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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

"O" is for........

 October……….and October is going to be all about O’s!

Rosa and I are days away from embarking on something very different for us. Starting October first I will be REQUIRED to have frequent O’s. Starting with O’s every other day and then daily…...with teases in-between. 

This is something Rosa and I have discussed in the past and that we just never went ahead and did, but we were both curious as to what effect frequent O’s could have on me rather than my usual rare ones.

I can’t recall how long it’s been since I had any sort of routine in which I had one more frequently than once a week and normally much less than that. For a long time my usual situation led to one O about every month, though sometimes when I had that O, I might get another follow-up soon after to really ‘empty me out’ before again having none for weeks.

The thing is… I’ve confessed here before…… I am getting to a point where I just don’t feel very sexual anymore, which is not something either of us ever had as a goal. So we are thinking that maybe a month long ‘retraining’ of my body to have, enjoy, and then come to want o’s more frequently will make our rules more challenging and perhaps re-energize me sexually.

       Hopefully my usually-denied, out-of-practice body will be able to handle this new regimen!

And to keep a sort of dominant edge of me not being to make the decision for myself even with O’s, the expectation is that having one will be just as out of my control as not having them used to be. In other words, if say after a few days I feel like “OK, enough, I’m good,” it will still be a ‘too bad, you MUST.’

I have to admit to having a bit of a fantasy regarding some sort of mechanically-induced scenario in the event of me not wanting anymore O's at some point, where some sort of 
machine forces them out of me.

The other thing is that there will be an expectation of teasing as well, so that the O’s ARE more likely to be desired. Here’s how it’s going to go:

October 1st-14th, I MUST have one O on every odd-numbered day and a tease on every even-numbered day. For the first week or so, the ‘when’ of these o’s and teases will be fluid. Perhaps they will occur alone with permission, or with Rosa present (or active). She will decide.

October 15th-31st. I MUST have an O every evening before going to sleep, in Rosa’s presence, whether she participates, watches, or is even asleep. And then each morning I am required to start my day with a good tease before going about my business.

Now what better way to end such an October/O-fest at the end of the month than knowing that NO MATTER WHAT, November ( which will be NO-vember for me) will be completely O-less for me. Cold turkey denial in the month of turkey. 

Then on December 1st, after a month of no o's, Rosa will decide on her own what will happen next. It could be an O, or a short extension of denial, or even a long extension. The thing is October should get me back into the mindset to want O’s, November will hopefully make denial difficult again, and December will show me the decision is not mine on what happens next.

So that's the agreed to plan. Let's see how it goes.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Changed position

For a long time now my position on the Tweets and inane vocalizations from our President has been: "PLEASE! Just SHUT the fuck up!" but recently I read that after Mr. Trump Tweeted about Christine Blasey Ford, Mitch McConnell urged him to stop and just be quiet. Sage advice, but I disagree. And while I doubt Trump reads my blog, I am going to send out an open message anyway:

"Mr. President, don't listen to McConnell! You know in your heart you are right about everything. Don't hide that insight. Share it. Tweet it. Speak it. SHOUT it! The midterms are only about a month away, so why stay silent on things that matter? Let it out! Let it ALL out! Let the world know what you think. Show them your brilliance. There are people solidly in your corner just as there are those who vehemently oppose you. No one can change them. But think of all those swing voters! The moderates and independents....the people who are still on the fence. And the women! Don't forget the women, ( you know those people shaped differently than men that you like to grab by the pussy? Them. ) Tell them all what you believe. They are the ones you need to convince. So again, PLEASE....


"You're fired!"

"And Sessions? Rosenstein? Mueller? Don't listen to those telling you to wait to get rid of them. Wait for what? You want them out. We know you do, and you are always right, so go for it! Fire them! Hell, why not threaten them with prison for opposing you? You know you want to. You're the president! You won big. Bigger than anyone ever in the history of the world and possibly the universe. Don't be hemmed in by weaklings. Trust your gut."

"And the press? Fake news is ruining you. Shut them down. Imprison any reporter who does not work for FOX News. You know you want to. What are you waiting for? Show the world who you are! True stable genius can't be reined in by a Mitch McConnell. So be true to you and convince those undecided voters of exactly what they need to do in November. Just be yourself and they'll know just what to do!"

Friday, September 21, 2018

Blow smoke

Following on the heels of the prior marijuana post, but moving a bit further up the body, today I'm going to explain the expression "blow smoke up one's ass". Now most folks know that usually means insincerely flattering someone just to get something in return, but did you know that just over a century or so ago............... had a much more literal meaning. 

