quite willing and capable of meeting any threats to our satellites, hold an expensive and unnecessary military parade, and push for a useless wall when so many illegal immigrants remain here merely by overstaying visas.

      Illegal immigration numbers have fluctuated for years. Border cruelty however, at the hands of Americans, who are supposed to be the world's example of fairness and compassion, has risen to an unprecedented level through his own bully-boy tactics.

      And let's not forget: he has systematically eliminated countless environmental regulations adopted to keep our very planet......the place we all live........healthy.

      He has advocated revoking access to the press based on how well he is portrayed by any given network.

      He has weakened relations with allies while courting enemies.

      He's made being Pro-Communist 'fashionable' among conservatives despite assurances of their intentional meddling in our elections.

      He has appointed people to key Cabinet posts that embody the very antithesis of what each department represents.....including Ben Carson.

      He appointed one more conservative to the Supreme Court and is pushing for another.

      And he's taken the notion of the "lying Politician" to a level never before imagined by anyone.

      Yes, Lurker, I too am looking at what he's done.....but reaching a far different conclusion. If nothing else, the environmental stuff alone brands him an enemy of the very planet.

  6. Crimson Kid (C.K.)August 15, 2018 at 11:03 PM

    Does it really matter whether or not 'Von Trump' can be heard saying the "N word" on tape or not?

    The guy is clearly a racist, the only people claiming that he isn't are his media lackeys and sycophantic apologists. Most of his hard-core base, which is white supremacist, gay-bashing, anti-feminist and theocratic, are people enthralled by 'Von Trump's' racism.

    His lackeys loudly trumpeting the names on his "enemies list" (at least Richard Nixon tried to keep his secret), to me that's much more important news--he's continuing a direct attack on the First Amendment... --C.K.

    1. Hard to argue with anything you've said there, CK.

  7. Hi KD,

    You probably already know that Trump has never owned a dog, and doesn't care for them. That's a bad sign right there!

    One of the commentators (a Republican strategist) said the other day that if the Omarosa book and interviews had just been ignored by the WH and 45, she would have been stale news by Tuesday. All the tweets and subsequent hysteria are giving her far more fame than she deserves, and helping her to sell more books than she should be. We have both gone from "I'd never buy that book" to "Well, maybe it might be interesting".

    Hermione (proud and relieved to be a Canadian)

    1. Well if we use dog-loving as a barometer for decency I'm in trouble. (Though I did own a Springer Spaniel for a short time) However, I don't like dogs as they seem to love to nip me.

      As to your other point, that has been my beef all along. We as a celebrity-crazed, nonsense-driven society always get caught up in the most worthless minutia rather than focus on what is significant.

      And while I can see your relief at being Canadian, the scary part is that if his environmental roll-backs doom the planet, Canada stands to lose as much as the rest of us.