I find this particular illustration hysterical! I'm sorry, but the guy on the left looks more like he's taking a hit off the reclining woman than blowing smoke into her. 

The practice came about as a way to revive drowning victims. (click for link with more detail). It some cases it even worked! Not so much in others. It seemed to depend on just how 'drowned' you were. (Think Miracle Max in "Princess Bride")

Miracle Max: Hoo hoo hoo! Look who knows so much, heh? Well, it
            just so happens that your friend here is only mostly
            dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead
            and all dead. Please, open his mouth. Now, mostly
            dead is slightly alive. Now, all dead...well, with
            all dead, there's usually only one thing you can do.

Inigo:What's that?

Miracle Max: Go through his clothes and look for loose change.

Coincidentally, fans of the movie may recall that Max uses a bellows on Wesley, only he stuck it in Wesley's mouth. The items below were used elsewhere:

Tools of the 'smoke-blowing' trade.

Now it has been a while since those halcyon days of rectal puffing, but the idea has not gone away completely. It turns out that some crack smokers will engage in the same practice. ( Imagine smoking crack then blowing the smoke INTO a crack? That's like double-crack! ) It's called "booty-bumping" and can usually mean a more traditional enema injection, or blowing cocaine powder, or in the case presented here, as crack smoke.

So the next time you hear someone say, "don't blow smoke up my ass" you can now know that at other times, folks have said, "oh, by all means......please do."

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The "Herb-Garden State"

Every morning ......and throughout the day......I check in on the news of the day. In the last Trump-dominated year, that has been a daily trial of patience and near-constant affront to my senses and sanity. This morning however, a tidbit on my non-commercial Classical music station marked the first time in a long time that I heard something on the news that actually made me smile: NJ is just a short time away from legalizing marijuana, probably before the end of this year, according to the report.

Finally! Legislation I can appreciate!

"Hey, Jeff Sessions!"

Now to put this in perspective, let me say that while I agree with this move politically for a LOT of reasons, I am no heavy-duty stoner. I am also not averse to the occasional indulgence.....and I have plenty of opportunity to engage more than I do. It's just a "mood thing" with me. 

Having grown up prior to the "Just say no" generation, when the sentiment was......

.......I have little aversion or concern over legalization. It will be a good source of state income, decriminalize something that never should have been illegal, take an unnecessary burden off of law enforcement, and restore a bit more personal freedom allowing individuals to decide these things for themselves. (I am also willing to hear opposing views.....especially any citing the "gateway" argument, because I'm in such a good mood, I would welcome more reasons to snicker.)

Another of those 'tough choices' life presents: which do you want to take a hit off first?

Still, despite growing up around it, it WAS (and technically still is) illegal. Given that fact, I am not sure how legalization is going to affect me. Odds are I'll probably react the same way I did when NJ legalized some forms of fireworks that had been previously banned: I'll buy some and enjoy the novelty until I settle into a more "what works for me" pattern. I mean, to be honest? I like the stuff, but it can't compete with a smokey single malt Scotch. LOL

But, speaking of alcohol, I DO know what I want to do with my first legal joint when the time comes. As with booze, I want to raise it up in a toast:

"To all the folks who made this illegal for so long, to all the self-righteous hypocrites who scorned users and turned us into 'criminals' while chugging cheap, shitty American beer, to all who still want to tell me what I can and can't do with things that don't hurt anyone else, to all of you I say.....FUCK YOU!"

Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it! 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Time shift

Anyone who has been following my blog knows that besides Halloween, my favorite party of the year is our annual backyard RenFaire! In fact, you could say that while Halloween is my favorite holiday, the RenFaire is my favorite party. As I am recovering from surgery, I am a little more apprehensive than usual because I will be more dependent on others for decorating, since there is quite a bit of lifting involved.

Anyway, the RenFaire is fast approaching (the 29th.....the latest I've ever held one) and I am using my convalescence to work on the various "paper" stuff. We have been doing a faux "Quest for the Holy Grail" the last three years and each year involves coming up with new clues, dares, and riddles. So far, that is progressing nicely and I'm nearly done with the changes.

But, speaking of changes, the most interesting change for me this year is going to be my costume. Since its inception, the RenFaire was always moderated by me in my role as "Sir Dynaden" dressed in late Renaissance attire.

Me as "Sir Dynaden" posing with our resident effigy, "Torvald Drumpf", who bears a striking resemblance to a fairly well known figure in modern day politics.

But, as I've mentioned earlier in the year, the surprise gift of a chain mail coif from my Little Monster, Ana, and a badass mace from my son, have prompted me to roll back my attire a few centuries to something much more Medieval.

"So don't be vain and don't be whiny. Or else, my brother, I might have to get medieval on your heinie"----------Weird Al Yankovic

Recently I also picked up a few yards of a rustic, cream-colored fabric so that Rosa can make me a tunic that looks something like this one from Medieval Replicas Ltd.

I love the look of this, but will not be wearing the mail shirt.

I have some new surprises in store for this year......but as always am already worrying a bit about the one thing I cannot control: the weather.  One thing that won't be changing that is more apropos of this blog is the role of "Lady Marta-Disciplinarian". Marta stopped by recently and I told her that I was working on the RenFaire stuff as she mentioned she was going to make a new dessert for this year. Then I teased her that I was concocting plenty of situations where she should have no shortage of bottoms to whack. She smiled and assured me she was very willing and ready to once again execute her duties to her best ability! She sounded pretty eager. So 'watch out, everyone!'. 

Monday, September 10, 2018


Well, I'm going in for surgery tomorrow.................... "robotic" surgery to be precise. This will be my third round of surgery for hernia repair and the first time the surgeon is going to employ robotics. Part of me is glad that I won't be cut 'down there' again and I think this might be a quicker recovery too.  Still......a robot?

It's probably my age showing, but when I think of medical robotics, I can't help but picture this scene.

Now I know it's nothing like this, but I am a little nervous and to keep my mind from wandering and worrying , I decided to think of 'robotics' within a much more interesting vein:

"Nothing to worry about" ? Tell her that. LOL

Now this young lady seems a little less apprehensive.......but from the look of that pristine backside it might just be a matter of time before she changes her expression.

But to be fair, I've already done a few posts on "spanking machines", so today I think I should feature images that are less mere machine and more robot-like:

They say robots don't have feelings........but there's a lot sensitivity in a bare bottom!

I think the contrast of emotion in the human victims and the clinical efficiency of robots is the major appeal for robotic spankings.

One paddle arm for each cheek! Now there's efficiency for you.

Another common theme in these robot images is the robot as the impassive intermediary between the victim and some human tormentor who exploits the situation.

This anime couplet depicts just that......

....with the twist being the look of sympathy from the robot instead of the human!

And this one is just too cute! I wonder if this is the price for not following the doctor's orders?

Anyway, depending on how I feel, I should be posting again soon. In fact, that might be one of the few things I'll be able to do for a couple of days?

Thursday, September 6, 2018

A different look at 'coloring'

Often the contrast of dark and light is just beautiful.

I’ve written about faked kinky photos before, and even touched on the loaded issue of D/s situations where a person of color is the clear dominant over a much paler submissive. It’s pretty obvious that if you just want to explore some BDSM in a photo shoot and decide that mixing races could make for a new angle, that certain pairings are going to evoke predictable responses. Have a White male dominate a Black female and you’ve triggered every red flag for racism and slavery possible. Similarly make the Top a White female with a Black male slave and you’ll be thinking of Kathy Bates as Delphine LaLaurie in the “Coven” series of ‘American Horror Story’ 

But reverse the colors and whole new emotions are triggered. Unfortunately, for me, a Black Mistress dominating a White sub still reeks of exploitation. I continue to get this, “you’re getting off on this because deep down you think she IS inferior to you”-vibe. It may not be true, but it’s there, hovering in the air like a musty smell that won’t go away no matter how many windows one opens. 

Personally I have written in the past about Nickki’s authority over me and she is a woman of color. And while it’s hard to completely ignore that, it’s not the driving attraction for me as much as her personality, and if her white partner, Jean, was the kinky dominant type and displayed the same attitude, I’d be equally vulnerable to the dynamic. Still, Nickki’s color is an objective fact……..and that fact carries some baggage with it.

But, make the D/s dynamic between two different races of women, cast the lighter one in the subordinate role, and well…’s kind of powerful and yet interesting. I must not be alone in this because there are a lot of images out there of precisely this situation, however, so many are fake!

This one looks like someone was sitting around with some magazines, scissors, and too much time on their hands. 

Why is that? There are definitely studios who have “gone there” with this topic. 

The "real thing". Lana Miller has been out there whacking away at bottoms of both colors and making them all redder for a while now! No fakery here. Go, Lana!

But is the market bigger than these studios think? Are there fewer models willing to be a part of this? I have a hard time to believing that and feel a model is more interested in making money than angsting over the color of the feet she’s being paid to kiss.

This young lady doesn't seem to be agonizing over skin color.

But maybe I’m wrong? Maybe there are fewer willing models out there than one might think? Whatever the underlying reason, it does seem like Photoshopping fake Black Dominant/White submissive Lezdom scenarios is VERY prevalent, especially when the racial aspect is being somehow highlighted. And it therefore seems to me that professional studios are missing a lucrative market……..for some reason.

Here are a few that I just happened to find the "before and afters" for:

Issue-laden........and fake.

Cool idea........but fake.

Believable........and fake

Here's to Black Women in charge.......ooops, not.

So, obviously somebody has been very busy with their brown Photoshop 'crayons'. LOL  Maybe if there is so much interest in this dynamic, some willing and real people should capitalize? It is kind of interesting though, how once one sees the mixed race image, the original White-on-White seems less powerful. I wonder what this says about us, no matter how enlightened we may think we are with regard to race and equality?

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Coloring as art

It seems like the following drawing has been around the internet for ages. You see it pop up all of the time......and admittedly it's not bad:

One of the things I look for in a realistic drawing is proportion and the other is gesture. If someone can capture how the body looks in reality and then can pose it in a way that conveys the right attitude, I feel like the artist has some definite talent. Even if the rendering is a little rough or stiff, I can chalk that up to personal style as long as the overall depiction has that believable feel. This drawing certainly does.

But look what a bit more internet searching came up with:

I don't know what it is, but I just got this weird deja vu feeling!

So, it is quite obvious that "Westfield" did NOT have an innate sense of gesture and anatomy, nor did he work from a model. What he did do was trace over the photo and change a few details.

But Westfield is not the only person out there doing this. In fact, it's rampant. And I suppose for many viewers, it's not a big deal, but I feel let down by the practice. And, if you look back on some of the classic kinky artists from the past, you'll see that a lot of them were either working from models or just had a good sense of anatomy.

A classic "RedRump" illustration, and........

.....a rare look into the process that led to it. Using a photo as a model is a very practical way to get a sense of what you want without having to pay a live ARE still drawing it.

Now it seems like anyone with "Photoshop" can be an "artist". Some do it well and convincingly like Barb, others are more clumsy and barely hide the fact that a photo is underneath their 'coloring'. In fact, for the longest time I couldn't quite figure out if Barb WAS or WAS NOT drawing over photos........but then some pieces popped up where it was pretty obvious. That then called into question the earlier work where it was hard to tell, but now became likely.

A classic "Barb" illustration. Hmmmmm, colored photo or super-realistic rendering? Hard to tell.

Another Barb piece........looking a bit more like some photo doctoring, but still possibly drawn.

Oh well......the cat's out of the bag in this one, huh? Makes you wonder about the others.

Now a lot of people have used this 'trick'.......even the legendary Eric Stanton experimented with drawing over fetish photos later in his career.....but to me it just seems more like a 'cheat' than a 'technique'.

Oh Eric, Eric, what's the fucking point? Why not just use the original photo?

In my own (fetish) work I have rarely if ever used a model.......or even a photograph....and tried to rely more on what I learned in 'Figure Anatomy' and 'Life drawing' classes. Admittedly, without a reference, sometimes it works and sometimes it's a little off, but at least I feel I'm drawing and not coloring. (and let's not even get into CGI!)

An 'out of my own head'  pencil drawing I did a while back.

What do YOU think?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Facial Expressions: Pt. 6

SYMPATHY /CAMARADERIE. After a brief foray into "science deniers" (with an emphasis on man made global warming) I figured we may as well conclude the expressions series with the last installment. The following pictures show group scenes where there is a witness present whose expression reflects a certain sympathy or bond with the person being punished. Again, these are likely ALL posed, but I still find these particular shots to be convincing:

Elizabeth Burns giving it pretty good to Lily as her actual younger sister, Kailee looks on with concern. I am admittedly a sucker for anything with these two siblings in it.

I find a lot of these Russian/Ukrainian photo sets to be objectively severe enough to make the fellow models' looks of sympathy seem quite genuine.

The seated model's expression here seems to convey not just sympathy for her friend, but a sort of sense of worry that she will be next.

True sympathy? Good acting? You decide.

Before finishing up, I've decided to add one last 'group shot' that doesn't quite fit in with the "sympathy" angle...........but I felt I'd prefer to end with something more lighthearted.

I happen to love when a witness 'enjoys' the plight of their friend perhaps even more than when they seem sympathetic.